Saturday morning, Seto Kaiba stared out the window of Doctor Haruhito Yamachi's office. He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited. He turned to the door only when he heard it open.

"Seto Kaiba." The young man peered over his glasses. "What brings you here? It must be serious if you've come to see me."

"I came because I trust you, Yamachi—something I don't do lightly. You're also one of the only doctors around here that specializes in both physical and mental pain."

"Yes, I know. Please, sit and tell me what troubles you so."

Kaiba sat down across from the doctor and closed his eyes.

"I don't feel like myself at all, I've been feeling nauseous all month, and now lately I haven't been able to focus or concentrate on work." He opened his eyes slightly. "And I've been having these strange…lucid dreams." His face reddened as he spoke.

"What kind of dreams have you been having?" The doctor scribbled notes as he listened closely.

"Well," Kaiba cleared his throat and stared at the wall. "Very real, very…sexual ones."

"And this is unusual for you, I take it?" A thin smile appeared on the doctor's face.

"Of course it is!" Kaiba stood and towered over his physician. "I've never had sex before, so why should I be having dreams like this? It doesn't interest me, my work is my life."

"I see, and this has never happened before?'


"Would I be correct in assuming these dreams come with an unexpected surprise?" The doctor leaned forward as he lowered his voice.

"Yes, and what's worse…the last time it happened, I was half-awake and someone could have walked in…"

"Well, it's not unusual for some men to have this affect them late in or after puberty; it's not exactly common, but not unusual." Dr. Yamachi smiled. "Don't worry, they're not necessarily triggered for any particular reason—they just happen."

"I know that!" Kaiba snapped. "What concerns me is that they are triggered by…someone in particular."

"There's a common element?" the doctor paused his writing and put a thumb to his mouth in amusement. "What pretty thing has caught your eye and has you so vexed?"

"It's Pegasus." Kaiba spat. "It's inconceivable, I hate him, I am not attracted to him."

"Ah, now it makes sense…why you're so upset."

"I don't know what to do…I've tried to keep my mind on other more important things, but it doesn't help." Kaiba began to pace the room.

"Have you tried acting on it?" The doctor thinly veiled a smirk. "You're not too old to start dating."

"Has Mokuba called you?!" Kaiba's face turned a murderous red. "Why is everyone so damn concerned with my sex life?"

"Lack thereof," Dr. Yamachi corrected. "No, I didn't talk to your little brother, but I do think it would be good for you to develop relationships outside of just him. Otherwise, you'll miss out on a lot of life and die a bitter and lonely man."

"But why him?" Kaiba held his face in a hand as he felt a headache coming on. Dr. Yamachi removed his glasses and sighed.

"You know, I could lose my licenses for telling you this—but I know you won't say anything, you've just as much to lose as I do. Pegasus has been one of my patients for as long as you have."

"What?!" Kaiba's eyes narrowed.

"Yes, I knew of his Millennium Eye and of his loss of it. He told me he was concerned about you, but he wanted you to tell me yourself. I never mentioned you but he knew that you trust me."

"What's your point, Yamachi?" Kaiba sat back in the chair.

"I'm sure you've noticed his infatuation with you." The doctor smirked and set his glasses back on his nose. "He loves you, but he's afraid of your almost certain rejection, so he teases you and acts like nothing is wrong."

"The man kidnapped my brother and tried to arrange a hostile takeover, how can I just overlook that?"

"He knows what he did was wrong. Have you ever tried talking to him like an adult?"

"Impossible, he never takes any conversation seriously." Kaiba frowned.

"Actually," the doctor leaned forward as the light flashed off his glasses. "I was referring to you." Kaiba's eyes widened as his head snapped toward Dr. Yamachi. "Have you even once tried to talk to him minus the attitude?"

"I…" Kaiba, not prone to stuttering, fought to recover his voice. "He never gives me the chance."

"And you let it get to you, you get angry, and of course he won't take you seriously." Dr. Yamachi cleared his throat as Kaiba's face twisted in a sullen pout. "In a way…" The doctor's face became severe as he regarded his patient. "Neither one of you can call yourselves 'adults' at this point in your lives!" Kaiba winced as he felt the full force of the doctor's words. "Despite what your ego tells you, you two are the same."

"We're…the same?" Kaiba closed his eyes as he processed this new information. I hate to admit it…but there is truth in what he is saying… "What should I do?"

"Try not to snap at him when you talk, practice if you need to. I know it's hard to suppress your anger, but getting mad at him will only make him defensive."

"Do I have to talk to him? Isn't there some kind of suppressant drug?"

The doctor's expression softened for a moment and shook his head.

"You can't solve all your problems with medicine. Seto…I knew you and Mokuba way back when we were orphans and even though I didn't know you long, I always admired the way you protected him. You're like a little brother to me, so I want to protect you as well. You wouldn't like it if Mokuba was considering doing what you're suggesting, would you?"

"You're right, Haru." Kaiba sighed in resignation as he thought of his little brother. "I wouldn't. But that doesn't mean I have to like what's happening."

"Well, there is nothing medically or mentally wrong with 'what's happening' as you put it. If you're worried about having daydreams while at work again, I would suggest taking a vacation to relax and figure out how you want to deal with this. Now don't tell me you can't—I'm saying this as your doctor and as a friend."

"I knew going to a doctor was a bad idea." Kaiba crossed his arms and glared at Dr. Yamachi. "And if I don't, you'll tell Mokuba, am I right?"

"Correct." The doctor grinned devilishly.

"I'll take my leave now." Kaiba stood and walked out of the room before Dr. Yamachi could say anything more.