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Edward's POV

"Garage" was my answer.

"Brandon took her to the garage" Alexander chuckled.

"And Jonathan took Emmett to the Danger Room" Samantha added.

"YAHOO!!!" I heard Emmett scream.

"Danger Room?" Carlisle echoed.

"I discovered in the early 17th century that, when added during the molding process, metal can be immensely strengthened when mixed with vampire venom" Bella grinned. "The same can be applied to leather and most plastics. The Danger Room, as we call it, is our oversized rough-housing area."

Jasper looked like a child who had just found out where his parents stash the Christmas presents. "Might I ask where that is?" he asked politely.

"How about we all go?" Bella chuckled.

I had already fallen in love with her laugh. Though, I have no idea when.

Bella's POV

We went through the garage and picked up Rosalie and Brandon.

"I found a new punching bag!" Jonathan laughed as he kicked an unsuspecting Emmett into the weights.

"And we have another Emmett" Rosalie announced with a groan.

"Oh, trust me, he's worse" Nymphadora groaned. "I don't think Emmett has all day to plot new pranks."

"You'd be surprised" Rosalie told her. "I'm just glad I'm off limits to said pranks."

"Same here" Nymphadora snickered.

"Be afraid, Carlie" I grinned. "Be very afraid."

"Carlie?" Emmett echoed. "What the hell?" he laughed. "Carlie?"

Carlisle growled at Emmett for using his nickname. I started to laugh again.

I bolted over to the weights and brought one of the balls to Jasper.

"Wanna try?" I grinned.

"Uh… sure" he agreed, slightly confused.

I tossed him the ball. He wasn't expecting it to weigh that much.

"H-how the…?" he was speechless.

Carlisle held out his hand and Jasper handed the ball to him.

"Whoa" was all Carlisle could say.

"At first, I designed them for Dylan and Virgil" I told him. "Though, we all use these balls when we are bored these days. Of course, they stay in here. If they were to be dropped anywhere else in the house, they'd probably bust through the floor."

Carlisle's POV

I was in complete shock.


My baby sister.

She was alive, or as alive as we get.

It was at least an hour until that really sunk in.

I was staring blankly at her as I sat next to Samantha and Alexander. Then, it was as if something just clicked in my head.

"My baby sister is back" I said out loud, in complete shock.

Bella grinned ear to ear as soon as that reached her ears.

"Things just got very confusing" Alexander and Samantha said to each other at the same time.

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