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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

How I wonder what you are.

A slight yawn escaped the lips Aidou Hanabusa as he waited for the gates to open. "Tired Hanabusa?" his cousin taunted next to him. "Hardly Akatsuki, more so bored" he retorted annoyed. Kain Akatsuki grunted at his younger more annoying cousin. A smirk formed over the lips of the vice president, Ichijo Takuma. "Fighting again? Neh?" he teased the two. Aidou laughed without humor "No, we're just having a friendly discussion, Ichijo". Ichijo just smiled, he always smiled. "You two really need girlfriends". Kain and Aidou looked at him quizzically before laughing "Your one to talk Ichijo" Aidou said shaking his head. Kain nodded in agreement "When you get one we will." Ichijo had a glint in his eye "Wanna bet on that?" Aidou glanced up at his companion with a smirk "On one condition. Your girl has to accept the fact you're a vampire first." Ichijo's smiled faulted a little. "Ohh scared are we?" Kain said with a mocking voice. Ichijo regained composer and chuckled "You're on." Aidou and Kain smirked 'He'll never pull it off' they thought evilly in their heads. "Loser has to buy the other person chocolate for a month" Aidou added in slyly. Ichijo smirked back "So you want to lose the bet and buy me sweets for a month? How sweet of you Hanabusa" Aidou grunted "You're not going to win this one Takuma" The gates slowly started to open "That's what you think" he said with a wave of his hand.

They watched with amused looks as Takuma flitted around than usual, his eyes were gleaming happily as he talked with the giddy girls. 'No, no, no, and no!' Takuma said in his head with a sigh of disapproval. He felt something being pushed into him, he looked down confused. A black haired girl had been shoved into him. She wore a scowl and wasn't fawning over him like the others were. She turned and looked at him "Sorry, I didn't know disagreeing with people was a federal crime here" she said sarcastically to the crowed. A girl snickered and pointed at her whispering to her friends. An angry expression crossed the dark haired girls face. Takuma noticed she was still leaning on him. He gently pushed her onto her feet and smiled "Daijoubu?" The girl looked at him and gave a week smiled "Yeah, Thanks. I'm Satomi Kaoru, sorry for being shoved into you." He smiled down at her "Are you new?" She laughed "Is it that painfully obvious?" He felt himself grin and chuckle "No not too bad you just seem new." She giggled "Hai, I am. Well I'll be seeing you around…" "Ichijo Takuma" "Ichijo-Senpai" They grinned at each other then she, oh so lady like stuck her tongue out at the gossiping girl, and walked down the path to the sun dorms.

With the night class….

Takuma stared boredly at the chalk board where the teacher was writing vampire history down. His mind wandered to the girl he had met before. 'Satomi Kaoru' his mind repeated to himself. Aidou and Kain were watching Takuma stare out the window and they snickered to themselves. "Looks like Takuma has someone in mind" Aidou said quietly. Kain nodded "Seems so, now let's see if he can romance her into being his girlfriend." Aidou gave a cheeky grin "He won't, he can't, but most of all he doesn't know how too." Takuma's gaze fell on the both of them and he twitched with irritation as they laughed at him without noticing he had heard them. He rolled his eyes and walked up behind them "On the contrary I do know how" he said startling them. Kain gave a sheepish smile as Takuma's dark gaze fell upon the two cousins.


Kaoru brushed through her dark black silky hair, doing her best to get the days tangles out. "Ichijo-Kun seemed pretty nice" she mused to herself. "Ouch" she said as she came to a big knot. She sighed and took her long slender fingers and un-knotted it. She took a chance to look around her bland room again. It was small, cozy and had a nice feeling to it, although her roommate absolutely hated her already. Probably because she had more, ahem, curves than her. Her roommate was also a slut who thought she was better than everyone in the whole entire world. "Tansho Kanada" she muttered seeing Kanada's messy space littered with the 'in style' magazines of skimpy girls dressed in rags. Kaoru snorted with laughter as she remembered Kanada's shocked expression when Kaoru walked in on her, cough, playing with her boyfriend. Kaoru's face twisted into a nasty expression as she remembered the yucky sounds coming from the closet last Friday night. She had arrived on the 4th and it was now the 24th and she was already freaking out with this strange school. The night class was the most confusing thing though. Who would want to school at night? Plus the elite crap… she had straight A's and was a perfect student. Yet she was not allowed into the high and mighty night class. She shrugged and leaned her head on the desk.

"I wonder how RinRin is doing" she whispered quietly. She felt the edges of her lip turn downwards. Her parents had died earlier this year and her sister wasn't old enough to attend Cross Academy. Luckily their grandma loved RinRin while she hated Kaoru. So her Grandma in America had taken RinRin to live with her. Kaoru was all alone in Japan. Her whole family had died in some weird creepy camping accident. She vowed not to go camping in the area that they had ever again. More so, she vowed never to go camping anywhere ever again. Her heart ached as she remembered her mother's smile always insisting on kissing her good night. Then father would always say how his little girl was growing up to be a beautiful young lady. She chuckled to herself as she remembered the family dinners. How RinRin would always sneak food to her pet dog Moshi. She smiled faded as her eye lids began to droop. She folded her arms on her desk and laid on them. "Mom stop fussing. I'm not going to get a boyfriend I promise" she murmured before dreaming about her parents and sister again.


*Beep. Beep. Beep* Kaoru swatted at whatever was beeping and sighed. Her dark brown eyes gazed up at the alarm clock distastefully. She yawned and pushed herself up, and headed over to the bathroom. After a 5 minute hot shower she dressed in her uniform and grabbed her bag. She chooses to leave her hair down and put a pink clip in it. She glanced over to where her roommate was snoring loudly with her hair all messed up and out of place. Kaoru tossed her towel on the sleeping girls head "Wake up you lazy ass." The girl shot up and screamed wrenching the towel from her head. "YOU! I said to wake me up at 8! Its 7:58! I still have 2 minutes left!" Kaoru grinned "I'm leaving so whatever. You're going to have to set your alarm clock for two minutes I guess" Kanada tried to scream at Kaoru but she simply shut the door and started walking. It was a pretty day out and she basked in the sun light. It was so cheerful outside Kaoru couldn't help smiling. She spotted a pink blossoming sakura tree that was currently unoccupied. She quickly rushed over to it, leaned against it and closed her eyes. She loved sakura trees, the smell, and the look, just everything about them. A small sakura blossom gently floated down and landed by her hand. She grinned picked it up and stuck it behind her ear. *Ring* she groaned as she shoved herself up and to classes. "Yay, learning" she muttered sarcastically.

Kaoru glanced at the available seats; it was 6th period, study hall. There was one next to a sleeping brown haired girl and one next to her roommate. She scurried to the seat next to the brown haired girl. As she sat down she noted the white arm band that was tied onto the brown haired girl's upper arm. 'So she's the prefect' she mused lightly. 'But she's so small and fragile. I hope she doesn't get hurt' she sighed and looked at the petite girl again. She felt like someone was watching her, someone creepy. She quickly glanced over her shoulder only to see the silver haired purple eyed boy looking at her. She noted that he too had a white arm band. 'I wonder why only two of them get to be the all mighty and awesome prefects…' she shook her head. She shouldn't concern herself with people that she hardly knew. 'I wonder if I should go say hi to Ichijo-Senpai… he seemed to like me. Maybe we could become friends? Yes, I need a good friend in this crazy place' the teacher walked in and ranted about how she wanted quiet. Kaoru grimaced as she looked down at her math problems 'Let's see. Solve for x. 2y+3r(x) x2- 19= 82….right' she stared at trying to put the cryptic puzzle together. "Satomi Kaoru?" the teacher asked boredly. "Hai" she said raising her hand. A fizzy red head walked up to her desk and plopped a letter down on it "From the Chairman." Kaoru looked at it quizzically before picking it up and opening it.

Kaoru, I hope all is going well and you are adjusting to your new surroundings. I'm sorry to not have met with you personally but I would like to invite you over for dinner tonight. Yuki and Zero will be there too if you don't know where to go. I hope to see you here tonight! Chairman Cross.

Kaoru scribbled 'Sure! Sounds great!' on the back of it and handed it back to the red head. "Thanks for bringing it to me" she said sweetly. "No problem hunny. Have a nice day" Kaoru bowed "You too." 'Dinner at the Chairman's house hm?' She smiled to herself "This should be interesting…"

"KYAH!" the sound of high pitched screaming ripped through the once calm air. "I wonder when girls became so dumb…" she questioned herself, bemused with the screaming. She saw Yuki and Zero trying to contain the girls from trampling them. She lifted her hand up and covered her mouth to conceal her giggles. 'Wow it's really crowded, and crap I forgot my room key. Genius Kaoru! I guess I'll sit on the fountain and wait for Kanada'. She took her I-pod out of her pocket stuck the two buds in her ears and sat down. 'Hopefully that slut doesn't take too long' she sighed and clicked on 'Still Doll'.

"Hi Miss Alice
Anata garasu no
Me de donna yume wo
Mirareru no?
Mirareru no?
Mada atashi
Kokoro ga sakete

Sukima ni sasaru

Still you don't not answer

Still you don't not answer"

Kaoru sang with her eyes closed completely unaware that the whole night class had stopped to look at this strange girl. Seeing the night class look at her the other part of the gathering looked as well. Finishing singing she opened her eyes only to be greeted by hundreds of eyes looking at her. Her hand flew up to her chest as her cheeks turned red with embarrassment. Due to the surprise she fell backwards and into the water that was in the water fountain. Yuki rushed to help her reaching her hand out, only to be pulled into the fountain as well. Both got soaked to the bone, and their uniforms were sopping wet. Kaoru shot up out of the water and jumped out of the fountain, then helped Yuki out. Her whole face was red as she bit her lip to keep from crying. "Gomen!" she cried to Yuki as she turned and ran to her dorm. 'Stupid, stupid Kaoru! Letting me embarrass myself like that! Then you got the prefect wet too! Ugh now it's cold and I'm wet! Argh!' she felt a tear silently slip down her cheek. She felt something tug at her wrist and was surprised to see the green eyed night class student holding onto her. "Hey wait up" he called stopping, causing her to fall on her butt.

"Owwie" Kaoru complained quietly. "Why'd you run? You have a lovely voice! No need to be embarrassed. We all enjoyed it." He said smiling at her. He held out his hand for her and helped her up. Kaoru shivered slightly from the wind that was blowing onto her wet uniform. She blushed and looked down away from his piercing gaze. He chuckled and took his blazer off and slung it around her shoulders. Her head shot up and she looked at him puzzled. "Well, you looked cold. And we don't want you having a cold in the morning!" he replied cheerfully. Kaoru blushed harder "Thanks, that's really… sweet of you." Takuma laughed quietly to himself and ran his hand through his hair "Nah it's no problem. A pretty girl shouldn't be cold now should she? Neh?" Kaoru turned even redder, "I wouldn't say I'm pretty Ichijo-Sempai". Takuma beamed at her remembering his name. He put his pointer finger under her chin and tipped it up. "No, you're not pretty. Your beautiful Kaoru-Chan" Kaoru laughed and looked at him "Now what makes you say that Sempai? You don't even know me that well. I could just be wearing a mask" He chuckled and flicked her nose. She put her hand up to rub it "meanie" she pouted. He only grinned "See not a mask" Kaoru stuck her tongue out at him. He laughed and let go of her chin. "Let's walk for a little bit. Before it gets dark" Kaoru nodded and looked up at the sky "Lead the way Sempai"

After a couple of minutes they stopped at a bench by a Sakura tree. Takuma sat down and watched her go up and look at the tree. "You like Sakura's?" he questioned as she reached up to touch one. She turned around and nodded "Their so peaceful and smell really good. By the way sempai… may I ask you a question?" Takuma nodded and watched her again turn so her back was facing him, and stand under the tree. "Ask away" She picked a sakura and twirled it around in her hand "When did you become such a flirt? It only seems like yesterday you started to take interest in the day class girls. When I was here before you only seemed too walk past them without giving them a care. Yet here you are with me" Takuma stood up and walked behind her, reached up and pulled a sakura blossom from the tree. "I guess I had a change of heart. No use being alone when there are people who want to be with you. Wouldn't you say Kaoru-Chan?" he tucked the blossom behind her ear. She spun around and looked at him skeptically "I suppose but what if no one wants to be with you? I mean, not you. Girls are practically throwing themselves at you. But what about me? It's not like guys are going too randomly show up and act like prince charming. Besides I hardly even have one friend here! People just don't like me." She frowned. A tear ran down her cheek as she stared at Takuma. He sighed and wiped it off with his thumb "Let's make a deal. I'll be your friend if you be mine?" She smiled at him "Deal" Takuma looked up at the sky and noticed it was getting dark "It's almost dark. Where do you need to go? I'll walk you there" Kaoru felt her heart skip a beat. He was offering to walk with her! "The chairman invited me over for dinner; although I have no idea where his house is" Takuma nodded to himself "I know where it is. Shall we?" he held out his arm. She took it and grinned "Thanks... for everything" Takuma smirked, winning this bet would be a piece of cake.

Kaoru waved goodbye to Takuma as she stood on the chairman's front porch. She looked down and noticed she was still wearing his blazer. Kaoru titled her head up to call out to him but he was out of sight when she looked up. "I'll give it to him tomorrow" she murmured. She then turned to the door and knocked. She heard a couple of bangs and crashes before the door opened to reveal the chairman wearing a pink apron and splotches of flour all across his face. "Did I come at a bad time?" Kaoru asked trying to conceal her laughs. He shook his head and yanked her inside "Kaoru-Chan! You look so cute tonight! What's this? Why are you wearing a night class boy's blazer?" he asked with knowing suspicion. Kaoru's cheeks heated up at she chewed her bottom lip. "Well, Ichijo-Sempai saw me fall in the fountain and gave it to me so I wouldn't freeze to death." The chairman nodded "Ah, I heard about that nasty spill. I hope your okay. My Yuki told me about how embarrassed you looked and how you suddenly bolted away." She laughed and scratched the back of her neck "Yeah I was pretty embarrassed, but it's okay now. I made a good friend out of it" The chairman beamed "Yeah! You and Yuki will be such good friends! She's so cute and all!" he continued to rant and rave about Yuki while Kaoru's eyes wandered around the house. It was neat and…chairman like. A couple of cat figures and weird paintings were scattered about.

There was a school picture of the day class and the night class. She took particular interest in the night class photo. She walked over to it and studied it. The blonde blue eyed flirt was squinting and had an annoyed expression on. But why would he? It wasn't even that sunny out in the picture… 'I wonder why he's like that'. Then the blonde haired girl... her teeth were more pointed than anyone she had ever seen. She shrugged it off and turned to leave but something caught her eye. The leader… Kaname something… his eyes were so…red. It was like blood, the deep scarlet color. She blinked and leaned in closer. 'It can't be red. I've seen them before. They are black not red' her finger reached out and traced it. His eyes were so hypnotic, she couldn't look away. She'd seen that look before… the red eyes, the blank stare, it was all so fuzzy. Like her mind was a TV and it had static covering up the picture. Her mind was screaming at her but she couldn't understand it. Almost like it too, had static blocking it. "How curious" she mumbled as she tore her eyes from his agonizing gaze. "What are you doing here?" a cold male voice said bluntly. Kaoru looked up and saw the male prefect staring at her.

She put her right hand on her hip and glared at him "For your information I was invited over for dinner. That you very much" The silver haired prefect grunted and pushed past her but stopped dead in his tracks "Why are you wearing a night class guys blazer?" He voice was full of venom she weighed her options of telling him or not. She chose not "None of your business" He turned around and glared at her "Tell me or I will personally make it my business" Kaoru opened her mouth to yell at him when the brown haired girl came up and punched him. "Zero! Be nice to our guest! Gomen Kaoru-Chan Zero is a little socially retarded." Kaoru looked at her then laughed "It's all good Yuki-Chan, I understand" Yuki smiled "Your singing is lovely. I'm only sorry you got soaked to the bone for it" Kaoru grinned "It's okay. I got something out of it. I only feel bad for making you get wet." Yuki laughed "I have an extra uniform so I wasn't wet for too long. I see a night class student was nice enough to lend you his blazer" Kaoru blushed at the memory of Ichijo putting it on her "Yeah.."

"DINNER IS SERVED!" the chairman cried from the kitchen. Kaoru walked toward the scent of yummy food. "Mmmm smells good" she said licking her lips. The chairman beamed "It's my famous American Pepperoni Pizza and Chocolate Pudding Meal!" Kaoru smiled at his enthusiasm "Sounds Delish!" Yuki nodded "American Pizza is really nice!" Kaoru blushed and looked at the floor "Really? I've never had it..." Yuki gawked "You haven't?! You're going to love it!"


Kaoru tossed and turned in her bed sweating bullets. Kaname's eyes were agonizing, ripping into the depths of her soul. She was standing in front of him Ichijo to the left and Aidou to the right of him. Their eyes were red and they wore smirks. They looked lustfully at her neck. Aidou stepped forward and grabbed her wrist. She tried to turn away but he was to strong inhumanely strong. "Aidou-Sempai! Stop!" she yelled tears running down her face. She turned to Ichijo, her so called friend. "Help me!" she cried out to him. He just looked sympathetic and then looked at the ground. Aidou creased her neck "mmm you smell so tempting." Kaoru's eyes winded as she felt like she was about to die. "Please… Stop" but her voice was drained out by a sucking noise.

"AH!!!!!!!" She screamed jolting up in bed. She felt her forehead and wiped all the sweat off. Her heart was pounding and she felt like she was drowning in sweat. "Ugh" she closed her eyes and tried to remember what had freaked her out. No such luck. She groaned and banged her head on the palm of her hand. "REMEMBER!" she yelled at herself. "Shut the heck up!" Kanada yelled angrily throwing a pillow at Kaoru. She easily dogged it and looked blankly at it. "What's gotten into me?" she whispered to herself. Kanada growled "SHUT UP!" Kaoru sighed and lay back down. It was going to be a long night.

With the night class…

A soft knock was heard on the class room door. The night class turned their attention to it as it slowly opened to reveal Yuki standing there with a while article of clothing in her hands. "Ah Gomen. But I needed to return this" she walked up to Takuma dumped it in his arms, then reached into her pocket and handed him a crumpled up note. She bowed her Kaname and then walked out as if it was something she did often. Takuma stared quizzically at the note before putting his blazer back on and opening it.

Hey Ichijo…

Errr thanks for letting me borrow your blazer thing… it was really sweet! I hope we have more nightly walks like it… it was fun. I asked Yuki to return it to you so you wouldn't get in trouble. I hope you have a nice night and I'll see you tomorrow. Xoxo, Kaoru

He smiled to himself and stuck the note in his pocket. "What was that Takuma?" Kaname asked uninterested. "Just a thank you note." He replied nonchalantly. Kaname gave a slight nod and turned his attention back to the class room. 'You sure are an interesting girl Kaoru'.

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