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Profile: Starcraftre: My first account. I am an infiltrator. This class is the only able to cloak, hiding themselves from view. They are also the fastest class. A drawback to this is the fact that they have only 50 hp and can only use weak energy weapons.

After honing his skills to the edge, Starcraftre was ready.

He was the elite army unit, a shadowy, quick silent infiltrator. Though his training was finished, his work was far from over. A life as a professional killer is not easy. Constant fear of an enemy counter- surveillance team killing you leaves you with an unmistakable feeling of paranoia. After many battles and secret missions, being bumped up to number 1 on the enemy's hit list makes it even harder.

This day, however, should prove to be easier than the rest. His top- notch Night Stalker squad was honed under fire to its edge in battle, and gleamed bright by its recent counter-terror operations. Heavy Weapons, Medics, Jump Troopers. The elite infiltrators that joined his in electronic invisibility. Combat Engineers, ready to jump into the line of fire and create their deadly turrets, which would, after completion, defend them from the enemy. And last, the simple infantryman. With their wide variety of machine guns and their heavy, steel-jacketed bullets, they were an irreplaceable part of his squad.

These men had joined him to go to Leviticus base, a military barracks in the Titania mountain range. As General Winter fox had described it: "That big-old place out in them thar hills."

Unfortunately, they would not be resting, because Leviticus guarded the only entrance into the capital city of Titania. If the enemy ever did break through, they would be the last line of defense.

Now, 3 weeks later, Starcraftre was absentmindedly looking out the window, hearing the general's words echoing through his mind and chuckling at them.

2 1/2 hours later, the dropship shuddered to a halt and opened up its warp portals in the back. The troops picked up their cases full of equipment and filed into them, disappearing in groups of fours.

Starcraftre felt the momentary queasiness as his molecules were turned into energy and shot out at light speed. He opened them on a scene that was the same as any other military installation, except this was nestled next to the sheer rock cliff. He looked out across the field in front. That was the direction towards the front lines, he thought.

"This is gonna be a long 3 months," Starcraftre thought.

"OK, people, let's leave this in better shape than it is now. You know the drill. Squad 1!! Sentries in the armory, power plant, and at all the intersections. Also, put turrets in all of the halls and in the places I mentioned. Every room gets at least one turret. You! Squad 2!! Line this perimeter with turrets and sentries. Let's move people!"