It happen before, he could not let it happen again, as much as he would joke that keeping him alive is what matters most to prevent that from occurring this time, he realizes it is not just him. They are easily beaten though it is just a diversion. The others converge on the energy sphere surrounding the being that would destroy their world though not before destroying them starting with the one that beaten them both repeatedly. He is thrown back first by the beams and others follow suit though it takes the longest to hit him. Then gazing skyward he barely notices her tossing the Javelin with ease destroying the mechanism that surrounds the being yet she too falls to the ground near the unconscious others.

He is barely able to pull himself up as the being, as the transfiguration of Brainiac-Luthor advances on him. Two more crude duplicants emerge on a summon to hold him in place as the half-machine, half-man forms a shotgun between his hands aiming directly at him, at Flash. The two stare at each other for a moment. The mechanical variation of Luthor's voice is unnerving though it now up to him to stop this. He vibrates the soldier duplicants into nothingness before standing up just as the shotgun dissolves.

The voice taunts him then he turns to run, run faster than he ever run in his life because he has none of the others' abilities so speed is his only option, maybe his final option. He runs and runs and runs until he is only a red blur in the air slamming repeatedly into the dark yellow armor thus tearing away pieces at time until Brainiac-Luthor is on the ground and the air vibrating with a charge around him, around Flash.

His hands phase through what is left of the armor as he vibrates away the cybernetic layers covering Luthor's skin. His mechanical cries are deafened by the explosion as the others barely getting to their feet witness all this at a distance. The blue vapors dissipate as a naked Luthor lies with an agitated in a ditch in the ruined roadway and a visibly weakened Flash stumbles away as the other six draw closer to him. The distortion charge around him reveals his slowing fadeout just as he seems to utter his last words.

"I feel kind of funny…"

Superman calls his name, Diana gasps, Bruce's jaw hangs in the air, J'onn's forehead wrinkles, John's eyes widen, Shayera's brows twitch, and all Luthor does is laugh believing he is right. Time slows to a crawl as Superman advances on a smug Luthor, as Wonder Woman seeks to stop a repeat, as Bruce acknowledges that Kent must make his own call, as Shayera's eyes moisten, as John barely manages to contain his frustration. The next few minutes are a blur as Superman drops Luthor, as J'onn tells Flash still lives, as Shayera reaches out to him, as the six join arms to pull him through the vortex. Flash or rather Wally falls into Shayera's arms as John kneels next to them.

"I can never go that fast again, if I do, I don't think I am ever coming back…"

Shayera nuzzles against Wally's mask, John rests a hand on his crazy friend's shoulder, Superman smiles, Diana sighs, J'onn is relieved, and for once Bruce inwardly admits that Wally just saved all their lives. Bruce would remember that when Orion misunderstands Flash.

"We stopped the bad guys and nobody got hurt. You know what I call that, a really good day."