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Senses of Sin and Seduction

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Chanel no.19 was Tess's thing. Swirling in a perfumed cloud around him after every secret meeting. And the smell burned him nose afterwards.

Juicy Couture (crushed leaves meet green apples) was all Caitlyn. Sweet and innocent. It clung to any and everything; just reminding everyone not to judge a book by it's perfume.


Tess was always bitter coffee (black, cream was for people enjoying life) and stale cigarette smoke. He hated to admit it but the taste was addicting.

Caitlyn tasted like gummy worms and Listerine Fresh Strips. Sweet and strong in the same mouthful. He didn't think anyone could pull it off like Cait.


Tess yelled, and the only thing louder than her yells was her silence. He hated her silence because he knew she was thinking again, and it hurt them both when she thought it through. Because it was simply sinful.

Caitlyn's sound was hollow and monotonous. Shane could remember when she would giggle and scream and shriek, but it seemed everything she did now was dead. And it killed him to know that it was his fault.


Tess wore dark colours, because she was tired of the spotlight. She knew from experience that if you had the lights on you your whole life, they were bound to grow dim. And dark colours reflected her personality—dark and miserable and angry.

Caitlyn wore tunics and leggings and shoes in bright colours. Just begging people to notice her. Neon Yellow, Lime, Fluorescent Pink and Blue—matching highliters. Caitlyn had every colour of the rainbow. How could he not notice the girl in the yellow?


Tess's skin was cold. Bitter, and ohsocold. It burned white hot because her touch just screamed sinful. Soothing on his skin, he craved her small, cold hands. So soothing.

Caitlyn was warm. Her whole body was alive and it lit tiny little sparks on the surface of his skin when she ran her hands over his cheeks, shoulders, neck and side. Touch me back, Shane.

The guilt was eating him alive. He broke these girls. They swore they loved him—maybe it was just lust; after all, Shane didn't even believe in love. Then he left them both, for Mitchie. The innocent one with the childish bangs and bright smile and need to be like everyone else. Maybe Shane would break her too. At least then she'd fit in.

Sarah, I'm really sorry if it's totally suckish. I wasn't even sure what to write, and then there was major writers block. Hoped you liked it anyways.