My first real Alice/Jasper fic. Hope you guys like it.

A couple of notes: No Charlie and Renee here. Sorry, guys. I love Charlie, but he didn't fit in my head D: Sorry. Hope you guys like it anyway, though.

Alice's POV – Three Years Old

"Momma," I said, tugging on my mom's skirt. My Mommy's name was Marissa Brandon. She and my daddy, Erik Brandon, had been married for years and years and years! Daddy was at work, and Mommy had been on the phone with someone for a whole three minutes!

"Not now, Alice," she said, patting my head. "Mommy's on the phone with Esme." Esme Cullen was my god-momma, and her husband, Carlisle Cullen, was my god-daddy.

My bottom lip stuck out in a pout, but I nodded and wandered over to the stairs. I hopped up the steps, counting as I went.

"One step, two step, three step, four. Five step, seven step, eight step, more!" I jumped from the number eight step to the last step and walked down the hallway to my bedroom door. I stretched up on my tippy-toes to try and reach the knob.

"I'm so tiny!" I screamed just as my hand reached the doorknob. I turned it and went into my room, just as Mommy called my name.

"Alice!" she said from downstairs. "Get dressed, honey! Esme and Claudia are coming over with their kids so they can meet you and your sister!" Claudia Hale was Mommy's other friend and my sister's god-momma. She, Esme, and Mommy were inseparable. I wondered if Claudia's husband, Richard Hale, was coming too. My sister loved seeing her god-daddy.

"Kay!" I said right back and twirled into my room, trying to be graceful like the fairies in the pictures on my walls. I pulled open the door to my closet and climbed on my stool to be able to reach my clothes.

"What should I wear?" I asked myself, tapping my chin. "Oohh, this is pretty!" I pulled a blue dress with polka-dots and a white ribbon off of a hanger and jumped down from my stool.

As I changed, I sang my own version of Mary had a Little Lamb.

"Mary Alice had a little cat, little cat, little cat. Mary Alice had a little cat whose fur was black as night," I sang, trying to pull up the zipper on the dress. "And everywhere that Alice went, Alice went, Alice went; everywhere that Alice went the cat was sure to go!" My door opened and Mommy walked in.

"Here, sweetie, let me help you with that," she said with a laugh. She left the door open and came up behind me, pulling up the zipper.

"Momma, where's Pixie?" I asked her. Pixie was my black kitty-cat that we'd adopted from a shelter the year before.

"I don't know, Alice," she said. "Here, let me fix up that hair of yours. It's so messy."

I nodded and sat in front of the mirror we had in my room. Mommy sat on my bed behind me and pulled what I called the "hair box" out from under my bed. She pulled out a flat iron—though it didn't look like an iron to me—and plugged it into the wall. She waited for a while, brushing my very short black hair out and humming a song I didn't know. When she finally got to using the iron, I was tapping my foot, tired of sitting.

"Alice, please sit still," my mom begged. "I need to get this done before—oh, Pixie!"

Pixie had jumped onto my lap and I'd jumped in surprise. I smiled and hugged my cat tightly.

"Pixie!" I said, pressing my cheek to hers. "There you are!"

My mother laughed and continued to fix my hair into its usual pixie-style. Momma always said I was like a pixie, so that's why I'd named my kitty that.

"Momma, where's Bella?" I asked. Bella was my twin sister. We didn't look much alike, though. The only thing our looks had in common were our pale skin. Mommy said it was because we were destined to be our own people, whatever that meant.

"So many questions today," Mommy said, laughing some more. "She's getting ready, too."

"No I'm not." I turned my head slightly to see that Bella had come into the room wearing a dark blue dress with different colored ruffles at the bottom. Her long, brown hair was tied in a ponytail on the side of her head with a blue flower that was attached to a rubber band.

"You look pwetty, Bella," I said to her.

"Thank you, Alice," she said, doing a clumsy curtsey. I giggled—my sister could trip over air, but it was one of those things that just made me love her even more. Her cheeks turned pink.

"You look pwetty, too," she said. I smiled at her.

"Thanks," I squeaked.

"There you go, Alice," Mommy said, putting down the iron. "You're all done."

I smiled at myself in the mirror and giggled when Bella came and hugged me. I heard the doorbell ring.

"Oh, and just in time, too," my mom said as she hurried out of the room. "Come downstairs, girls!"

"We'll be right there!" Bella called. I lifted Pixie into my arms and Bella and I stood side by side and stared at our reflections in the mirror. We really didn't look much alike. My hair was black, straight, and short, where hers was long, curly, and brown. I was short, even for my age, and Bella stood an entire three inches taller than me.

"Let's go," she said. "Momma's waiting."

I nodded and put Pixie on the floor. Bella and I raced out of the room, my fat cat behind us.

We ran down the stairs just in time to see Esme and Claudia entering the house.

"Alice, Bella, oh, come here, girls!" Esme said when she saw us. We skipped toward her, but I stopped when Bella fell. She got back up and we both gave Esme a great big hug.

"And what about me?" Claudia asked. There was a smile on her face as we gave her an equally large hug.

"Kids, get in here!" Esme called out the door. Soon enough, four kids like me and Bella came walking into the house.

"Introduce yourselves," Claudia said, pushing a sweet looking little boy with green eyes and reddish hair in front of her.

"Hey," he said with a smile. I could see he was looking directly at Bella. I took a peek at my sister and saw her blush. I tried not to giggle. "My name is Edward Cullen. I'm this many." He held up three fingers. "How do you do?" He bowed and I couldn't stop my giggles.

"Such a gentleman," my mom said to Esme who beamed with pride.

"I'm Emmett, Edward's big brother," another boy said. "I'm four years old." He had brown hair and green eyes, like Edward. He reminded me of my teddy bear, Ted that I had in my room.

"Hi," a very pretty blonde girl with blue eyes said. She was wearing a white and pink dress and big white sunglasses on her head. She looked older, too, but I had a very strong feeling in me that we were going to be great friends. She gave Bella and me a wave that reminded me of a princess. "I'm Rosalie, but you can call me Rose. I'm four years old, too." She looked at Emmett and smiled a small smile at him. "Oh, and this is my younger brother."

A blonde boy stepped out from behind Claudia. His eyes were a bright blue, different from his sister's. He saw me looking at him and smiled. "I'm Jasper Hale," he said, stepping toward me. "I'm three years old. Pleased to make your 'cuaintence."

I didn't know what the last sentence really meant, and I sorta knew he didn't either, but I did a Bella-blush when he kissed my hand and smiled at me.

"You kissed my hand," I said. "Why?"

He stepped back and shrugged. "I see my daddy do it to ladies all the time."

"You think I'm a lady?"

He nodded. "A very pwetty lady."

I giggled again.

"Well, my name's Bella," Bella said, pointing to herself.

"I'm Alice," I said, bouncing a bit and smiling as wide as I could. "Well, my name is Mary Alice, but I like Alice better. Bella and I are three years old. Nice to meet you all."

"Well, why don't we let the kids play together?" Momma said to her friends. "I have some things to share with the two of you anyway."

Momma, Esme, and Claudia all went into the kitchen, leaving the six of us all by our little lonesomes in the living room.

"So," Emmett said. "Whatcha guys wanna do?"

"How bout we just talk?" Jasper said. "You and Rose can talk, Edward and Bella can talk, and me and Alice can talk."

Edward shrugged, and it looked to me like he was trying not to smile. "Sounds good to me."

"Me too," Rosalie said, walking toward Emmett.

Bella gave me a small, quick hug before running over to Edward. She tripped over air in the process, but Edward caught her before she could fall and hurt her face.

"Hi, Jasper," I said when he walked over to me.

"Hi, Alice," he said. "You can call me Jazz, by the way."

"Well, hi, Jazz," I said, giggling again. "So, you really think I'm pwetty?"

"I think you're very pwetty," he said.

I bit my finger and I knew I prolly did another Bella-blush. "You dun think I have cooties?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. "Why would I think you have cooties?"

I shrugged. "Lotsa boys think girls have cooties."

"Well, not me," he said. "What about you? Lotsa girls think boys have cooties, too."

"I don't," I said. "And I dun think Bella and Rose do, either."

We both looked behind us and saw Bella laughing at something Edward said and Rosalie listening happily to whatever Emmett was talking about.

"Edward and Emmett dun, either," he said, laughing. No, it wasn't really a laugh. What was that word Momma had used when Daddy laughed that way? Chuckle? I think that was it.

"So, what's your daddy like?" I asked him, sitting criss-cross on the floor. He sat down next to me.

"He looks a lot like me," Jasper said. "He likes working with cars and is trying to teach Rose to do stuff with cars, too. He wanted me to learn, but I didn't wanna. What about your dad?"

"He's nice," I said. "I look more like him than I look like my momma. Bella looks like my momma, though. My daddy's a nice man. He drives planes."

"That's cool," he said.

"Hey, you wanna see my room?" I asked, jumping up off the floor and landing on my feet.

"Sure," he said, standing up, too. "Will we get in trouble?"

I shook my head. "Nah. I dun think so. But, here, lemme ask." I looked over at Bella. "Bells, will I get in trouble if I show Jazz my room?"

Bella shook her head, too. "I dun think so." She turned to Edward. "Edward, you wanna see my room?"

Edward smiled brightly. "Sure, Bella!" he said.

"Hey, what about us?" Emmett asked.

"Yeah, we wanna see your rooms, too," Rose added.

"You guys can come, too!" I said. "Let's go!"

I grabbed Jasper's hand and started to run up the stairs, but Momma's voice stopped me.

"Where do you kids think you're going?" she asked. I thought we were in trouble, but Momma was smiling, and Momma never smiled if we were in trouble.

"We're taking our friends to see our rooms," Bella said.

Momma smiled even wider. "All right, then. Just don't make a mess, alright?"

"Okay!" I said. "Come on, Jasper." We continued up the stairs until we got to the very top. Pixie was taking a nap next to my door and she meowed when we woke her up. I picked her up into my arms.

"This is Pixie," I said to Jasper as everyone else went into Bella's room. "She's my cat."

Jasper pet her head and she purred.

"She's sweet," Jasper said. "Where'd ya get her?"

"A animal shelter," I said, stretching up again to reach my doorknob. "Wanna hear a song about her?"

"I'd love to hear it," Jazz said. I started singing my revised Mary had a Little Lamb song. When I was done, Jasper clapped.

"Bravo," he said.

"What's that mean?" I asked, confused, as I opened the door to my room. Jasper shrugged.

"I dunno, but people usually say it when they like something," he said.

"Oh," I said. "Okay! Thanks."

I let him into my room and he gasped. I giggled.

The walls of my room were painted black, but they had pink and blue sparkles on them. I liked to pretend that it was pixie dust. I had pictures of fairies in frames on the walls, and a black bed with more sparkles on it in the middle of the room. I had a fairy rug on the wood floor and lots of flowers everywhere. It was my fairytale room, as Momma called it.

"It's pwetty," Jasper said, touching the wall. He looked at the top of the wall. "Did you write that?"

In a pink, curly font that my daddy called cursive at the top of my wall, the words Just a bit of pixie dust were written.

"Nope," I said. "I can't spell that good. My momma did it."

"It looks nice," he said. "Can I sit on your bed?"

"Course," I said, taking a seat next to him.

"Have you always lived in Forks?" he asked.

"Yep," I said. "Lived here my whole life. How bout you, Jazz?"

"Me and Rose was born in Houston," he said. "But that was just 'cuz my parents had been visiting my grandmamma when I was born. They had their house here, though."

"Hou-ston," I said, trying to say it right. "Where's that at?"

"In Texas," he said.

"And where's Texas?"

"It's at the bottom of the map," he said. "Ya know, that weird shaped state next to New Mesico."

"New Mesico?" I asked. "Do they have an Old Mesico?"

Jasper thought for a second. "I think so, but I dunno. Maybe it's like New York. There's a new one, but there's not an old one."

"Maybe," I said, nodding. "Or maybe they accidently made the new one before the old one!"

"Yeah! Maybe they forgot that there had to be an Old York before they made a New York!"

I giggled. "The people who make the states needa be fired."

"What's fired mean, Alice?"

"Not sure, I just know it's something my momma and daddy never wanna be."

"Hm. My momma and daddy, too."

I shrugged. "Maybe it's all the adults."

Bella poked her head in through my door. "You two wanna play hide 'n seek with us?"

I looked over at Jasper. "You wanna play?"

"Do you wanna play?"

"I wanna play."

"We'd love to play, Bella," he said, smiling and standing up. I stood up next to him. He laughed.

"What?" I asked, pouting.

"You're short," he chuckled.

I put my hands on my hips. "Well you were born in the state next to New Mesico!"

He laughed and we both followed Bella to her room. Edward, Emmett, and Rosalie were on her bed with their shoes off and their feet forming half a circle.

"You two playing?" Emmett asked me and Jasper.

"We're playing," I said, slipping off my shoes. Jasper did the same, and we went to go sit on the bed with Bella and the others, making the other half of the circle. Bella put her finger on one of her feet to start.

"Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish. How many pieces do you wish?" She landed on one of Rosalie's feet.

"Um… three," Rose said.

"One, two, three," Bella counted. She landed on one of my feet. "Okay, Alice, take one foot out."

I curled my leg under me and sat on it as Bella continued. Eventually, Jasper was It.

"Alright, Jazz, how high can you count?" Emmett asked.

Jasper thought for a second. "I can count to ten."

"Me too," Emmett said, high fiving him. "Okay, so close your eyes and count to ten."

Without really thinking about it, I kissed Jasper's cheek. "And no peeking," I added with a giggle. His cheeks became pink. At least I wasn't the only one doing the Bella-blush today.

He put his hands over his eyes and went into a corner. Then, he began to count.

The five of us hurried around the room, trying to find places to hide. Rosalie tried Bella's empty toy box, but was too tall to fit. I was small enough and slipped in easily. Forgetting that I was afraid of the dark, I closed the lid and the small lock on the outside clicked shut.

"Oh, no," I whimpered, trying to find light in the dark box. Eventually, I started to cry.

"Help me," I whined. "Somebody help me!"

The top of the box shook and I continued to whine and cry. I hated the dark, that's why I slept with a nightlight.

When the box finally opened and Jasper peeked in, I couldn't help but give him a big hug and continue to cry.

"Alice!" he said, scared. "Are you okay?"

I cried into his shoulder. "It was scary, Jazz!" I said. "It was dark! I couldn't breathe, not really!"

"It's okay," he said. "You're okay, aren't cha?"

I nodded and pulled away from him wiping my eyes and nose. "I guess," I sniffled.

"And, anyway, Emmett's It," he said. I hadn't really seen the others. They had all already been found. I smiled instantly.

"So I won?" I asked. "I got found last?"

Bella laughed. "You did, Alice," she said. "Good job. Only someone as tiny as you could fit in there."

I laughed, too. "Let's play!"

"Not so fast." My Momma walked into the room with Claudia and Esme behind her.

"Sorry, kids, we have to go," Esme said.

"Aw, but Mom!" Emmett whined. "We were having so much fun!"

"No buts," Claudia said. "I'm running late for work and Esme has a doctor's appointment." She grabbed Rosalie and Jasper by the arms. "Let's go, kids."

"Momma, can we please say bye to our friends?" Rosalie asked. "Please?"

Claudia let go of their arms and smiled. "Alright. We'll wait for you kids downstairs."

My momma and Esme followed Claudia out of Bella's room.

"Well, buh-bye," Rosalie said, giving me and Bella a hug. "It was nice to meet you." She hugged Emmett and Edward, too.

Jasper shook Bella, Edward, and Emmett's hands before coming to me. I thought he was gonna shake my hand, too, when he took my hand in his, but he kissed it like he had earlier instead. I hoped that would be my last Bella-blush of the day.

"It was nice to meet you," he said. I knew he was talking to everyone, but he was looking at me.

Emmett and Edward said their goodbyes, too. Emmett hugged Rosalie and Edward hugged Bella, but both of them shook hands with me and Jasper.

"See you guys later," I said as they left Bella's room and I heard them walk down the stairs.

"Bella, we made friends!" I gushed.

"I know!" she said. We both plopped down on her bed and stared at her ceiling.

"Jasper's my best friend!" I said.

"Hey, I thought I was your best friend!" Bella said.

"You're my best friend, too, Bells," I said, smiling and giving her a hug.

"Teehee," Bella giggled. "It's okay. Edward's my best friend, too, now."

"Emmett, Rose, and Edward are my best friends, too," I said.

"Mine, too," she sighed.

"But I thought you could only have one best friend," I whispered.

Bella thought for a second. "I think that if you have lotsa good friends, then you're allowed to have more than one best friend."

I thought that over for a while. "Makes sense," I decided. "You're smart, Bells."

She smiled. "I know."

I threw a stuffed horsey at her and we both broke into a round of giggles, giving a nice end to a nice day.

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