Title: Incubus

Author: TheVampireLucinda

Characters: Starring Jeff Hardy, and featuring Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H, and others

Disclaimer: Slash (are you surprised?)! And, as a side note, Shawn is very, very OOC here...I mean, more OOC than usual. He's downright cruel in this one...You'll see.

Summary: One week before Jeff Hardy has a chance to become the new WWE Champion, he is invited out to dinner by his long-time crush, Shawn Michaels. After the dinner, Shawn asks Jeff out, and the younger Hardy is happy beyond description. However, a week later, he starts to hear some disturbing rumors about his new boyfriend...

Jeff Hardy stood in the large locker room, the WWE Title resting nicely on his shoulders, a large smile on his face as he changed out of his wrestling gear.

As far as he was concerned, life couldn't get any sweeter.

He had just won the much sought after WWE Championship after nearly a year of always falling a hair short of winning it. Jeff had begun to wonder just what was wrong with him; why couldn't he win? The question began to drive him mad, or so he thought it would, until a bright light had stepped into his life, and told him that he had what it took to become champ.

That light was the other reason life was so damn good.

Jeff's long-time crush Shawn Michaels had approached him one week ago, when the older man found him sitting dejected in the locker room. He had been too depressed to even greet the Heartbreak Kid, and even felt a twinge of annoyance when he sat down next to him on the bench.

For several minutes, Shawn hadn't said a word. He just sat there, silent, and Jeff felt so comforted by the veteran's presence that he couldn't stop himself from leaning over and resting his head on Shawn's strong shoulder.

"Why can't I win?" he had asked softly, feeling the tears rise in his eyes again. "Why, Shawn? I come so close and then it just...just slips through my fingers..." He held out his arms to look at his hands, as though he could discern the answer in their many lines.

"Why, Shawn?" he asked again, voice wavering. "Why?"

Still, to Jeff's surprise, Shawn did not speak; he merely wrapped his arms around the younger man, shifting his head from his shoulder to his chest. Jeff had felt a hot blush rising in his face as he found himself suddenly having trouble breathing. After another silent minute, he felt a strong hand begin to stroke his hair, and the gesture drew tears from his eyes.

"It's alright, Jeff," Shawn whispered softly. "I know what it's like to keep missing the brass ring." The Heartbreak Kid laughed quietly. "So does Hunter, which is why he keep bringing it up to you. He wants you to catch it, kid."

Jeff blinked and sat back, pulling out of Shawn's arms. "Seriously?" he asked incredulously.

Shawn smiled brightly, bringing to color back to Jeff's cheeks. "Of course. Anyone who's worth his salt knows it, and it's your time to learn, Jeff." He placed a fond hand on the younger Hardy's shoulder. "And I think you've had enough lessons. Next week comes the true test. Show us all that you're made of the same stuff as the Heartbreak Kid, the Game, the Deadman."

"You make it sound all so easy and straightforwards," Jeff said with a reluctant smile.

"Hey, some things in life are easy, once you get the hang of them."

"Like what?"

Shawn scratched his bearded chin, blue eyes narrowing with thought. "I don't know, I've used up all my nice little sayings," he answered at last, drawing a chuckle from Jeff.

"Dammit, Shawn, stop making me laugh, I'm trying to be depressed!"

"Aww, that's no fun," Shawn said, faking a pout. "I came all this way to talk to you, and you want to mope? Not on my watch, Kid."

Jeff shook his head, laughing again. "Why did you come here, Shawn?" he asked after a moment. "Or were you just wandering around again?"

A slow smile spread across Shawn's face, and Jeff felt a chill run down his spine. As much as he loved and respected Shawn, he knew that the man known as the Heartbreak Kid was not a force to be challenged, and rarely did Shawn do anything without some specific purpose.

"Actually, I did come here for a reason, Jeffie." HBK laughed loudly when he saw Jeff's expression in that moment. "Ha, I found a pet-name for you!" he said triumphantly.

Jeff groaned. "You came here to torture me with new nicknames?" he asked, sighing. "Fine, but I expect a ride back to the hotel as compensation."

Shawn laughed again. "You know, I was going to offer you a ride too...Right after I asked you out, of course."

Jeff blinked once, his smile dropping into a shocked O. "W-W-What?" he stammered, assuring himself that he had misunderstood, misheard, something.

"I came here to ask you out," Shawn said nonchalantly, folding his arms across his chest. "I mean, I won't be mad if you say no, I just thought that now would be a good time to ask."

"Are you..." Jeff had to cough once, trying to regain his voice. "Are you serious?!"

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Why would you ask me out?"

Shawn scratched his chin again. "That's a complicated question Jeff, but the simple answer is: Because I want to. I like you, and you like me...at least, I hope that my guesses were right, and you do."

Jeff jumped from his seat, face beet red. "Like you?! Shawn, I love you!" he blurted loudly before he could stop himself. Shawn's blue eyes widened in surprise for a moment before he burst into laughter, throwing his head back in a flurry of golden hair. Jeff, who had clamped his hand over his mouth too late, was on the verge of rage.

"Dammit, Shawn, don't kid around like that!" he yelled, trying to ward off his embarrassment with wrath. "What, did Triple H put you up to this to torture me even more?!" Feeling suddenly worse than he had before, Jeff lowered his head, letting his hair fall in front of his eyes and cover his face. "That's just cruel, Shawn."

There was a sudden silence, and the younger Hardy realized that Shawn had stopped laughing. He looked up through his curtain of hair, and all at once saw that Shawn had stood up and was now walking towards him, blue eyes blazing.

"What did you say?" Shawn asked in a low voice, advancing slowly and steadily, face a mask of anger.

Involuntarily, Jeff began to back away, until he felt himself against the lockers. 'Great. Now I'm going to get beaten up in the locker room. Perfect.'

"You think I'm joking?" Shawn was asking angrily, continuing his advance until he was close enough to grab Jeff's chin and force the younger man to look him in the eyes. "You think Hunter put me up to this?!"

"Shawn, I--" Jeff jumped when he heard Shawn's fist crash against the metal of the locker, wincing as he imagined that same fist connecting with his face and breaking his nose.

"I wasn't joking," Shawn said quietly, and Jeff blinked once. "I was deadly serious."

And, without another word, Shawn Michaels pulled Jeff Hardy into a soft kiss.

At first, the only thought that registered in Jeff's brain was shock.

The second thing that registered was the fact that, for some reason, he had always dreamed that Shawn's kisses would be hard.

The third thing Jeff was able to think was that he was kissing the one person he had always wanted kiss; indeed, the person he had secretly loved for years.

After several seconds, Shawn pulled back, allowing Jeff to gasp for air.

"Still think I'm joking?" he asked with a smirk before pulling Jeff in again.

A smile appeared on Jeff lips as he recalled the strange, happy memory. Only a week had passed since then, but as far as he was concerned, it had been the best week of his life. Shawn had given him many more such kisses—nothing more, yet, of course, but with the promise of great passion as time passed—and Jeff had felt his confidence grow every time he held the Heartbreak Kid's strong hand.

Now, here he sat, the WWE Champion, and he knew that he owed it all to Shawn.

As something of a thank you, Jeff determined to take Shawn out to a late-dinner after the PPV tonight.

'He's going to love it,' Jeff thought to himself, smiling quietly as he adjusted his tie. He wasn't one to wear suits, but he felt as though tonight would make it worth it...

"Whoa, look at you!" a voice said from the door, and Jeff turned to see John Cena standing there, characteristic goofy smile on his face. "You're all dressed up. Too dressed up for a Title-win party...So where the hell are you going?"

Jeff rolled his eyes. "Not that it's any of your business, Cena, but I'm going on a date tonight."

"With who?" Cena asked, making himself comfortable on the bench.

"Why do you care?" Jeff asked, taking a comb and brush out of his bag before heading over to a mirror.

"Just curious."

"Well, if you must know, I'm going out with Shawn tonight."

Jeff had expect some sort of ridiculous, sophomoric comment, maybe even a chuckle; instead, he was met with a heavy silence that made him freeze in his motions and turn around.

"Shawn?" Cena asked after several uncomfortable moments. "Shawn Michaels?"

"The only Shawn that matters," Jeff answered with a raised eyebrow. "Why?"

Cena's goofy grin had vanish completely. "Nothin' man, it's just..." A light blush colored the young man's face. "You and Shawn, it's just...Shawn is..."

Now Jeff could feel his irritation becoming anger. "Shawn is what, John?" he demanded, walking over to the World Heavyweight Champion, more than ready to knock him into last week. "Shawn is what?"

"Shawn's an incubus," Chris Jericho said from the doorway, walking in a joining the two men.

"A what?" Jeff asked, too confused to be angry at the moment.

"Incubus," Jericho explained, not bothering to even look Cena's way. "He'll use you up, and it'll kill you."

"Are you kidding?" Jeff asked, eyes wide. He knew that Jericho had a reputation for being half-crazy and half-goof, but his expression now was one of complete seriousness. "Shawn's the sweetest, nicest, most--"

"That's what he wants you to think!" Chris interrupted loudly. "You fall in love with him, and he gets what he wants from you, and then he's gone!"

"And how the hell would you know that?!" Jeff yelled back, anger getting the best of him. "How the hell would you know anything about Shawn?!"

"Because I loved him!" Jericho screamed, voice echoing in the following silence. When he spoke again, his voice was softer, more controlled. "What I mean is that I love him. I still do. But he doesn't love me, and I don't think he ever did."

Jeff looked at the older man with disdain. "You've always had something against Shawn," he said with a shake of his head, turning back to the mirror. "Why should I believe a word of what you say?"

Chris laughed bitterly. "Don't take my word for it—ask anyone who's dated that bastard. Hell, ask the idiot here, he can tell you all about it."

Jeff turned sharply from the mirror, eyes locking on Cena, who suddenly seemed uncomfortable.

"You dated Shawn?" the younger Hardy asked, voice sharp.

John shook his head. "Not dated...well, not officially, I think. I mean, I liked him a lot, and he said..." He scratched his head, blue eyes darkening. "Look, Jeff, Shawn's a great guy, but...Just don't fall in love with him, alright?"

There was a loud clatter as Jeff threw down the brush he had been using, and both John and Chris watched him storm from the room, a look of hurt and determination on his face. Chris started to walk out of the room as well, turning back to Cena only just before leaving with narrow eyes.

"The fact that you even dared to think about Shawn makes me hate you even more," he said simply before slamming the door after him.

Darker than my usual fare...Let me know how you like it...or, if you don't, haha. XD