She's An Angel

Michael Corinthos III sighed and stared out the window of the car,watching as the trees passed by. His mother,Carly Jax sat upfront with his stepfather,Jasper Jax.

"Your going to like it in Toronto,Michael. You and Morgan will make new friends,go to a new school once summer is over. And wait until you see the house! It's so quaint and it's in a quiet neighborhood with kids your age." Jax said as he continued to drive.

Michael didn't say anything. He just continued to look out the window as he brought a shaking hand up to touch the scar on the back of his head. The place where the bullet had gotten lodged. He wished his mom and stepfather would quit pretending as if everything was okay. He wished that they would just come to the realization that he was broken and damaged. Unfixable. He knew that his mother wanted him to be the same little boy he was before he got shot and was in a coma for that full year of his life--but he couldn't be. A bullet and the lifestyle he'd grown up in for the first thirteen years of his existence had taken away normalcy. It was hard knowing you were so different than other kids your age. Especially when you were fourteen years old. The age when everyone judged---everyone.

Suddenly,the car stopped.

"We're here!" Carly announced softly,turning in her seat to look at her two sons. Michael was still staring out the window as if he hadn't heard her and that convinced Carly that Jax's idea of moving here had been the best one. Soon her little boy would be on his way to recovery. She got Morgan out of his seat and pulled him into her arms as she got out of the car and stared up at her new home. Her new beginning.

Michael climbed out of the backseat,reluctantly and crossed his arms as soon as his feet hit the pavement. He shuffled his feet a little.

Jax and Carly shared sad and worried glances to one another. Finally,Jax pasted a smile onto his lips and in his accented voice said,"Hey Michael,how 'bout you take Morgan inside and you two can pick out your rooms?" He dangled the house key,on a key chain on one long finger.

The quiet red headed boy nodded and mumbled,"OK".


Two hours later,after picking out rooms and moving their boxes into the appropriate rooms and setting up their beds,Carly,Jax,and Morgan decided to go out for pizza. Michael declined and Carly promised to bring some back for him.

As soon as his parents' car drove off,he walked down the stairs to get a drink from the cooler in the kitchen. He walked back into the living room with a can of Cherry Coke in his hand that he sipped at. The doorbell suddenly rang so he sat down his drink and went to answer the door.

A young teenage girl--probably around fourteen or fifteen stood in the doorway smiling at him. She held a saran-wrapped plate in her hand and wore a mint green tank top,tan capri pants and a pair of green and white flats. Her thick,silky light brown hair had a green headband in it. "Hi!" She said cheerfully,looking at him with her bright blue eyes behind her glasses. "Welcome to the neighborhood,I live next door. I'd have been here to welcome you earlier but I was at the mall with my friend Alli." She grinned from ear to ear at him and held out the plate in her hands. "I made chocolate chip cookies for you and your family. It's mine and my sister's recipe.

"Thanks." He uttered,giving her a little half smile as he took the plate from her.

"My name's Clare Edwards. I'm fourteen,I will be fifteen in a week." She told him as she held out her hand for him to shake.

Michael sat the plate down and took her hand into his grasp. "Michael. Michael Corinthos." He told her simply. "Thank you for the cookies. My mom and brother will love them."

Clare grinned and tucked her hair behind her ear and shrugged. "It isn't a problem. Just being neighborly."

The two teens stood there staring at one another for a few more moments. "Well I have to go." Clare said,backing away slowly. "I have to go to church in the morning. But since it's Summer,I can stay out later. I can take you to meet my friends and show you around town if you want. Just call me or stop by in the morning and we can go over some plans." She smiled and waved before walking off the porch and to her own house.

Michael smiled softly. Maybe he'd take her up on her offer.

Next Part:Carly,Jax,and Morgan meet Clare. Clare introduces Michael to her friends and Michael informs Clare of why he moved to Canada.