I lied awake staring at the ceiling with a smile on my face.

School was finally out! School's never easy for me being dyslexic, but that's not why I was so excited.

I was going back to Camp Half Blood, my true home.

It's not that I have a problem living with my mom, and her fiancé Mr. Blofis, he's a nice guy, I just need to be around people like me. Other half bloods.

While I lied there, to excited to fall asleep, I thought of Grover and his curly hair. He always makes me laugh.

I thought of Chiron, who always helps me when I need it.

I thought of Clarisse, and our constant fighting.

But mostly, I thought of Annabeth. I thought of how smart she is, how funny, how beautiful. I remembered when she kissed me, our first kiss, and our only so far.

I'd missed them all, even Clarisse.

And with that thought, I drifted off into a restful sleep.


"Goodbye, Percy," Mr. Blofis said giving me a firm handshake. "Have fun!"

"Thanks," I mumbled still half asleep. Mom stuffed one of her homemade muffins on a napkin into my hands and pushed me out the door.

"See you later honey," she said to Blofis with a kiss.

It wasn't until we drove up to Camp Half Blood that I remembered my excitement from last night. The car was still stopping when I opened my door and jumped out to get my bags.

"Well, this is it," mom said as she helped get my stuff out of the back. "Be safe! And please be careful."

"I will mom, bye!" I said, impatient to leave.

"Don't forget to call every once in a while okay? I love you sweetie."

"Love you too!" I said and ran into camp. Home at last.


Grover and Chiron were waiting for me at the gate.

"Percy!" They yelled happily in unison.

"Hi guys!" I replied, giving each of them a hug. Chiron was in his centaur form. "How's everything around here?"

"Well, erm, will you tell him Chiron?" Grover said with a sad look on his face.

"Annabeth had a little accident during the last capture the flag game."

I stood there will my mouth wide open and speechless. We didn't play any normal capture the flag game at Camp Half Blood. We played with weapons. And monsters because it was in the forest.

"W-where is she?!" I managed to stutter.