Annabeth was in the infirmary. An older female half blood from the Athena cabin was feeding her nectar to help her heal.

She looked awful. Her left eye was bruised, and scabs, scratches and more bruises covered her entire body. Her right leg was propped up on a pillow, and her right arm was in a sling.

It took her a few seconds, but then she noticed me standing in the doorway.

"Percy!" She said weakly, but with a smile on her face.

"Annabeth, what happened?!? You have to tell me the whole story, all I know is that you were playing capture the flag! Oh my gods, Annabeth, I'm so sorry I wasn't here!"

"Wow, calm down Percy. I'm fine. Plus you couldn'thave been here, you were in school," Annabeth replied, not smiling anymore.

"You should have too! And it is a big deal! Have you seen yourself?! You look awful!" I said a little to loudly.

"My school got out before yours, Percy. And THANKS. Your really making me feel better about myself," she said and looked away.

"Wait, what that's not...I mean...well...You're all bruised and stuff so..." I said awkwardly.

"Sorry Percy. It's too late to take back that dis," Annabeth replied, her smile creeping back on her face.

"You still never told me the story," I said, attempting to ignore her comment.

"I suppose you should know..." Annabeth sighed with a look of pain twisted on her face.


I made Annabeth tell me the whole story and not leave out a single detail. What happened was this:

Annabeth was running during a normal (or as normal as it gets in Camp Half Blood) capture the flag game. She tripped on a root in the forest and tried to catch herself, but her arm hit the ground at a weird angle and broke.

So she was stuck on the ground with a twisted ankle and broken arm. She called out for help but no one heard her.

After about an hour or so she heard a strange panting noise coming from not to far away. She hoped it was someone coming to help her. She called out, and the noise stopped. A few seconds later she saw a huge beast running towards her.

The monster attacked Annabeth, and she had no means on defending herself. Luckily, before the monster could do serious damage, Chiron and a few others in the search party found Annabeth and drove the monster away.


"Wow, I'm so sorry Annabeth!" I said.

"It's not your fault," she replied. "It wasn't anyone's. I'm not really in that much pain anymore, I'm just bored having to lay around all the time."

"I'll come and visit you as often as possible, I promise."

"Thanks Percy."

"Yep," I said and then an awkward silence followed.

"So, um-" I began and then I was cut off by:

"Percy, come quick!!!"