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A Ranma ½, Inuyasha Fanfic

By: Grounders10

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Prologue: The Dragon's Whisker: Stolen!


It was late at night in the town of Nerima and four people were walking down the street. An older man, a Panda, and a pair of teenagers, one boy and one girl.

"They attack people with pigtails?" Akane asked her father as they walked down the dark street.

"It seems that all the victims had their pigtails cut off." Soun replied.

"B-but what for?" Akane asked.

"Hmm… Then that means…" Ranma flicked his pigtail, "That this is the perfect bait."

In the shadows of the houses on either side of the street four cloaked figures hid.

"Look a pigtail." Whispered the first one.

"That must be him." Whispered the second.

"Only one way t know for sure." Replied a third.

As one all four figures sprung from hiding. "We'll take that pigtail!" They all shouted.

"That must be them!" Soun said.

"That was quick." Ranma said dodging the shears, sword and pole arms that they wielded. A moment later he delivered a roundhouse kick that sent all four flying into the fences on either side of the roadway.

"Well done!" Soun Praised.

"Nah, these guys are a cake." Ranma replied. He placed one hand on the hats they were wearing. "Now… let's take a look at their pasty-" He flipped their hats off.

"WHAT!" Soun shouted.

"They're- They're… PORK BUNS!" The bald heads of all four of the small men did indeed look like some type of bun.

"Who're you calling pork buns!" The small guys shouted.

"I'm calling you a pork bun, PORK BUN!" Ranma retorted.

"Wait!" Akane said, "They might be red-bean buns!"

"Pork!" Ranma shouted.

"BEAN!" Akane shouted back.

"We're human!" The four shouted.

"Who cares if they're pork or beans!?" Soun shouted over all of them. He grabbed one of the bun men and held him by the collar. "There's something else we need to know, like why are you attacking pigtails."

"Bah!" The bun man went, "Think I'll open up to you? Even if it meant my life I wouldn't-"

"Then die." Soun said drawing back a fist.

"We'relookingforthedragon'swhiskerandapigtailedboy…" The bun man started.

Ranma tuned out the rest of what the bun man said after the words 'dragon's whisker.' 'No… No no no! Their not getting it. I need it, and no one is getting it! This half boy half girl thing is better then being that monster!' He thought as his eyes narrowed.

One of the other bun men looked over at him and pulled out a piece of paper. On it was a picture of a man with a pigtail who had words for his eyes, nose, and mouth. "It looks just like him!" The bun man said pointing at Ranma.

"It does not!" Ranma shouted.

The bun men grabbed their weapons and surrounded Ranma. "Hand over the dragon's whisker and no one gets hurt!" Said the one in front of him.

"Sorry, but your not getting it!" Ranma shouted before kicking them all into the sky with a single spin kick.

Akane looked worriedly after him. 'Dragon's whisker? What's going on Ranma?'

--Next Day, Afternoon P.E. Class--

'What did he mean this morning? Keeps him sealed… What does the Dragon's whisker do?' Akane thought as she stared of in Ranma's direction. "Why won't you tell me Ranma?" She whispered.

Across the yard Ranma looked up into the sky and tried to spot the ball the batter had just hit. "I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" He shouted when he spotted it. Just as he was about to catch it he caught sight of a fuse on it.

"HAPPO FIRE BURST!" Came a shout from near by as the ball exploded and sent Ranma head over heels across the yard. Ranma pushed himself up as a small figure walked out of the dust cloud.

"Happosai." Ranma said sliding into a fighting stance, "What'dya want you old lech?"

"Hand it over Ranma." Happosai said, "Give me the Dragon's Whisker."

"Go to hell Old man. The Whisker's mine." Ranma shouted.

"If that's the way you want it Ranma." He said and flared his battle aura into existence.

"Ergh." Ranma grunted as he felt the entire weight of Happosai's aura push him into the ground.

"Too easy!" Happosai shouted leaping towards Ranma.

"Oh no you don't." Ranma shouted hopping out of the way, "Take this!" Ranma threw a bunch of bra's at Happosai, hopping that the old man's perverted streak would distract him long enough for Ranma to get away.

"Not this time boy!!" Happosai shouted upper-cutting Ranma, sending him flying.

"What!?" Shouted someone in the gathered crowd, "That drooling goat didn't bat an eye at all those bras!"

"Compared to the allure of the Dragon's Whisker who would want this?" Happosai said as he went through the pile of undergarments. "Or this? Or this?" He held up several different bras before looking around. "Hey! Where'd he go?"

--Back of the school, water fountains--

Ranma collapsed against the water fountain in the back of the school yard. "That was…" He was breathing hard, "too close."

From a nearby tree leap the four bun men. "He's weakened!" One shouted brandishing a sword.

"Now's our chance!" Shouted a second one before he threw dozens of pork buns at Ranma, "Pork Bun Attack!"

"What about it!" Ranma shouted back as he blocked the buns. A moment later they all exploded and released toxic fumes. "GLRK." Ranma vocalized as the gas started to effect his body.

"Wa Ha Ha!" Laughed the Bun men who were now wearing gas masks to protect themselves, "How do you like our knock-out buns?" One asked.

"G-Getting dizzy." Ranma muttered.

The three unarmed bun men pulled out shears and together all four leapt at Ranma. "Prepare yourself!" They shouted.


'Geez.. I hope he's alright.' Akane thought as she walked towards the back of the school. As she entered the clearing that the water fountain was in she saw Ranma collapse on the branch of a tree.

'My-my body… I-I can't… can't control it!' Ranma thought as he collapsed.

"Now is our chance!" Screamed one of the battered bun men as they landed on Ranma's neck.

"I have the Dragon's whisker!" One of them shouted.

Ranma reacted immediately and flung them off of him. "Don't count your buns before their Steamed!" He shouted as they flew away. His voice was slightly higher then it should have been. 'No…' He thought as he spotted them flying away, one of them waving the Dragon's Whisker in triumph.

"RANMA!" Came Akane's voice from below.

Ranma looked down in horror. "GO AKANE!" He shouted in a voice that was even higher and more feminine then before. "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" He pushed off the branch and leapt away, hopefully fast enough she couldn't track him.

"Ranma?" Akane shouted, "What's wrong?" She said more quietly. 'His voice… It sounded female… but… I've got to find him!' "RANMA!" She shouted running after him. 'He was headed towards the equipment shed, I'll check there.' She thought and changed her direction to go around the shed to its door.

She paused at the door. She could hear crying inside. 'Ranma?' She thought pushing it open slowly. The crying got louder. It was definitely female though. 'But I still need to check it.' She thought. "Ranma?" She asked the darkness of the shed.

The crying stopped. "Akane?" Came a voice. It was definitely Ranma's girl voice. "Akane that you?"

"Yeah. Are you… alright?" Akane asked.

"Leave." Ranma said firmly.

"What?" Akane said angrily, "I come here looking for you and-" SMASH. Akane flinched as a pole slammed into, and through, the wall next to her.

"LEAVE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Ranma screeched from wherever she was hiding.


"WRONG WITH ME!" Ranma shouted back, a figure in the darkness suddenly detached itself from the darkness. It walked into the light and Akane gasped. "This is what's wrong with me! I'm a monster Akane!" She hissed angrily.

--Author's Note--

And another cliff hanger courtesy of me. As you read this is a Ranma Inuyasha cross over. I picked this point in the story because its not really clear WHEN this happens. Yes it's before Ranma learns the Moko Takabisha and after he learns Hiro Shoten Ha, but that's only the point Rumiko placed it in the manga. It's possible that it could be anywhere before Saffron, as he didn't actually need any special techniques for this story. Personally for the sake of the story he's already learned the Moko Takabisha but he hasn't fought Herb yet, which means no Forbidden techniques.

Don't worry though I have plenty of ideas. Now… Anyone want to guess what exactly Ranma looks like (generalities, as in what demon or monster or whatever I might have turned him into. Note this is a Ranma-chan fic so don't be too surprised at what I'm doing.)

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