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Triple H had just changed into a comfortable pair of jeans and a loose T-shirt when the door of his locker room all but flew open. To his further surprise, he saw that it was Jeff standing there, looking like a wild man with his tussled hair and nice suit.

"Whoa, Hardy Boy, what's up?" Hunter asked, more than a little confused by the younger man. "You come here for congrats, or something?"

"Tell me about Shawn," Jeff said flatly, voice belying the emotions he felt building inside. He refused to believe that Shawn was anything other than good, because Shawn had, so far, shown himself to be nothing other than that.

"Please, Paul, tell me about Shawn," Jeff asked again, after he had taken a deep breath.

"What do you want to know about him?" the Game asked, still unsure. "I can't tell you anything too personal but--"

"Do you love him?"

Hunter's brown eyes widened. "What?"

"Do you love him?"

Triple H sat down heavily in a chair and ran a hand through his blond hair. "Why do you ask, Hardy?"

Jeff felt his hands clenching at his sides. "Because I love him, and I'm going out with him, and I've heard some nasty rumors. I need you to put my mind at rest."

Triple H's surprised expression never faded, although his eyes did narrow.

"I think," he began slowly, "That I can't help put your mind at rest." He sighed heavily, and beckoned for Jeff to sit.

"I love Shawn," he started, folding his arms. "We were together for a long time, as you know...But we picked up some bad habits from one another..." He sighed again, leaning back. "And to be perfectly honest, I couldn't keep up with him in that area, as in many others."

"What do you mean?" Jeff asked, feeling his heart grow cold.

"I mean that I loved him, and I always will, but God help me, that man can be cruel." Paul shivered with old memories. "You say that you love him...Well, kid, I feel sorry for you, because no one who loved him has ever gotten over it."

Jeff nodded, although his still didn't believe it. "Are you thinking about Jericho and Cena, because I've already heard their bullshit."

Hunter shook his head. "No, I was thinking about myself...and 'Taker."

"What?!" Jeff gasped, jaw dropping and eyes widening. "The Undertaker?!"

The Game nodded. "Yeah, hard to believe, but he loved Shawn too. Well, loves, I should say."

"How?! When?!"

"Ancient history, Jeff. But suffice it to say that Shawn was the first person to ever break the Deadman's heart."

The WWE Champion stood up suddenly, hands balled into fists. "I've heard enough," he said softly. "I'm not going to take the word of anyone who hates Shawn because he dumped him."

Hunter frowned. "Hate Shawn? Did I not make it clear that I love him, and probably always will?" He sat back further in his chair. "But don't take my word for it. Go ahead and date Shawn. Fall madly in love with him, because he won't leave you a choice to do anything but that. Then watch as he leaves you lying flat, completely loyal to him and dying inside."

"Fuck this," Jeff said with an angry laugh. "Fuck you, Triple H. You're just bitter."

"Maybe," the Game shrugged. "I kinda got over it, but that's because he's still my best friend. I'm probably the least bitter of all Shawn's conquests."

"Stop it!" Jeff yelled, turning around and rushing out of the room before Hunter could say more. He stood out in the hallway for a long time, thinking things over until he realized that he left the WWE Title in the locker room.

"Dammit," he muttered, heading back to the room. He opened the door cautiously, expecting to see Cena or Jericho still there, and instead was met with the sight of the Undertaker standing calmly in the center of the room, holding the Championship.

"You forgot your belt," the Deadman said in a flat voice, holding out the title to Jeff, who didn't dare approach.

"I heard you talking about Shawn," he continued, voice dropping to almost a whisper, and Jeff's eyes widened. "Or rather, I heard that you had heard some bad things about him."

Jeff approached cautiously now, slowly walking up to the Undertaker and taking the offered title from the larger man's hands.

"Of course," 'Taker continued, voice still without emotion, although Jeff could sense that this was because of some great effort... "If you start inquiring into Shawn's past relationships, my name is going to come up. Unfortunately." He sat down a bench, and motioned for Jeff to sit as well. Putting some distance between them, Jeff sat hesitantly, his curiosity overtaking his common sense.

"Your name did come up," the younger Hardy admitted, looking down at the title in his hands. How valueless the belt seemed to him in the face of what he was learning now. How meaningless. "Hunter mentioned that...that you used to love Shawn." Jeff looked up at the Deadman, who was looking away, before making his next statement.

"Hunter said that you still love Shawn."

The Undertaker sighed and folded his hands in front of him, falling deeply into his own thoughts. "I loved him," he said, voice very stead, more so than it should have been as far as Jeff was concerned. "I loved him when we first broke into the business together. He was the reason I left my first wife." Jeff gasped audibly at that, and a bitter smile came to 'Taker's lips, although he still did not turn to look at the younger man directly. "I gave myself entirely to him...He won my heart completely, and in a short time too. Paul—Bearer, that is—warned me not to get in too deep with a man like Shawn, but I ignored him, as always. So Paul left me too. And then the only one I had was Shawn." He sighed, green eyes very far away as he looked down at his hands. "Of course, it wasn't long before Shawn left me too."

Jeff frowned. "What do you mean, 'left you'? Do you mean he broke up with you over something?"

Now Mark turned to the WWE Champion, his full gaze on the younger man. "No, I mean he left me, as in, I woke up one day and he was gone." He laughed a little, although it was mirthless. "Imagine my surprise when I come to work that Monday—he left me on a Friday night, by the way—and see him walking arm-in-arm with Helmsley. I was pissed beyond belief. I couldn't even look at him without..." Here Mark's voice trailed off, not wanting to reveal too much about himself to the young Hardy boy. But his mind certainly continued...

"Shawn, I just want a straight answer from you!" He had gone out of his way to track down Michaels, had driven miles just to talk to the love of his life—former love of his life—alone, and find out what he had done, in the hope that he could correct things.

"Just tell me what I did! Please!"

Shawn had turned a cold glance on him, colder than anything he'd ever seen from the smaller man before. "Mark, what don't you understand? I'm done with you...and begging won't help. It's over between us. I'm with Hunter now."

"But why, Shawn? Did I make you mad? Did I do something wrong?" How he hated being reduced to the role of the pleading lover; how he hated swallowing his pride and begging; how he hated the tears that we coming to his eyes and beginning to spill over. "Please, Baby, I--"

"Did you never once wonder why they called me the Heartbreak Kid?" Shawn had asked him suddenly. "Did you never wonder why Marty was so bitter? Why Nash fought with me so passionately? Why Bret hated—hates—me? I stopped dating the women on the roster because I'd gone through every single on of them in two years—twice." Michaels came up to the larger man—unafraid as always—and placed a soft hand on his cheek, finger catching a tear.

"I've left more lovers that you can count, Deadman. I love 'em, and then I leave 'em. The rest is up to them." And now, the man known as the Heartbreak Kid smiled, and again it struck Mark that the smile was colder than ice. "What, did you think you'd be any different?" Shawn laughed and licked the tear from his finger. "Did you think I'd love you forever? Baby, I can't love forever, it's not how I operate. And even though the sight of you in tears and desperate like this is unbearably sexy, we're through."

He turned around and began to walk away, leaving the Undertaker standing there alone, tears in his eyes as he wilted inside.

"Oh," the Heartbreak Kid called over his shoulder. "But I want let you know that you were a really, really great lay, even for a first-timer. And I'd like to think that I trained you well since then...So, if you ever want to do it, you know where to find me."

Mark shook his head hard to clear the memories away, even though they were still clear and vivid in his head. His eyes re-focused, and he saw Jeff sitting there, a look of fear and confusion on his face. What in the hell could he tell the kid that wouldn't break his heart?

"Look," 'Taker said at last, running a hand through his dark hair. "You can date Shawn...just don't fall in love with him..."

"But I already love him!" Jeff said desperately, feeling his control slipping. "I loved him even before he asked me out..."

The Undertaker placed a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Hey, kid, don't go crazy, yet. Maybe...maybe you'll be the one that he stays with. Hunter and me, and a lot of the other guys...Obviously, we weren't special to him, and easily able to be substituted by anyone else." Saying the words left a bitter taste in Mark's mouth, but he continued. "But you...You might just be special enough for him to stay with... He might fall in love with you too..."

Jeff shook his head, trying to take everything in. Maybe the Undertaker was right...

"I'll do my best," he whispered, looking down again at the title. The title Shawn's confidence had helped him to obtain. It took him almost a year to win this thing, and he sure as hell wasn't going to give it up any time soon. Shouldn't he do the same for Shawn? To hell with what had happened in the past—he loved Shawn, and was willing to fight for the love of the older man.

"I'm going to fight for him," he declared, standing up and looking down at the Undertaker. "I'm not going to let him go so easily."

'Taker laughed slightly. "Well, you have my wishes for good luck, Kid," he said, standing as well. "Just keep an eye on that demon...He'll pull you in completely and in a heartbeat..."

Jeff shook his head. "No, I'm going to trust him, and love him, and if things don't work out...I'll make them work out."

Now the Undertaker shook his head, although he gave the Charismatic Enigma another pat on the shoulder. "Do your best, then. Shawn's not one to be forced into anything. He usually does the forcing."

Jeff turned a hard glare on the older man, who didn't seem fazed in the least by it. "I gotta go, I can't keep standing here listening to people talk shit about my boyfriend." Throwing the WWE Championship over his should, Jeff Hardy walked from the room, consciously shutting out everything he had heard, while also keeping Hunter and 'Taker's words tucked away in his heart.

Back in the locker room, the Undertaker shook his head once more before looking up at the ceiling. He knew that if he was completely honest with himself, the pain from his breakup with Shawn was still fresh. It had, in fact, never healed, not even in the slightest. He could buried, but it never failed to somehow resurface.

Loving Shawn, he knew, was something that one never stopped doing.

Poor 'Taker...That must hurt. :( But also, poor Jeff! I have no idea how this story is going to end, or how long it'll be, but hopefully Jeffie will get a good ending...Hopefully.