Big Bang Theory

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Tess Tyler was bigger than all of them; she'd go out with the biggest bang.

She'd started as a child, playing with matches that burnt white hot against her skin. Her mother didn't even tell her to stop—she probably didn't care. She'd sneak into the kitchen and grab the tiny rectangular box and race back to her bathroom floor where the flames would lick at her tiny white wrist until the housekeeper would scoop her up and tell her not to play with fire.

Growing up and entering middle school she wondered why her mother didn't love her. Maybe she wasn't very talented. Maybe it was the burns and cuts on her arms. Maybe it was the roll of fat hanging over her leggings. She wouldn't admit it to anyone, but the hard plastic of the toothbrush poking at the back of her throat really was her only friend.

In high school she planned on becoming famous, taking lessons and signing record deals. She didn't plan to have her heart broken by Shane Gray. She definitely didn't plan on cutting her wrists. And she most definitely didn't plan on liking the feeling so much. The warm blood dripping from her hands like a tap onto the white tiles. The bathroom needed some colour anyways.

She sure as hell didn't plan on becoming such a train wreck. Clutching the cold metal of the gun she reveled in the familiarity of the situation. Ironic considering the only thing familiar about the situation would be the pain and then the well-needed release of emotions. This time, though, it'd be the biggest release she'd ever imagine. There'd be no turning back. With one final though, she grasped the trigger firmly and cried out at the bang.

Mommy, am I pretty enough now? You always said it was the pretty ones who went out with the biggest bangs.

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