~~~~~~~~~~two months later~~~~~~~~~~~

Sasori dropped the last cardboard box inside the kitchen, heaving a sigh of relief as he brushed the dust off of himself. He and Deidara had finally moved everything inside the house. They still needed to unpack, and it would probably be a month before everything was in its proper place, but he and Deidara were finally moved into their new house.

They hadn't been able to do it entirely on their own, of course. Pein and Konan had been drafted to help box everything up at the old house Hidan had been unable to come and assist them, however. The Jashinist had called the redhead to explain why, (something about a ritual) but the sound of Kakuzu's voice in the background followed by Hidan moaning into the phone had convinced Sasori that whatever "ritual" the zealot was doing now was something the Akasuna didn't need specifics on, and immediately hung up.

The actual moving had involved the help of Kisame and, to everyone's surprise, Itachi. The two of them were actually supposed to help Sasori and Deidara unpack, but after teh blonde caught the duo making out on the kitchen table for the third time, Sasori thought it was best to send them home. Leaving him and Deidara to finish the job.

Sasori walked out of the kitchen and looked around as he went. His grandma had had a pretty nice house; a few bedrooms, two bathrooms, even a second floor. All this space was exactly why Sasori had opted to live in something smaller, since he'd been on his own. But now that he had Deidara, it had become necessary to move in here.


The Akasuna let out a soft sigh. They hadn't even been here for a full 24 hours, and already Deidara was destroying the place. "Brat, what was that?"

"Nothing, un!" Deidara called from the upstairs.

"'Nothing' doesn't crash. What fell?"

"The bed frame, un," Deidara said, poking his head down the stairwell. "I tried setting it up, but I dropped part of it, un."

"You and I can set it up later. I just finished bringing in the last boxes, so take a break," Sasori called out, before turning and walking into the living room. He flopped down on the couch and shut his eyes, his head lying on the armrest.

Deidara walked down the stairs and into the living room. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of his danna. "Sleepy, un?" he asked while walking over.

"Just worn out," Sasori muttered, all his attention now focused on the blonde. Deidara sat down on the couch and crawled to Sasori. He lay down on the redhead, his ear pressed to Sasori's heart as he lay between the redhead's legs. Sasori wordlessly wrapped his arms around the blonde and hugged him. "You?"

"Just a little tired, un," Deidara answered as his eyes drooped half shut.

Sasori reached up and began stroking the bomber's hair, grinning to himself as he saw a small smile creep across Deidara's lips. "You happy now?"

"Are you, un?"

"Aside from the nicotine withdrawal and slight aches, yes."

"Good, un."

The two of them remained silent for a while, sitting together as sunlight from the front window filled the room. Sasori looked down at the blonde a while later and saw that he was asleep. The Akasuna paused, thinking about whether he wanted to say anything or not. Finally, he leaned down to whisper into the blonde's ear. "You know, I think I love you."

"Same here, un," Deidara mumbled, eyes still shut. Sasori raised a brow gave the bomber a chaste kiss and lay back. He grabbed a blanket from the back of the couch and pulled it over the two of them, accidentally covering Deidara's head in the process. The blonde groaned and pulled himself up, now tucking his head under the Akasuna's chin. "Sleep…"

"All right, just sleep love," Sasori murmured while pulling his arms out from under the blankets and wrapping them around the bomber. It had become habit for them to sleep together, and it had actually gotten to the point where the bomber couldn't sleep without his danna for a pillow.

Sasori felt his eyelids grow heavy, a pleasant warmth filling his body. Soon, both of the artists were asleep on the couch, the summer sun dancing on their sleeping faces.