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I waved cheerfully and blew kisses to the crowd below me.

"Good night New York City!" I cried, bouncing off the stage, my older sister Alena walking calmly behind me. "Glad that's over." Alena grumbled, flicking her night-black hair over her shoulder where it hung close to her hips. Her trademark neon orange eyes told the truth; she was still feeling that concert buzz. I grinned at her. "You know you loved it." I laughed.

"Did you miss me Yuki?" I crooned, reaching down to take my best man from where I'd left him sitting on a chair.

He didn't say anything of course and merely pressed his nose against mine and I giggled.

"That's wrong on so many levels." Alena commented as I hugged Yuki close. "What's so wrong about Yuki?" I demanded, insulted.

"Um, could be that fact that he's a rat." Alena said dryly as I placed Yuki on my shoulder. He stuck his nose in my ear and sniffed and I giggled and squirmed.

"Want to hold him?" I laughed, offering him to her. She glared at the white rat with brown spots. He blinked his huge black eyes at her and pricked his little round ears.

"Come on! He's freaking adorable!" I exclaimed, hugging him close. "It's that tail…" She shook her head. "Why couldn't you get a hamster? Even a gerbil?" She said. "Because Yuki called to me." I sniffed.

"I still can't believe you named him Yuki." Alena said. "Yuki is a rat!" I insisted. "Yes but Yuki Sohma is a grey rat." Alena pointed out. "Details." I sniffed, rubbing Yuki's back.

He curled up in my blonde, crimped hair with brown lowlights that came only to my shoulders and nibbled on it. "Stop eating my hair. It's expensive." I scolded softly, but I didn't mind. I'd only had him three days; I didn't care what he did.

"Alexis? Alena? He's back again." Our large bodyguard, Steve, said, looking annoyed. "Not him." I groaned. "Tell Larry we're busy." Alena growled. Larry was our most obsessed fan; he'd send us love letters every day, and begged us to marry him. Both of us.

"Tell him my heart belongs to another man." I said, stroking Yuki and grinning. Steve laughed his deep, booming laugh. "I won't tell him that, but I'll let him know you're busy." He said, still chuckling as he went off.

"I swear, he gets so tiring." I said as I went to change into jeans and a purple T-shirt. Alena nodded as she too grabbed a pair of jeans, darker then mine, and a green shirt.

"He'd better not come anywhere near you." She said with a growl and I nodded fervently. At 18, Alena was my older sister and legal guardian; I was 17, but I still looked up to her and respected her. She was a little over-protective sometimes, but I loved her nonetheless.

"These are for you." Steve said when we came out of the dressing rooms, holding out a bouquet of red flowers to me. "Aw, Steve you shouldn't have!" I gushed, taking them and sniffing deeply. He gave a bouquet of purple roses to Alena. "And these are for you." He said. "And they're not from me; they're from Larry." He rolled his eyes.

"There's also a muffin basket, but the crew's hungry." He added with a wink and we laughed. "That's fine. There'll be another on our porch tomorrow." Alena said. "Let's get home. I'm tired." She said. I nodded. "Yuki and I are pooped." I agreed as Yuki yawned. "Aw! That's so cute Yuki!" I squealed as he blinked up at me sleepily. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a saltine and broke it in half, giving him the larger piece before popping the other half in my mouth.

"That's kind of gross." Alena said, curling her lip. "What?" I demanded, following her and Steve out to the limo. "You're sharing food with a rat." She said. I rolled my eyes. "It's not like he licked it or anything." I mumbled, sliding in the back. Yuki munched the cracker happily and I craned my neck to watch him, smiling slightly.

"You've gotta admit he's cute." I pointed out. Alena looked at him with a stony expression. "He's still a rodent." She said flatly. I picked him up and placed him on her shoulder. "Make friends." I said. She shrieked and squirmed frantically. "Get him off!" She screamed, while Yuki hung onto her shoulder for dear life, his little eyes wide with terror.

I scooped him off and placed him in my lap, glaring at my sister. "That was mean, Lena-chan." I pouted, referring to her by her nickname. We were half-Japanese, so that's where I got the chan. We were fluent in Japanese and English. We even spoke a little French on the side.

"He's a rat." Alena replied in Japanese, wiping off her shoulder and shuddering. "Baby." I replied in English, sticking my tongue out at her. She snorted and leaned back in her seat.

"Thank God we're home." She sighed as our mansion came into view. "Now Yuki can finally get some rest." I agreed, getting out of the car.

We headed upstairs and bid each other good night, and I crawled into my bed, placing Yuki in his cage at my bedside.

"Night Yuki-kun." I said, with a sleepy smile, curling up and closing my eyes.


I groaned sleepily as my alarm went off, my eyes opening slowly. I felt someone wrapped around me and smiled. "Hey Alena. Bad dream or something?" I guessed, rolling over to find myself face-to-face with a grinning, pimple-faced Larry.

I screamed at the top of my lungs and wriggled out of his grasp, leaping out of bed. "Get out of here!" I shrieked, looking for some kind of weapon.

"Why? You're my girlfriend Alex- we're going to be married someday." The 19-year old man sighed dreamily. "Get out of my house!" I shrieked, backing towards the door. "I'm calling the cops!" I cried.

I heard running footsteps and Alena leaped into the room, clutching her kendo stick and staring around, wide-eyed.

"Larry snuck into my bed!" I explained, pointing at Larry who was sitting up. Alena's eyes narrowed with rage and she tightened her grip on her stick, coming closer.

"You worthless piece of crap!" She shrieked, coming at him. I grabbed her from behind and tugged her back, just in time to keep her from cracking Larry's head open.

"Alena, don't! He's just an idiot!" I exclaimed. "Let the cops get him." I said and she hesitated, then nodded tightly. "Fine. But if I ever see him again he's dead." She hissed, stomping once in his direction. Larry didn't look phased, and kept grinning.

"How's my other future wife doing this morning?" He asked and Alena's eyes flashed. "Future wife?!" She shrieked, going at him again. I cursed the fact today was a full moon- full moon days meant a bad mood for Alena. We didn't know why, but she was always horribly violent this day every month.

"I'm calling the police." I said, dragging her out of the room. "Why would you call the police on your fiancée?" Larry asked incredulously, getting up and following us.

"Run and call them now Alex! I'll teach him a lesson he won't forget." Alena spat, holding her kendo stick high above her head. I rolled my eyes and grabbed her by her ear, dragging her towards the phone a few feet down the hall and punching in 911.


"We're getting out of here." Alena growled as we returned from the police station. "Like a vacation?" I asked, confused as I followed her up to her room.

"Maybe. Maybe permanent. Either way, we can't stay here; not when there's crazy people sneaking into your bed at night." She pointed out. I stared at her, my eyes wide. "We can't! We're 'Alena and Alexis'- we're famous! What about our fans?" I demanded as she began throwing clothes into a suitcase.

"They'll manage." She growled. She looked up at me. "Don't you want to go outside and not have every move you make captured on camera?" She asked me quietly. I blinked. I'd forgotten what it was like to have secrets from the public- the thought was very tempting.

"All right. You've got me. Where are we going?" I asked. Alena put her hands on her hips, looking at me with her orange eyes glittering with amusement.

"Gee, I don't know… what foreign county could we go to where no one's heard of us, and most people probably speak Japanese?" She asked.




"Idiot. Try again." Alena said impatiently. We both knew I knew the answer- but I liked playing dumb. Besides, I wanted to see how many countries I could name.




"Guess again." I pursed my lips, thinking of another country.

"Um… Yugoslavia?" I guessed and she laughed. "Japan, here we come!" I grinned.


I looked out the window, my eyes widening as I saw the ocean miles below me.

"Want to switch?" Alena asked me and I shook my head. "You're scared of heights too." I said. "But I have better self control then you do." She pointed out and I laughed. "Hey, that's an interesting necklace- where'd you get it?" Alena asked suddenly and I looked down at the pink cord draped over my shoulder. "Um…" I hesitated, wondering what to say.



"Is that a tail?"

"…Maybe…" I covered it with my hair and her eyes narrowed. "I can't believe you brought him on a plane!" She hissed furiously. "What? Where else could he go?" I demanded as Yuki poked his head out from under my hair, blinking at Alena sleepily.

"The baggage section or whatever." She said. I snorted. "Yeah, since when do they make rat carriers?" I asked and she smiled faintly. "OK, you got me. But if he gets sick or something don't blame me." She shrugged.

"Rats can't vomit." I said, stroking his back. "If not, then can't he get colic or something like a horse?" She asked and I blinked, looking thoughtful. "I have no clue, to be honest." I admitted and she sighed.

"Great. Well, if he gets sick at least he won't ruin your shirt. That's a cute top, by the way." She added, eyeing the shimmering pink tank top I was wearing. "Thanks." I beamed. Her eyes narrowed suddenly. "Wait a second… that's my shirt!" She exclaimed.

"You just left it out." I sniffed and she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms. "We'd better get there soon." She growled. "Because the second we land, you're taking that top off!"


"It's adorable!" I squealed, looking up at our new house with wide eyes. It was a simple two story light yellow house with white shutters. It was a typical American home that stuck out rather badly compared to the other Japanese style homes surrounding it.

"I can't believe this is where Mom used to live." Alena breathed and I nodded sadly. Our mother had passed away thirteen years ago; I barely remembered her, but I still missed her. She had brought on the Japanese side of our family, but had fallen in love with America and had hired an American contractor to build her an American style house in Japan. That contractor had been our father, Phil, and they'd been in love ever since.

"Well, what are we waiting for?!" I cried, running into the house and throwing the door open. I paused, looking around with wide eyes.

It was beautifully decorated with an older décor, and was in great shape- it would need a little dusting, but it wasn't bad.

"This is where Mom lived." Alena breathed, coming beside me, holding her own suitcases. I nodded tightly, swallowing hard.

Alena silently took my hand and we took a deep breath before entering the house.

We explored it quietly, walking through each room on the first floor before going upstairs to find our bedrooms .I took one and her the other, silently parting our separate ways.

I looked around my room, pleased that I'd picked this one. It had a cheerful look; decorated with bright colors like yellow and pink, even a touch of light green, my favorite color. Mainly because it was the same color as my eyes; they were an unnaturally bright, piercing color.

I set my things down and placed Yuki's cage down beside my bed, and watched as he stirred faintly, looking up at me with his big eyes.

"Welcome home." I whispered.


"So where are we going to school?" I asked Alena at dinner that night. We'd ordered in, since we didn't have any food in the house at the moment.

"Well, the public school's the first option." She said. I wrinkled my nose. "Ick. Not public. Any private ones nearby?" I asked her and she consulted a list she had. "Um… there's one. It's pretty close. 'Ouran Academy'." She read. "Huh. Sounds good to me." I shrugged.

"They have uniforms though." Alena said and I gasped. "No! Not uniforms!" I said in horror. "Public has them too, so we don't have a choice." Alena grimaced. "Well, at least it's a private school. The uniforms can't be that bad." I said.


Two days later, Alena and I received our uniforms in the mail. I ripped mine open and gasped. "It's adorable!" I shrieked, holding it up. Yellow was my second favorite color.

"It's horrible." Alena threw hers down in disgust. "You don't have a choice." I pointed out and she sighed. "Oh, and did I tell you what happened when I was out shopping today?" Alena said suddenly. "What?" I asked, setting the cute dress down.

"Someone recognized me." She admitted and my eyes widened. "Should we be flattered we're so famous or horrified?" I asked and she smiled faintly. "I didn't really mind, but I don't want to be famous here. I don't want another Larry." She said and I nodded fervently. I still had nightmares about the creep.

"So we are going to get new names." She said with a grin. I raised my eyebrows. "Really?" I asked, confused. She nodded. "Yeah, I cleared it with the superintendent and everything. We'll enroll under our legal names, but the teachers will call us by our new names." She explained. I nodded. "OK! I want to be Sora." I said instantly. She smiled. "I guessed that. You love that name so much." She said and I laughed. I knew Sora meant "sky" in Japanese, and had fallen in love with the name ever since.

"I'm going to be named 'Takita'." Alena said proudly and I beamed. "Cool name! Can I call you Kita though?" I asked and she nodded. "Fine with me." She shrugged. "What's our last name though?" I asked curiously.

"We're now Takita and Sora Zawahira." She said proudly. "Cool last name." I grinned. "It should be." Alena replied and I sighed happily, resting my chin in my hands. "I'm really looking forward to school tomorrow." I said happily. "Me too." Alena agreed, somewhat dully. I shrugged. Alena hated school; we'd been home schooled at home with a private tutor, and she'd always hated it.

"Just think Alen- I mean, Kita. We can start all over. Get a second chance at things; get boyfriends, fall in love…" I sighed dreamily. "Yeah. Sure." Alena snorted and I laughed. "OK, ok maybe not fall in love. But at least we can hope." I said. "Yeah." Alena agreed.

"This is going to be fun."

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