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Leah padded alongside Jacob as they stalked a herd of elk together. Seth, Quil, and Jared fell silently behind them as they drew nearer to their unsuspecting prey. Jacob stopped and looked at Leah.

Circle around the trees with Seth and Jared. Quil and I will herd them your way.

Leah snorted. Yes, oh wise and powerful leader. Seth, Jared!

Seth wagged his tail and followed his sister while Jared's tail drooped.

Aw, come on Jake, why can't I stick with you? He whined.

Just do it.


The russet wolf watched as his beta and the others circled to the opposite side of the clearing. Before he could give them any other instruction, Leah snarled and the elk herd raised their heads as one and ran off.

Damn! Leah, what the hell was that about?

The grey wolf growled again. Bloodsuckers, lots of them! They've crossed the treaty line!

Seth lifted his muzzle. Yeah, I smell 'em too.

Easy guys, let's just go check it out and—LEAH, NO!

Leah ran towards the stench of bloodsuckers and stopped when she saw them; five, ten, maybe twelve vampires were in front of her. Her ears lay flat as she growled and pounced on the leech closest to her. He was pinned under her massive gray body as she stared at him. He had shoulder length black hair, a handsome face, and filmy blood red eyes. He looked calmly back up at her, as if he didn't care whether or not she tore him to pieces.

When their gazes locked, Leah froze. Her whole body suddenly felt lighter than air as everything that tied her down, her friends, her family, was cut, leaving her floating. She didn't stay severed for long. A thick cable formed and tied her to the strange vampire. For the first time in her life, Leah wasn't in pain. She wasn't in love with Sam, she didn't hate Emily, she wasn't bitter towards her mother for moving on so soon after her father's death.

Leah's pain vanished as she stared down adoringly at the vampire.

Her insides froze. She was staring adoringly at a vampire.

Almost immediately, she jumped off of the leech and ran back into the forest, away from her pack and the vampires. She shifted as soon as she was far away enough.

"Oh God, this can't be happening," she whispered.

Leah had been wishing for months that she would imprint so she could forget about Sam, but never in a million years would she have wished for her imprint to be a vampire.

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