Hey!, it's me, and I'm really bored. I'm amazed that my account is still active even though I haven't logged in in 2 years -P Luckily, I had this, the sequel, the next sequel... and the one after that already written, just not typed. lol

Still play infantry, p2per, name is starcraftre(class), pm me if you've read these!

So, on with the show!!- Star

Chapter 7: The Great Escape

A tap on the shoulder roused Starcraftre.

"Wake up sir, it's time to get the hell out of here."

"Time already? I haven't even fallen asleep yet!"

"Yes, you did, and might I be so blunt as to say, you snore VERY loudly. It was torture." Cdtset replied with a chuckle.

"All right then," Star grumbled. "Up and at 'em."

Starcraftre pulled the fire alarm on the wall. Sirens went off, sounding throughout the base. A rumble began. Star thought it was the generators, but then realized that it was thousands of feet running through the base.

"Got your ammo? Then: GO!!"

They all disappeared, and their outlines moved quickly out the door. Star waved them all through, and stood in wait. Seconds later, the Collective Militia arrived and poured into the armory, only to be met by the whine of the turrets. Star waited for the last of the group to get in and hide from the fire. When this happened, he ran across the doorway, laying sunspots as he ran. The Collective soldiers stared in horror as their only exit was blocked. Star broke into a sprint, only shooting those who got in his way. When he reached the door, he thumbed his remote, and was almost blown off his feet. The only thing that saved him from being incinerated was the quick-thinking medic, who had summoned him at the last instant.

Inside the base, lucky ones were the soldiers in the armory. They vaporized in the hellish inferno. The ones outside were hit by stray shots from the ammo that cooked off.

On the other side of the compound, Cd whistled in delight as the roof of the southwestern portion of Leviticus' dome vanished, to be replaced by a glimpse of hell.

Star's armor was smoking from his close call. His IDF generator slowly recharged, after analyzing its systems, and finding no serious damage. He looked around to find himself in a cozy little nest of turrets, machine guns, and explosives all guarded over by the other infil and his PA. Star looked down, and switched off his cloak, as it was now useless. He was so covered in dirt and smoke, he was visible even while it was activated. He looked over Cd's setup one last time, then spoke:

"Cd, you need to get back to command school, my XO is dead and I need a replacement."

"I dunno, sir. I tried CS before, but just couldn't hack it."

"Try again."