Always Be My Baby

by Kris Black

Summary: After going over lines for TDM, Kyoko and Ren have a night of passion and the result could not only cause a scandal, but ruin both of their careers. How will the two lovers withstand the trials of their love?

Quick Note: This story starts in the manga when Ren invites Kyoko over to run over lines for The Dark Moon.


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Kyoko reached into the counter, extending her body as far as she could on her poorly made 'ladder'. She heard the door to the kitchen open slightly, and jumped a bit, wobbling, when she heard Ren's voice called out.

"What are you doing?"

"I am trying to reach the kettle," she answered, strained. "Do you always keep these things this high up?"

"I'll get it for you," Ren sighed, moving over towards her.

"Don't move," he warned.

Ren walked over and reached up to get the kettle off of the top shelf, Kyoko wavered. He pulled his arms down just in time to catch her – the impact sending them tumbling to the floor. Ren's hands instantly went to Kyoko's head to protect it from the impact.

Ren had always known what his ideal woman was, someone with a slim body, soft hair and an alluringly-sweet scent, these are the woman that Ren had always had, the ones that fit the best in his arms. But Kyoko's scent, her touch, sent emotions through him that he had never felt before in his life. He pulled her to him tighter.

"Se-Sensei?" Kyoko's small voice asked from below him. "Are you not feeling well again?"

Ren froze, realizing that while Kyoko remained true to character, he was only thinking that he couldn't help but hug her tighter. Slowly, he realized his hold on her back.

He looked down at Kyoko who was staring back up at him, his hand beneath her head. She appeared to be unharmed, but Ren wasn't totally confident in that considering the way that she was looking at him. He didn't make a move to remove his hands from behind her head, or to move off of her outstretched body, and she didn't make a move to remove him herself.

He knew that he shouldn't, that it would be both unprofessional and unsafe to, but Ren moved one of his hands and pulled his fingers through Kyoko's hair, down across her jaw and to her lips; Kyoko's eyes never left his face. He traced her lips tenderly.

"Do you have any experience in kissing?" He asked softly.

"N-n-no," she stuttered. "Why?"

"Do you want me to teach you?" He leaned in slowly.

Kyoko couldn't discern whether or not she and Ren were still acting or not. She knew that Mizuki would have backed away from her teacher at this point; she would have stopped Katsuki. All Kyoko could manage to do was close her eyes. The result was a fury of passionate kissing that Kyoko never knew existed.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Ren breathed to her as they broke apart for a few moments for air, looking down at her like she was her universe.

"We shouldn't be doing this," Kyoko agreed before taking his lips hungrily again.

She had never kissed anyone before, unless you counted Sho's family on the cheeks, but that was nothing like what she was experiencing with Ren, and she never wanted it to stop.

Ren managed to get Kyoko up off the floor without breaking contact and immediately pushed her up against the kitchen wall. Breaking for more air, Ren asked:


Her heart skipped a beat when he heard him call her by her given name. She reached up and touched his cheek and he leaned in again and began a trail down her neck. Soon enough, they managed to make their way to his bedroom.

As soon as Ren shut the door behind them she grabbed his shirt. He managed to walk them over to the bed before Kyoko fell over, pulling Ren on top of her onto the silky sheets. Ren removed his shirt in seconds and her hands were all over his upper body as she writhed beneath him. He moved down to her neck once more. It took him a few moments before he realized that they really shouldn't be doing this.

"We can't," Ren groaned as he made to move away from Kyoko.

Her hand shot out and grabbed his arm.

"Please," she begged. "Please Ren, don't leave me."

She looked desperate, like this one disappointment in life would break her. Ren was positive that no man could ever resist the luring temptation of his Kyoko in this moment, not even the saintliest of saints. With that thought in mind, Ren returned to her.

The next morning Kyoko woke up in a soft, smooth bed. Yawning, she stretched out wide, and realized that this – in fact – was not her bed. Had she been in her bed, her legs and arms would have stretched out past the sides of the bed; had she been in her bed she would have been clothed! Kyoko took a deep breath in and thought back to the night previous. It had been glorious, wonderful, and spectacular; however, she had fallen asleep immediately afterwards and had failed to return home. She hoped that the owners of the shop were not too angry with her.

'Oh god,' she thought. 'If Ren is still here, what am I going to say to him? I can't believe I did that with Ren, he's not only my senior but he's Tsuruga Ren!"

She turned to her right and sighed in relief when she saw that he was no longer in the bed. She jumped up and dashed around the room, retrieving her clothing and throwing them on as quickly as possible. Her thighs ached like never before, so she tired to be careful in her haste. She jumped when the alarm went off. Hurrying over, she turned the evil thing off, noticing a note beside the bed.


I am sorry that I am not here to meet you this morning, but I had to go to the set of Dark Moon early to fix the schedules from missing so much time. You are welcome to my shower if you like.


Kyoko smiled as she read the note. She folded it gently and placed it in her pocket before making her way to Ren's bathroom. No matter what, Ren was Ren, always looking out for her. She had slept in, and because she didn't have her bike here, she didn't have a way to get home and to work on time – but she didn't blame Ren, he probably wouldn't have known that because he always drove.

Kyoko ran all the way to the set of Dark Moon as fast as she could manage, still wearing her clothes from yesterday. Her shower had lasted a bit longer than expected. She wouldn't be able to bear it if she didn't watch Ren regain his old self, to truly prove to everyone that he was fully capable of handling this character as he was every other character he had ever done.

"Good morning, everyone! I look forward to working with you today!" Kyoko exclaimed, beaming because Ren was finally coming back to work after a four-day hiatus.

She was expecting a boisterous and excited crowd, all happy that Ren had returned to work. What she was not expecting was to see the President of LME and Ren staring each other down like they were about to have a duel with poor Director Ogata stuck in the middle like a scared rabbit.

"Um..." Kyoko whispered quietly to a set of the crew. "Why does it feel so tense? Why is the President here?"

The crew members all gave her a strange look and she looked back, startled as they ran a little ways away from here and started whispering hurriedly to each other. Kyoko looked nervously from them to Ren and the President and back.

"Hey...?" Kyoko called to the crew members.

"Actually, Kyoko-chan," one of the members started. "You missed the President the first few times he visited the set to watch Tsuruga-san. Today is the day that Tsuruga-san must prove to the President that he can perform the role of Katsuki or else be replaced."

Kyoko's eyes widened to the size of baseballs. That's why Ren had wanted to go over lines last night! Why hadn't he told her? Was she not important enough for him to even tell her this one little thing that could affect his whole career? Even after what happened last night?!

"Please, everyone, calm down. At least before Momose-san arrives," the director tried to ease the tension.

"I refuse to show favouritism to anyone, even Ren," the President stated clearly. "If you do not perform up to standards, I already have an actor in line to replace you."

Ren stayed calm and looked the President straight in the eye.

"I will exceed all of your expectations," Ren glared.

"Those are big word, you better remember them."

Everyone had been sent to get ready while they waited for Momose to arrive. Ren could have sworn he had seen Kyoko in his peripheral, but she was no where to be seen now.

"Excuse me; have you seen Mogami-san?" Ren asked a passing crew member.

"Yeah, I just saw her over by the palm tree prop in the corner; it looks like she is sulking."

Ren's eyes furrowed as he thanked the crew member and hurried over to the palm tree in the distance. He wasn't expecting the hate-filled demon-glare directed at him when he got there, causing him to freeze up for a few moments.

"Uh... W-What are you doing here... all alone?" Ren asked.

She looked at him for a few minutes before replying in a scary Mio-like voice,

"I'm enjoying my solitude. Can't you tell? It reminds me of my lonely past..."

"Really?" He asked, moving a bit closer. "Are you upset about something?"

"I'm not upset," she replied in a voice more terrifying than the first. "What reason is there to be upset?"

Ren was worried. Did she regret what happened the night before? Was the sight of him making her sick? Did she want to forget it ever happened and never see him again in her life, even though the thought of it made his heart break?

She paused for another moment, her voice faltering a bit and then softening.

"Everyone knowing something besides for me, being excluded, I am already used to stuff like that."

Ren visibly relaxed. She wasn't having doubts about what happened last night, she just hadn't found out about the possibility of him losing his job yet.

"Are you referring, by any chance, to what's happening today?"

Her shoulders tensed up again and she glared at him once more, voice dropping.

"Tsuruga-san, you already knew that I was the only one who was un-informed?"

"I guessed."

A silence rang loud between them as she pulled her legs closer to her chest and laid her head down completely against her knees. Ren looked down at her, feeling completely useless. He sat down in the fake-sand beside her, but far enough away that she wouldn't feel pressured.

"It wasn't my intention to exclude you," he told her.

"I know," she replied in her normal tone, her voice soft. She lifted her head from her knees to speak.

"It's just that – I was the last one to stay by your side, but I was the only one who didn't know about such an important issue. I didn't suspect anything; I was the only one who didn't know anything. It makes me a little sad."

She clenched her arms and put her head back down to her knees.

Ren looked down at Kyoko, his face expressionless. He didn't know what she wanted from him. Was this some sort of test to his wisdom? A test of the level of their relationship? Was she trying to seduce him?

'No,' he thought. 'Kyoko isn't like that at all. She's probably thinking that no one thinks that she pays enough attention...' He placed a hand on her shoulder.

Kyoko looked up when Yashiro walked over and tapped Ren on the shoulder, informing him that Momose had finally arrived on set. They both stood up at the same time, and Kyoko followed Ren and Yashiro over to the stage. Kyoko heard cast and crew members whispering, wondering how Ren was going to perform.

"Director?" Ren's voice cut through the mumbled-whispers of everyone around. "I would like to ask for a favour. Following the part where Mizuki cuts herself on the cup, is it alright if I diverge from the script?"

That question got everyone's attention. What was Ren thinking? Kyoko's heart pounded hard in her chest and it was making it hard to breathe.

"You would like to improvise?" Director Ogata asked. "That's a lot to ask, Tsuruga-san. How does Momose-san feel about this?"

"Momose-san will be happy to perform like this," Ren said, not even looking at his co-star. "I mean, after doing this scene so many times, she must be tired of it."

"But Tsuruga-san, if the scene deviates we will have to cut in the middle," the director tried to argue.

"Do not worry, Director. The scene will end the same way as it does in the script. I can assure you, I will definitely make Momose-san act it out."

Kyoko looked over to Momose-san; she did not look pleased that Ren has just said that he would control her acting in anyway he chooses. Kyoko stood stunned, just staring ahead at Ren. Momose-san did not look like she was going to cooperate, would Ren have enough skill to make her anyway?

No, Kyoko thought. Ren would definitely succeed – he was the greatest actor in all of Japan. The director had agreed with Ren's wish, which didn't surprise Kyoko, no one could say no to Ren when he was determined. Yashiro walked over to Kyoko as everyone prepared to get the scene underway.

"Is something wrong Kyoko?" He asked. "You look like you were up all night, and you're wearing the same clothes that you had on yesterday."

'Leave it up to Yashiro-san to remember something like that,' Kyoko thought dismally, but replied chipper: "I was up studying late last night, and I must have fallen asleep in my clothes. I was in such a hurry to get here that I must have forgotten to change."

When Ren walked out onto the stage, Kyoko's breath hitched. He sat down on the couch and looked over briefly at her, and she smiled encouragingly back before he looked away. The moment that Director Ogata yelled "Action" Kyoko watched as Ren released all of his acting skills out on his poor co-star. Momose appeared to be trying to make Ren fail, but Kyoko knew that no matter what, Ren would lead his co-star exactly to where he wanted her to be.

"He's using the lines and motions that we practiced last night," Kyoko whispered when she realised what Ren was doing. 'Before we got distracted...' She blushed at the thought.

"What was that, Kyoko-Chan?"

"Oh, nothing Yashiro-san, I was just wondering what to eat for lunch," Kyoko laughed awkwardly.

Kyoko continued watching Ren perform, it was absolutely perfect – every conveyed feeling, every small touch, every look at an immeasurable amount of emotion in it. However, when the time came for him to show Katsuki's love for Mizuki, Kyoko felt like someone took a space heater to her heart and at the same time, tried to resuscitate it.

That angelic smile, the look he was now giving to Mizuki, he had often looked at her the same way.

'But Mizuki is the girl that he loves here, in this scene,' Kyoko thought irrationally. 'Yet, he shows me that same smile... the same smile... Could it be that I am not as disliked as I thought? I know that we had something last night, but could it have been more than that?'

Kyoko watched as Ren finished the scene as promised, bringing it back to where it had ended in the script. He finished it so beautifully that the Director hesitated to "cut". Ren stepped down from the stage and everyone looked between him and the President.

"Well, that was well done," he said finally. "For you, that is. You pass."

"Thank You sir," Ren smiled. "And I am sorry, Momose-san, for deliberately baiting you to benefit myself. I was only able to say all of that because you were my partner and you are a proud and skilled actress."

Kyoko, who was standing between the two, had her eyes widen. He had planned to bait his co-star all along, because she was a talented actress.

"From the start, I believed it would work well, since it was you, Momose-san."

Momose blushed as Kyoko looked down at her feet. Everyone began to compliment Ren profusely, arguing that his Katsuki was far better than the former. He thanked them all smiling, before looking over to the too-quiet Kyoko, who was usually quick with her praise. Her head was bent down, and she was being absolutely still.

He bent over and looked over at her to get a good look at her face. She looked sad and he couldn't figure out why.

"Kyoko? What's the matter?" He asked, still bent over. "Are you alright? Are you feeling ill or-?

She looked up suddenly, as if she had just noticed Ren was there.

"No," she said simply, taking a step back from their proximity to each other. "It's nothing, Tsuruga-san."

"And what is that supposed to mean?"


"Why did you take a step back?" Ren asked. "Why are you calling me Tsuruga-san? I would think that after last night we were past such formalities."

"Um, there's no deep reason," Kyoko stammered.

Ren looked down at her and crossed his arms – he didn't believe her at all.

"Tsuruga-san, there President wants to talk to you," Director Ogata said promptly as he ran over.

Ren looked over and the president motioned with his hand for Ren to come. He nodded and glanced back at Kyoko.

"Don't move," he warned and walked away angrily.

"Sorry, were you in the middle of a discussion?" Ogata asked.

"No- no not at all," Kyoko waved him off, looking back to Ren who appeared to be in deep conversation with the President.

Accepting her reply, the director called out to everyone to take their lunch break. The crowd dispersed and Kyoko remained rooted in place. How could she possibly explain to Ren that she was jealous and envious of Momose-san; that she wondered when Ren would ever be able to speak so confidently about her acting abilities should she ever play opposite of him.

Would he make her fall in love with him, like he did with all his other co-stars? She shivered, hugging herself slightly. She never wanted such an unwanted feeling every again, to love was to hurt, and she never wanted to be hurt again.

"Kyoko?" Ren interrupted her thought process. She instantly dropped her arms down to her sides.

"If it's alright, why don't we go have lunch now?" Ren asked nicely and Kyoko froze. She turned to look at him slowly, terrified of the glare she was sure he was shooting her, the glare that came from the Prince of Darkness.

"S-Sure," Kyoko stuttered, and looked to Yashiro for help, who had waited for Ren. His eyes widened and he looked away – traitor.

Ren grabbed Kyoko's wrist and pulled her gently after him. He turned down a couple of corridors and pulled her into an empty room, shutting the door behind him softly.

"Tsu-Tsuruga-san," she stuttered again, unsure.

"Tsuruga-san, am I?" Ren asked darkly. "That's not what you were calling me last night."

"What is all this about?" Kyoko asked meekly. "It would look strange if I suddenly started calling you Ren."

"Well, how about you drop the 'Tsuruga-san' once and for all, Kyoko?" He asked. "It wouldn't be so strange. I have called you Kyoko since this morning, no one thinks anything of it."

"But you are my senior-"

"And I am also your sensei, your friend, and quite recently your lover," Ren scolded and Kyoko blushed. "It wouldn't be unheard of for you to call me Ren."

"Is that all that this is about, Tsu-" he glared at her. "Ren-kun."

"I guess that'll have to do for now," Ren sighed, kissing the top of her head gently. "But no, it's not all. I wanted to talk about us, to clear the air in anyway."

His stomach growled.

"Can we talk about it later, Ren-kun?" Kyoko asked, still blushing. "I think that we both need to eat, at least, first."

"I'm sorry, I can't right now Kyoko," Ren sighed. "I just used that as an excuse to talk to you. I have to meet with the President for a few minutes outside. When we're finished, how about we eat lunch together?"

"Alright," Kyoko smiled and watched him walk out of the empty room.

"Kyoko-chan, I think that you should eat lunch before-hand," Yashiro said as they sat at their usual lunch table. "I'll wait for Ren, okay?"

"Ah, no it's okay," Kyoko said, wringing her hands slightly. She couldn't explain to Yashiro what had happened between her and Ren; not until they at least figured it out themselves.

"Oh, could it be that you want to eat together with Ren?" He joked.

"You're wrong!" Kyoko growled, her demonic voice overcoming her again. "That's not true at all! As a freshman from the same office I couldn't possibly eat without my senior!"

"Y-you don't have to use that completely terrifying voice to deny something as simply as that," Yashiro said lightly. "Haven't you been over-reacting when a topic concerns Ren, Kyoko?"

Kyoko paused and looked down. She was leaning over the table, her hand still in the air from shaking it.

"I-I'm sorry Yashiro-san. I didn't mean to over-react."

"It's alright Kyoko," Yashiro smile sweetly, as usual. "Why don't you run out and see what is taking Ren so long, before lunch is over?"

Kyoko nodded and slumped out of her chair and out the door. It wasn't hard to spot where Ren was once she was out the doors, who else but the President would drive a pearl-encased stretch Hummer?

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