Title: Those Cursed Little Buggers

Summary: Luna desperately tires to recruit Draco in helping her fight those cursed little buggers that are lurking about in the mistletoe.

Part I

Draco Malfoy was calmly catching up on his assignments when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the blonde little annoyance who was known commonly was Looney Lovegood plopped herself down at the seat next to him. Draco dug his eyes deeper into his text books, trying desperately to ignore her painfully bothersome presence. Sadly, his attempts were to no avail.

"Hello there," she smiled at him, her eyes sparkling more so than usual. Upon getting no response out of the Slytherin, she continued, "You know, it really isn't polite to not acknowledge another person, Draco. In fact, it is quite rude. Speaking of rude, the other day I was walking down the hallway and some student that I don't even know ran right into me and didn't even say sorry. I thought that was extremely unkind and…"

"What do you want?" Draco asked, painfully peeling his eyes off his page and looking at her. Her blonde hair fell in waves along her pale cheeks which by the way, were rosier than any rose Draco had ever seen – not that he had ever seen very many roses throughout his lifetime. When he got to her eyes, which were the brightest and most sparkling blue he had ever seen, he had began to wish he hadn't peeled his eyes away from his book. After all, she wasn't that bad to look at – annoying as all get out but still…

"I need you."

Okay, now that really got his attention. Draco was used to Slytherin girls coming on to him, especially Pansy, but even she wasn't that forward. Draco scooted over to the edge of his seat, as far away from the nut-job as possible. Maybe he should consult Snape and see if they could possibly get her checked into some sort of mental facility. The fact of the matter was: the girl definitely needed help.

"Alright," Draco answered slowly, "Now, I don't know what your deal is, maybe you forgot to take your pills this morning but that is no excuse! You just can't come up to people and tell them that you want to sleep with them. It just…isn't normal!"

"Sleep with you?" Luna's eyes widened with alarm, "Oh silly Draco! I wasn't saying that I wanted to sleep with you! I meant that I need your help…"

"Oh you definitely need help alright but I am not qualified to…"

"Not that kind of help. Oh Draco! You are simply ridiculous! Some people believe that ridiculousness is an unpleasant quality among people, but I rather find it a likeable quality."

Draco was starting to lose whatever patience with her he had started with. "Will you please just get on with it!" He shouted a little too loudly. Luna blinked at him, a look of apprehension crossing her face. Great, now she was going to go and make him feel bad for yelling. Just great!

"Oh my. Alright then, you see…I hear that there are…that there are nargles about!"

"Nargles?" Draco raised an inquisitive eyebrow, "What, may I ask, the bloody hell are nargels?"

"Oh, they are very pesky little creatures – downright annoying as a matter of fact. You see, they just cause so many problems and they are such nuisances and Christmas is in a few days…"

"Christmas?" Draco asked, "What does Christmas have to do with nergles?"

"Nargles?" Luna corrected, without missing a beat, "And they are said to hide about in mistletoe. I need to search every sprig in the school and make sure that it's safe."


"Yes. Nargles are very pesky. Very pesky indeed. Those cursed little buggers are always trying to cause some trouble or another. Anyways, I can't possibly search every sprig of mistletoe and I need some help. I already asked everyone."

"And everyone said no?" Draco asked, not doubting it for a second.

"Well…Ron has an exam and Hermione is helping him study. Harry has detention four mouthing off to Snape, which is very out of character if you ask me. Anyways, they are all busy…"

"Aren't they lucky!" Draco sneered.

"Oh it is quite unfortunate. Luck seems to have nothing to do with the matter. Anyways, I need someone to help me and I was wondering if you would."

"Why don't you go ask Longbottom or Ginny or anyone else but me?"

"Because," Luna shrugged, "You're different."


"You just seem to be hiding."


"Yes. As if you don't want the world to know you. Sometimes I hide too. When people laugh at me or make jokes about me, I pretend it doesn't bother me but it does. That's my mask. Maybe someday we could hide together!"

"I think I'll probably be busy then."

"You never know!" Luna shrugged happily, "Anyways, will you help me or not?"

Draco began to consider his options. Maybe he could play this game towards his favor.

"Alright," Draco nodded slowly, "I'll help you find your nervels if you promise me one thing."

"Nargles. And sure!"

"You must promise me that you'll never speak to me again."

"Alright," Luna agreed, "But I have one condition."

"What's that?"

"At the end of this – after we clear the school of nargles – you must never speak to me again either," Luna smiled, as if she had just beat Draco at his own game, which Draco wasn't quite understanding.


"Very well then. Let's go nargle-hunting!"

"Oh joy," Draco rolled his eyes as he got up and followed a very skipping, very happy Luna out of the dining hall. He had a grave feeling that he wasn't about to regret his decision, despite how much he wanted to.