Title: Innocent Until Proven Guilty
Rating: K
Characters: Kanade, Yukino, Sayuka


Kanade was only half listening to Sakuya, nodding politely every so often. The other girl chattered on excitedly and Kanade glanced to her right, noting that Yukino was completely engrossed in some treat. She was beginning to realize just how coincidental this meeting was.

Turning her attention back to Sakuya, Kanade noticed that she had stopped talking and was glancing at her expectantly. When Kanade didn't answer fast enough, Sakuya pouted. "Didn't Yukino-sempai tell you?"

Kanade turned to Yukino, pinching her cheek and making her squeal. The older girl refused to meet her glance, futilely attempting to escape Kanade's grip.


Yukino stilled, squeaking something unintelligible but Kanade only griped her cheek harder.

"What did you do this time?"