I'm absolutely in love with Young Dracula, and this is my first try at writing a YD fan fiction. I do know basically where it's going, and I hope you'll all give it a chance :)

Chapter One- The Rescue

It was another sunny Sunday at the castle Dracula. Of course, as Vladimir very well knew, this put his father in a foul mood. Nothing despised him more than the sun and having to live off rats and sheep for the moment so as not to disturb the "peasants" as he called them. Vlad could actually hear from all the way up in his bedroom that the Count was not happy; he was screaming so loud.

"I'm sick of all this sunshine and happiness! And I want real food! Where are some peasants? I need breather blood! If I have to eat off another animal I'll be sick!"

Vlad cringed from his bed, where he was sitting there talking to Zoltan about his week at school.

"You should have seen Ingrid, Zoltan. She actually had them lining up with gifts in order to be her husband. It was awful. I just wish I could do some sort of trade with her or something; everyone knows I don't want to be the heir, or even a vampire.
She's crazy for it. I just want to be a normal kid. Not some blood crazed vampire who just goes around killing people all the time. It's not me Zoltan; I'm the odd one out here."

The literally roller-wolf gave Vlad a sad look, and shook the fleas from his messy grey coat.
"I know master Vlad, but you're going to have to learn to deal with it someday, it's something you cannot change. Your sixteenth birthday will approach soon, and after that, it's vampire life, or no life."
Vlad gave him an irritated look. "Thanks for the reassurance, Zoltan."

Before said dog could reply to his master, he was interrupted. Vlad knew what was coming before it was even spoken.
Vlad sighed and got up from his bed, not wanting to visit his dad when he was in this state, but knowing if he didn't, he'd be up in his room destroying everything in sight.

He walked down the stairs of the castle that was their home, taking his time. At this point, he really wished the Branaugh's hadn't gone camping without him. But after the last time they tried camping with the Dracula's… let's just say camping inside the castle mixed with male rivalry between fathers' didn't work. That was the last time Vlad would bother celebrating 'fathers' day' with his dad; it just wasn't worth the hassle.

His fathers' shouting was becoming unbearable now. Vlad thought he better hurry, he didn't want to be the target of another of his dad's sunny day wraths. Last time he'd been suspended from the roof of the castle and had pitchforks thrown at him in what the Count called "peasant dodging training."

He tried to remain in a calm state as he walked into the stone living room lit with more relentless candles that he was sick to death of seeing. Couldn't they get some electricity around here sometime?
"Hi… dad." He said nervously, watching from the archway to the living room, where his father was perched on one of the chairs looking irritated and fed up.

"Vladdie my boy! There you are." He moved like the speed of light over to where his son was standing, waiting to be executed. "I'm bored son! Have you seen today's weather? It's absolutely revolting."
Vlad looked into his fathers' eyes as he decided what to answer. "Yes dad I have, and I was hoping I could go outside and practice my rugby a bit more today. I haven't had a chance to since I got into the team."
The count glowered at him. "Oh no, absolutely not! For one, I didn't even want you on that wretched team in the first place if you weren't even going to do the right thing and cheat, smash and deceive your way through the game, which you're obviously not. Besides, you need to stay indoors and get a nice pale complexion."
Vlad sighed; he knew what was coming next.

"No Vlad, today is time to make up for last week… when those wretched breathers came and stole my dignity. We need to prove them wrong once more, by doing… what did you call it? 'Father and Son' activities? Some bonding is what we need my boy, and it starts today."

Vlad looked up at his father hopefully. "You mean we're actually going to be doing things together? Us? Having fun? Wow! This is different." He smiled his fangless grin with a glimmer of hope.

"Oh yes Vladdie my boy, it's time to get to know one another more. And we'll start with food…" The hunger that now glazed over his fathers' eye told Vlad one thing; this wasn't normal father son bonding. This was the Counts' way of getting him to once again partake in 'vampire training.'
"Dad. I don't want to do your stupid idea of food hunting. Can't we do it the normal way? You know, hunting with spears and all that in the wild? Or even going to the supermarket and picking up food off the shelves? Would that be so bad?"

The Count looked as if Vlad had grown three heads. "You will understand the importance of human blood soon Vlad. But for now, I NEED SOME PEASANT BREATHER BLOOD! I CANT STAND THIS ANY LONGER!"
He lost control of all his senses, falling to the floor in a heap. Vlad could see his fathers' veins popping out through his skin on his neck in anger, knowing that he was in agony having to live off animals for so long. He put a hand on his shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"RENFIELD!" At once, the servant known as Renfield that the Count had hired, came running through the archway.
"Yes master?" He said through his rotting teeth and gums, looking as though he hadn't showered in years with his greasy lack of hair and tattered clothing, and not known what a toothbrush was from the day he was born.

"Renfield. Catch me… a breather. I need one now. My strength is failing me." He placed his hand over his no longer beating heart for added effect.
"Certainly… Master." Choked his servant, who had never had such a task set before him, and being a 'breather' himself, was quite nervous about.

Vlad's rage was instant.
"Dad no! You promised you wouldn't attack anyone around here! It's too dangerous! And the chances are, I'll know the person who you're planning to kill." He looked his dad sternly in the eye, putting both his hands on his fathers' shoulders to keep him on the floor.

Of course this was no threat to the Count, and merely ran to the other side of the room in a flash, so fast it merely looked like he was teleporting from one end of the room to the other.
A pained expression crossed his face. "Argh… Fine Vladdie, but only for you my son. I know how much these… pathetic breathers mean to you. But all in good time it will come, and when it does, you will care for them no longer." Vlad rolled his eyes.

"Now, as we are not going hunting today," He looked sad as he stared at the ceiling for the moment. "We will most definitely be doing vampire training! – NO arguments Vlad!" He added, when seeing the look on his son's face, clearly showing his resentment toward the idea and a great willingness to object.
"If you are denying me the feast of human blood, you will be doing this training." He spoke in his typical breathy voice that made it sound as though he were seducing somebody.

Vlad sighed; he knew he wasn't going to be able to get out of this one.

The Count again summoned Renfield.
"The blackboard Renfield. Hurry! And Vlad, sit down at the table and take out your note blackboard and chalk, we shall now be going over the basics to get them back in your head."

As Vlad sat down in the cold stone chair laced his fathers usual velvet drapes and cushions, Renfield ran in with the blackboard and easel for his master to write on.
"Take notes, Vlad. I will be checking at the end of the day to make sure you have been paying attention. Now… let us begin."

Vlad put his head in his hands as his father turned to the blackboard. He was in for a very, very long day.

"Make sure you write all these headings boy. You need to know the basics."
"Yes dad…" Vlad looked up in disinterest at the board, reading the words solely for writing them and nothing else. He didn't want to take a bit in.

"Fang hygiene? Flying lessons? Haven't we already gone over this before??"
He stared at his father in disbelief. It was merely a few weeks ago that Vlad had been suspended from school, and so inturn, the Count had decided to become his teacher for the time of his suspension. It had taken clever thinking by Robin and Chloe to get him out of it, and a little accidental help from his 'evil' sister Ingrid and surprisingly, Mr. Van Helsing.

All he could remember of the lessons were that they were a nightmare, and his father was so articulate about everything, that if you put one foot wrong, you would hear about it for weeks.

The Count turned from writing on the board and looked at his son witheringly.
"Yes, you're quite right Vlad, we have. But pray tell, what do you remember learning from your lessons? Tell me one thing, and you may go back to your room." He smirked, knowing what was coming next from his favourite and most difficult child.

Vlad sighed. "Nothing…" He banged his head on the table, knowing it was useless to argue.

The Count smiled. "That's what I thought. Now, we begin." He murmured something to Renfield, who smiled, before turning back to the blackboard, sweeping his cloak across the floor and his shoulder length black hair behind his ear.

"Now I want you to take more notes Vladdie. Decent notes this time. I will be checking! Your breather friend Robin is better at learning these things than you are and he isn't even a vampire! I'm so ashamed of you." He spoke still facing the blackboard, scribbling notes in his perfect vampire script up on the board for Vlad to copy.

The blonde boy sighed, he didn't care for the training in the slightest, but to have his father ashamed of him was the same horrible feeling most boys have. He wanted to at least keep him reasonably happy. He knew he was in for a long day.

An hour or so later, Vlad was still note taking. He was onto his fifth board, and he hadn't learnt a thing, whether it be because he simply refused to let it sink in, or he just wasn't smart enough, he didn't particularly care. As long as he didn't have to think about things that made him closer to a vampire than he already was.

"Right!" His father's voice breaking the silence made Vlad jump a mile.
"Dad, don't scare me like that!" He complained; feeling more irritated by the minute.

The Count turned and looked at his son in complete disbelief, he furrowed his brow and gazed deeply into Vlad's eyes; not unlike when he was attempting to hypnotise a breather victim.

"Now I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that, Vladimir. But the number one rule of being a vampire is to always be on your guard. You don't want to be scared off by your prey now do you?" He scoffed. "God, if only the Grand High Vampire could see you now, he'd be disgusted."

Vlad went to reply, but was interrupted by the entrance of his sister, Ingrid. It was perhaps the first time he could remember being thankful of her sudden angry appearances.
She stormed in the room, wearing her usual attire of a black and red dress with many layers of black lace and trimmings with her chunky black doc martin boots, looking truly evil and what others at her school called 'Goth'. Her makeup was darker than usual, and her eyes glowered with anger.

"Dad! I need some money for the-" She stopped, her voice faltering for a split second as her gaze turned towards the blackboard full of notes on how to keep your vampire fangs clean and healthy. She noted Vlad sitting there with his own note blackboard and her father preparing more notes; Vlad could almost swear he saw her nostrils flare for a moment.

"What?! Why is he doing this training again?! Why can't I? I want to learn how to be a vampire, it's not fair! He doesn't even care about it at all, you can tell by how he's sitting and the way he's always complaining to that stupid flee-bag on wheels! ARGH!"
The black lamp she was holding went flying across the room and smashed against the wall, narrowly missing Renfield's head. He whimpered slightly and ran from the room before his master could notice.

The Count glowered down at his only daughter in fury.
"INGRID DRACULA what on earth do you think you're doing?! You know you're not as important as young Vlad here, and besides, you're a girl! I thought I'd already made this perfectly clear!" His voice calmed down slightly, and he smirked at her intensely.
"Now you will clean this mess up young lady, I will not have you destroying my beautiful home with your incessant whining and smashing of objects. Do you hear me?"

Ingrid glared spitefully up at her father, her arms folded over her chest.
"Oh yes, I hear you. Clean it up yourself you garlic muncher! I hope you get tooth decay!"
With her final words, she ran out of the room. A few steps later, the front door slammed shut, and Ingrid was no longer in the building.
Vlad had to admit, as annoying as her sister was, she knew how to put up a fight.

He turned to look at his father, who was staring out the room in disgust.
"Well enough of that, now that she's gone we can continue lad!"
Vlad sighed, that's exactly what he had feared.

"Now…" The Count paused in thought. "A more instructive demonstration is called for I think. I will need more supplies… which are in the… cupboard? Renfield, get me my supply kit." He said, clearly not realising that aforementioned servant was hiding away somewhere in the Castle in fear of his very own daughters actions.

"Uh dad, Renfield ran away." Vlad informed his father; hoping that this meant his day's session was over and he could go out and practise rugby before it got dark.

"Oh god, again? That's the third time this week! Right, you stay here Vlad my boy, and I'll go and fetch him and the supplies. God only knows where he's gone off to now."
With that, his father was gone in a swish of his cloak, leaving Vlad very much alone at the stone table.

He stared at the ceiling, wishing the day were almost over, but alas, it was only just approaching the afternoon, and he knew this would last until at least dinner time. Sighing, he began to count the markings on the table, waiting for his father to return with more things for him to learn about.

A minute or so passed, when out of the silence a quick "Psst!" was heard quietly.
Vlad jumped a bit in his seat, his mind momentarily distracted by the sound, before thinking he must have been imagining things and scolding himself for thinking there was anyway out of this day.

A few seconds later, the same "Psssst!!" sound was heard, but slightly longer and louder than the first. He thought he really mustn't be dreaming if he heard it a second time, and stood up from his seat, arching his back as it was sore from sitting down so long, and looked around the room for the source of the noise. He couldn't see anything other than the usual velvet curtains and stone furniture. Vlad sighed, this was getting ridiculous.

Then, out of the shadows, he heard two voices this time.
Very familiar voices.
"The coast is clear Chloe, go!"
"Okay, Okay, I was just making sure in case we got our heads ripped off, or worse, bitten."
"That wouldn't be so bad you know."

Vlad smiled for what felt like the first time that day; he knew who those voices were now.
"Guys I can hear you know. It's ok, you can come out; he's gone for the moment."

A rustle of noise from the curtains being untangled from the pair was heard, and then out walked Chloe and Robin Branaugh.
Vlad couldn't be more pleased to see his two best friends, who happened to be brother and sister, although they looked nothing alike.
Chloe was short in stature, with long white blonde hair and was just a naturally smart girl.
Robin, on the other hand, was slightly taller than his sister, with short, dark brown hair and a few freckles here and there. He, however in no way stupid, just wasn't all that bright sometimes.

Of course the obvious difference was in their dress, with Chloe in normal, everyday clothes that did not attract attention, and Robin in slightly more… eccentric dress for everyday life. He insisted on wearing a cape most hours of the day so that he could mimic his obsession; vampires. He almost always wore black underneath that, not anything out of the ordinary, just a t-shirt and jeans or pants, as well as a leather jacket when he wasn't wearing his cape.
He also had a great passion for art, even if it was a little morbid in Vlad's view, and was a great chessman.
Despite being a bit 'weird' in everyone's view, Vlad was glad Robin was his best friend. Who was he to talk? Having a bloodsucker for a father and he himself due to become one in only a short year was bound to be classed as weird.
But Vlad was sure that Robin would be alone again if they hadn't decided to move to Stokely.
Upon meeting him for the first time when he started his new school, Stokely Grammar, he'd notice Robin was a bit of a loner and felt sorry for him, knowing what it was like. But Robin was a loyal friend, and always joined him in his adventures and helped them out of tough spots. He was also just a great mate.

He hadn't seen Robin or Chloe in a few days, as they had both been absent from school due to having colds, but now they were obviously well again. It was a relief to see them well.

"Hi Vlad!" Robin gave his usual happy smile and looked around the room at what he was doing.
"We knew as soon as we saw the sunny weather he'd be in a bad mood and we didn't want you to suffer too much." Chloe smiled sadly, realising at the same time as Robin what the Count was putting him through that day.
Vlad knew who she meant by 'he'.

"Oh wow! You're doing vampire training again?! You are so lucky; my dads' idea of any sort of 'training' is taking us out on a hiking trip or something. It's a nightmare."
He played with his cape fondly as he spoke.

"Hey! Can I take your place Vlad? Please?! I didn't get a chance to learn that much last time, and you hate it, so it'd be perfect! It'd be great to learn more from a real life vampire, and you can take my place at home washing dishes and getting dragged outside and being forced to play football in the backyard." Robin shuddered at the thought.

Vlad grinned, "Sure Robin, you can take my place, trust me, it's nowhere near as fun as it looks."

Chloe interrupted with her usual level headed self.
"Oh don't be ridiculous Robin, you know what will happen when dad realises your gone and comes looking for you."

Robin looked to the ground sadly. "Oh, that's right."
Vlad saw how shattered his best friend was and tried to comfort him.
"Don't worry about it Robin, the state my dad's in, you wouldn't be safe learning anything from him except how to be his lunch." He tried to make a joke of it then realised what he'd said was very much true.

He looked up at the siblings in alarm; the only one of the two to also realise being Chloe, whereas Robin had gone off in a day dream about being the Count's next meal no doubt.

"You guys have to get out of here before he comes back! Quick! Or you'll be done for!"
Chloe grabbed Robins arm just as they heard footsteps coming down the hall. Vlad realised his father was in such a daze without having anything to eat that he didn't seem to be able to just appear wherever he wanted. That was good; it bought him more time.

"Come on Robin, we have to leave!" Chloe smacked him across the chest to get his attention.
"Ouch! What was that for?!" Robin protested, rubbing his chest where he was sure a red mark would appear from the hit. He then seemed to register the footsteps and came to his senses. Before he could let his sister drag him out the front door, he turned to his best friend.
"Vlad, come with us, you know you'll only be miserable here. Even though it's the coolest thing ever!" "ROBIN!" The pair shouted.
"Sorry let me try that again. You know you'll be miserable here today Vlad, so why not come with us? We did come here to keep you company."

Vlad hesitated for a moment, weighing out both the good and bad of running away with Robin and Chloe. He knew his father would be furious as soon as he realised that his only son had disappeared, but he also knew that was nothing compared to the torture he was receiving undertaking stupid vampire lessons all day. Besides, if it got him out of the castle for at least one day with his friends, he'd take all the punishments in the world.

"Let's go!" He said abruptly, taking the offered hand of he wasn't sure who as they were in such a hurry, and ran to the door. They had to open in quietly so they didn't make it creak too much and alert his father, and once they were on the outside of it, breathed a sigh of relief.

"And just what do you think you're doing?!" Came an angry and spiteful voice, breathing down on them like the vicious person she was.
"Please Ingrid, don't tell dad. I'll do anything, just don't tell him. I'm going over to the Branaugh's for a while… Please don't tell dad." He pleaded.

Vlad's sister looked at all three with a smirk on her attractive face.
"Well, well. Vampire boys finally got some guts to be bad does he?." She laughed quietly to herself. "Okay, I won't tell dad, but you have to promise me one thing."
"Anything!" He promised, just wanting to get out of there before the person in conversation reached the door.
"I get your room while you're gone and you do all my chores and homework for a month. That's it, take it or leave it."

Vlad looked at her in shock. "I thought you had Ian and Paul to do your homework for you?!" He said, referring to Robin and Chloe's somewhat dim-witted brothers who seemed to hold some sort of infatuation with Ingrid.

"Yes, well… they're not exactly the sharpest fang in the mouth now are they?"
As Ingrid spoke, the other three heard the Count's voice float in from the dining room.

"Vlad where are you? Playing games with me are you lad? There's a good boy, you're finally practising your hunting skills. Now I'll be a breather hiding in the castle, and you'll come and find me." Footsteps were heard drifting away toward the crypt.

Vlad sensed it was really time to leave now.
"Okay, okay! Fine! Whatever you want I'll do it. Just please don't go through my stuff."
A look of triumph quickly flashed across Ingrid's face, and Chloe pulled on Vlad's arm.

"We really must leave now Vlad before your father or Renfield finds us out here."
He knew she was right, so he looked at his fifteen year old sister one last time.
"Thanks Ingrid, I owe you one."
"You bet you do. Now hurry and get out of here. I'll distract dad for a while."
Vlad smiled; maybe Ingrid wasn't as bad as he thought she was.

"Oh, and don't be surprised when you get home if all your stuff is gone from your room. By distract I mean discuss these ridiculous room allocations." She turned and walked back into the castle with a swish of her cloak.

No, Ingrid was definately still as bad as she always was. But at least it got him out of here.

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