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Usually, if someone confesses to another, the answer will just be either yes or no. But in Kirari's case, Hiroto knows very well that asking Kirari out might be an excuse to his cowardice of not wanting to give it a shot on how she'll react in his planned gift for her birthday. It's not that extravagant at all-just a little adjustments in the fireworks display to be held for a great view in a famous tower, a couple of bouquets with the dancing little children Kirari had gotten closed with in their last project, king sized tables filled with different dishes in which most were her favorites and a lot more. Seriously, how could Kirari expect something so big from a boy who had gotten a crush on her ever since and kept it silence in fear that letting her know will just be a burden in her part? Hiroto still believes Kirari likes Seiji-his very own best friend and partner. That's the hard part, wasn't it? Boys usually got into vow making that none would ever take who his friend admires. Without his knowing, it was more of a burden for the girl he likes because in reality, the one she likes was him all along.

How confusing that sounds!

"Is it really that hard to ask her out?" says a man who just entered Hiroto's room. It was his father.

"Boy you sure did surprise me." Hiroto sighed as if he had just turned his thoughts back to the real world.

"You know what son? I actually think it's about time you stop caring more for your brothers. It will take your mom and me quite a few months before we go back to States and of course, we'll have a great time in Japan seeing you happy. Don't you think it's time you confront her about how you feel?"

"What? If you're talking about Kirari again, let me remind you this. I never said I like her!" All of it was not supposed to take place … not at all … no matter how I wanted it to happen.

Or even if he did like her … returning his feelings seemed like impossibility for him.

Kirari had always been cheerful. He recalled what happened from their first meeting up to the final round when he'll decide of just letting things continue the way they were occurring or try to change something … either by leaving or by admitting a little confession.

What could have happened if she was just an ordinary girl and not a brave, care free, childish, gluttonous, talented, cheerful, honest, beautiful and almost too unbelievable to be true kind of girl that he never thought would alone have the capacity to trouble his thoughts the way she was doing it already? If he didn't know she likes Seiji-was there a chance for them to be ---- not a chance, as he'll say.

Unbelievable-yes! But impossible, jeez…even in reality it was never forbidden for a boy to like a girl!

No one would believe a star like Kazama Hiroto himself would be much of a coward.

They were about to begin shooting another movie for the winter season. Unlike Sonata of Youth and Love, it's more like some sort of comedy (something that he believes had always been the girl's best genre for a show).

Kirari, Kirari, Kirari … how stupid he was for liking someone he wasn't supposed to like. Last winter when she handed her the handmade mittens, he was actually happy. But then he saw her give the same handmade mittens to Seiji, the director, her manager and so with other cast and crew of the film. She sure was a happy go lucky kind of person.

And yes, in some ways, liking her was troublesome.

His mind was wandering when his phone rang. It was the director.

"Hiroto-kun?" He asked wanting to assure it was him.

"Yes it's me. What's up?"

"I apologize but it appears Kirari-chan can't make it today. She has a high fever and was just brought to the hospital. I truly hope I'll be forgiven for this."

"Kirari is … sick?" He murmured with increasing tension.

"What hospital?"

"Tokyo General Hospital, her room number was …"

Yeah right, he finds it troublesome yet he reserved his energy to change even faster than a cheetah and hurried to ask his dad permission to leave and visit a friend-just a friend, as he prefers to call her.

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