The Spirit Warriors


Naruto x Atsuko


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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


As stated in the past going back and rebooted my old stories. Fixing up all the mistakes that were made.


Story Start


With a yawn a woman with short brown hair sat up and stretched as the blanket that cloaked her form slid off revealing her naked form. She reached over and grabbed a pair of the panties on the floor and sat up. Stretching she stood up and lifted one leg placed her foot than leg through the hole of the article of clothing than the other.

She than picked up the tangerine orange shirt that hung low enough to cover her thighs and went over to her dresser where she kept her smokes, but they were missing. ''Damnit...'' the woman swore as she went to the bathroom.

The residence was rather pretty small and lacking because of the woman's situation. Going into the bathroom she turned on the sink, making sure that there was a balance as she began washing her face and brushing her teeth. Messy brown hair and tired brown eyes greeted the woman as she peered into the mirror of the medicine cabinet. The smell of freshly cooked bacon was reaching out to her from the kitchen. Finishing up her morning ritual, minus a smoke the woman was greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee and french toast.

''Did you throw out my smokes?'' she asked as she began pouring herself a cup of coffee.

''You shouldn't smoke you know Atsuko. Nasty habit.'' the blond haired man told her. His hair was spiky with a dark sun kissed sheen to it wearing a sleeveless orange t-shirt with blue jeans. He then brought over some aspirin and bottled water. ''I'm surprise you're up all things considering.''

''Yeah, yeah,'' Atsuko replied as she swallowed the aspirin and drunk half the bottle. ''So...when are we going to talk...with him?'' she asked as she watched the blond finish stacking the French toast on a plate.

''I'm going to meet him today. I tried to convince myself there might be an easier way, but then I'd just be lying to myself.'' the whiskered man told her before scooping up a piece of bacon and began munching on it. ''Anyway I'm while I'm gone a few people are going to show up and help you find a job. Hopefully everything will be set by the time I get back." with that said the rest of their breakfast was finished in silence.

''You're Uzumaki Naruto right?'' Naruto had been waited on the roof tops of the mid point of the city where a vast amount of energy seemed to saturate the soil. Looking up he came face to face with a beautiful young woman with light blue hair tied in a ponytail wearing a pink kimono and white sash as well as a red ribbon on her back riding on an oar.

''Indeed, you must be my ride. I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage as I don't know your name.'' he said as the woman introduced herself.

''I'm a pilot of the river Styx, who guides dead souls to the other side. Just call me Botan!" she exclaimed Botan as she glided over to him. ''Are you ready to go?''

''Yeah...might as well,'' he said as he took the hand of the woman as they soon to the sky. As the woman continued on explaining the differences of this after life and how their sect handled spirits and afterlife Naruto looked down at the canvas which was Spirit World and couldn't help but think that from his view it looked like a nine year old splattered water paint on a canvas. Naruto continued to keep quiet as he was led down a rather dark and unnecessarily long hallway. It seemed like a waste of money or space for such large and spacious hallways which were merely nothing but wasted materials. They came a stop in front of large double doors and Naruto softly exhaled.

When the doors opened the last thing Naruto expecting was to see chaos was a bunch of different colored creatures, ogres by their appearance trying to get work done and papers flying everywhere.

"Sir, I've brought the boy as per requested to see." stated a bowing Botan after the doors closed behind them.

"What is he invisible or something?'' Naruto asked as he looked around for this Spirit Lord whose detective he would be working with.

"I'm right down here." replied a voice from just in front of him.

Naruto looked down to see the toddler form of Koenma waving at him. If it wasn't for that bad-ass blue hat Naruto probably would have laughed at the sight. The supposed spirit lord was wearing a blue robe with a red obi sash tied at the waist of a pink-trimmed blue robe, black shoes, and blue hat with pink trimming. ''I take it you're King Yama?''

''Actually I am his son Koenma.'' the mini spirit lord corrected him. ''And I take it you're Uzumaki Naruto?''

''Indeed.'' Naruto answered Koenma with a nod. ''I'm here to assist your spirit detective per our agreement.'' he added as he tried to keep his inner feelings from being displayed on his face. he was provided with information that the spirit detective was on a case. Apparently a trio of demons broke in and stole some treasures. He was led to where the spirit Detective would be by Botan.

''Botan, what information can you give me on the three demons?'' Naruto asked as he leaped from Tree branch to tree branch as the ferrywoman floated beside him on her broom.

''The first is Kurama, no previous records, true facet unknown, comes and goes as a shadow, has multiple aliases. Hiei, no previous records, true facet unknown, will fulfill his purpose by hook or by crook, is a rather cruel demon. Gouki, 12 previous criminal records, a soul-eating ghoul, ability to frighten and has killed over a dozen hunters sent after him. The two demons asides from Gouki are dangerous. We only know of their name and the fact they've avoided detection for as long as they have. Gouki is nowhere near the level to have killed the guards that were overlooking the three treasures.''

''And this Koenma-sama sent someone of Yusuke's ability after them. What the hell was he thinking?'' Naruto kept his thoughts to himself. "Could you elaborate a bit more on this Gouki?"

''He's a Soul-Swalling Ghoul. He loves to consume human souls aster ripping apart the body.'' she clarified as Naruto picked up something ''Hey wait!''

Despite Botan's calls Naruto shot forward as speeds faster than she could track. He sensed the sudden surge of demonic energy. Practically flying through the trees his knee impacted with a large, horned ogre of a creature with a body builder who was grossly overcompensating physique's. Naruto dropped to his feet and slid slightly as he landed between Yusuke and the demon. ''Damn so called all powerful gods sitting on their asses while human beings do their jobs for them for some bullshit reason.'' Naruto grumbled as he turned to Yusuke and crouched down. ''Are you alright Yusuke?''

''W-Who the hell are you?'' the brunette asked as he coughed a few times, hacking up some blood.

''Back-up,'' he stated as his hand began to glow green and began to heal Yusuke's injuries. Thank god Tsunade 'insisted' he learned some Iijutsu.

''What? You mean Spirit World decided to be helpful for once? Oh wait, there still late.'' he snarked as Gouki recovered.

''I don't know who you are human but...'' in the blink of an eye Naruto appeared in front of Gouki. Faster then either witnesses could react Naruto gathered power into his hand.

''Die!'' with that the sphere was rammed into the ghoul's mouth, causing the top portion of his head to explode and snuffing out his life.

'What the that guy?'
Yusuke thought before he faded into unconsciousness from exhaustion. Sometime later he awoke with a cry as he shot up. ''Wait a minute...this house?'' he wondered as Atsuko stumbled in.

''Yusuke! You're awake!'' his mother said in relief before her fist impacted his head resulting in him crying out. ''You delinquent! Did you have any idea how worried I was? I'm so relieved you're okay.'' she said as she began to softly cry.

''Alright, alright I know! Can you stop crying already.'' he said before rubbing his head. ''B-But how did I...''

''You're finally up,'' Naruto called out from the doorway. ''Had me worry there when you passed out.''

''Y-You!'' Yusuke exclaimed as he pointed at the blond. ''What are you doing here?''

''Yusuke don't...'' Atsuko was about to chastise him but she was cut off when Naruto placed her hand on his shoulder.

''Don't worry about. Considering the circumstances I expected this.'' he said as Yusuke looked between the two of them, sensing something was going on.

''So do either of you want to explain what the hell is going on?'' he demanded as Naruto sighed.

''He gets that from you,'' Atsuko said as Naruto chuckled.

''Sure,'' he remarked. ''Look, from what Atsuko-chan has told me you're not exactly the emotional type so I'm just going to cut straight to the heart of things. I'm your... Otou-sama.'' Naruto simply stated as Yusuke dully looked at them for a few moments before he began to chuckle then burst out laughing. ''Okay, he's taking this a lot better then I thought he would.''

''Get the hell out of here! Do I look stupid to you or something? Is this some sort of joke?'' he asked before he looked on and noticed the serious look on his mother's face. ''Holy shit! Are...are you fucking kidding?''

''Language...'' Atsuko sternly said.

''Oh, now you care about being my mother.'' Yusuke snapped as a ping of guilt shot through Atsuko as she stepped back.

''HEY! Don't you dare talk to her like that!'' Naruto angrily replied as Yusuke's hostility turned to him.

''Like a deadbeat father like you have any right to say anything! You show up now and expect I just accept your authority like it's the thing to do?''

A look of guilt came across Naruto's face. ''I didn't know. If I knew your mother was pregnant I would have stayed, and I tried to come back as soon as I could you know. The circumstances that brought me into this world were anything but normal. If I had known I would have been taken away for so long..." he trailed off. "I won't make any excuses. I screwed up. All I can offer is a chance to make up for lost time.''

''I didn't need you then and I don't need you now.'' Yusuke angrily remarked as he tossed out the covers and angrily stormed out of the room.

''Well that went well,'' Atsuko sarcastically remarked as she took out a cigarette to smoke only for Naruto to yank it out of her lips.

''What have I told you about that?'' he softly stated as she stroked her cheek. ''You're far too beautiful to ruin your lungs with that.'' he said as he took a seat and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her close to his head was nestling under her breasts. ''To be honest I was expecting him to react like I did the first time I met my father.''

''What happened?'' she asked as her fingers ran through his hair.

''I punched him in the gut,'' he answered her with a chuckle. ''To be honest I was expecting him to ask why I have blond hair, why I looked so young, and why I can casually do the things I do. Then again he's probably so pissed he wasn't thinking straight,'' he said with a sigh before untangling his arms from her and standing up as Atsuko buried her face into his neck.

''What are we going to do? He hates us.'' she stated as Naruto rubbed the back of her head.

''Just give it some time Atsuko-chan. Once he cools off we'll talk to him and get through to him. Trust me...'' he said as he grabbed her wrist and led her out of the room. ''Come on, let's get started on breakfast. Something tells us we're going to be talking for awhile so might as well be fed beforehand.''

Chapter end
I rebooted it again. You guys should notice a huge jump in quality and writing ability. I should be able to get the next chapter out soon.