First Time

By Jillian Leonhart

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Chapter 1: Confession

Mamori couldn't pay attention on her Math teacher in front of the class. She kept fidgeting with her fingers nervously as she thought up again her plan.

'Is it okay? Is it okay for me to do that? Is it okay this time? Do I have to do that?' Mamori kept contemplating her thought.

'I can't hold my feeling anymore… I wanted at least to tell him… I don't really need a respond. I just wanted him to know, so I can get rid of this burden… Yes! I'll do it!' she gripped her pencil firmly as she came to her resolve. For a moment, she thought that it was right. No one would be troubled if she did it. Mamori could get rid of the burden, and he wouldn't give a damn 'bout it, and they both would continue their lives as usual…

But after she put more thought about it another thought came to her mind, 'But… What about his feelings? Sure, it would be great if his reaction will be just as I predicted. He will not give a damn and pretend that it never happened. But, what if it doesn't go as I predicted? What if he's not as heartless as I thought? What if he got confused of what to do? Or feeling bad because he didn't feel the same? He would start to avoid me and everything between us would be ruined…'

Mamori let out a troubled sigh. She had never ever faced a dilemma like this. In one hand, she didn't want to let go of their current relationship, while in the other hand, she wanted to tell him and faced the possibility of broking their relationship in order to lift her burden from her chest. She continued her inner battle during the lesson, and a pair of turquoise eyes watched her back. 'Something's fishy…' he clarified.

Lunch Time

"Mamori-chan?" Sara waved her hand in front of spacing-out Mamori. Mamori snapped back in reality with a soft gasp.

"Ah… I… Sorry." Mamori stared down at her lunch, laid on the desk in front of her.

"Mamo-chan? I know you have something on your mind… You kept fidgeting back in the class." Ako looked at Mamori with concern. Sara nodded in agreement.

Mamori gave an apologetic smile to her friends. "I'm okay. Really."

The trio, Mamori, Sara and Ako were having lunch in the class. They were sitting in circle around Ako's desk. A few students also were making a pact, eating their lunch while talking and giggling.

"Come on Mamori-chan! You're obviously not okay! Come on… Tell us. We're friends, ne?" Ako demanded.

"Uhm…" Mamori stared down. She contemplated wether to tell them or not. "Alright… I've got a problem here." She finally said. Mamori was sure she saw something sparkling on both girls in front of her as they came closer to her.

"Uh-huh?" they said in unison.

"A friend of mine… Uhm, she told me that she's going to confess to a boy she had loved since first year…"

"Way to go! She HAS to confess!" Ako cheered.

"Calm down Ako! You haven't heard the whole story yet!" Sara pinched Ako's cheek with her chop sticks. "So, she's gonna confess. Then, what's the problem, Mamo-chan?" Sara returned to the sweating-Mamori.

"Uhm… Well, she hasn't confessed yet. The problem is…" Mamori felt her heart beats faster in her chest. "She worried if she confessed and got rejected, the boy would avoid her and their friendship would be broken…". There… She had said it. Mamori kept looking down.

"Hmmm…" Sara leaned back on her seat, closing her eyes in deep thought.

"Hmmm… That's pretty hard… Who's this friend of yours anyway? Do I know her?" Ako asked Mamori after finished munching a roll egg.

"Eh? Uhm, she's from other school. You know, uhm… the Devil Bats cheers captain…" Mamori stuttered. 'I'm sorry Suzuna-chan…' she apologized to the cheerleader mentally. (In her class, Suzuna sneeze.)

"Oh, that cute little girl with roller blade? I never thought she was the shy type…" Ako said.

"Uh-huh." Sara agreed.

"What do you think… she had to do? Should… she confess? Or not?" Mamori said, glancing at Ako then Sara.

Ako picked another roll egg from her lunch box, "Well, it depends Mamo-chan. Is she satisfied with their current relationship or not?" she popped the roll egg onto her mouth once she had finished talking.

"Yeah… Is she, Mamo-chan?" Sara said, staring at Mamori, demanding her answer.

After few seconds, Mamori said, "I think she's quite satisfied with their current state… But, she felt that she should confess because the feeling was burdening on her… That's what she told me…"

"So, she was sure she had to confess right? Then do it…" Sara smiled.

Ako was also smiling to her. "Yes Mamo-chan… If she was sure about what she was going to do, just do it and then every thing will be alright…"

"But, what about his respond? What if he rejected and avoided… her?" Mamori said, worried.

Ako scowled, "If he avoided her, then he's not good enough for her and she just have to move on. There're a lot more boys out there." She smirked.

"Yeah… I guess you're right Ako-chan…" Mamori said.


"Whoopsie! Lunch time's over already?!" Ako groaned…

Mamori and Sara smiled at their friend's antic. Sara then glanced at Mamori. She put her hand on Mamori's shoulder, "Good luck Mamo-chan…"

Mamori smiled, "Thank you Sara-chan…"

Then they were back to their seat. As Mamori seated herself on her desk, she froze, 'Did she just said Good luck MAMO-chan?!'

Meanwhile, on their seat, Sara and Ako who were seating side by side,

"You know right, Ako-chan?" Sara said, smiling.

"Know? Know what?" Ako straightened up from her previous slouch.

Sara rolled her eyes, "Geez… About Mamo-chan…"

"Oh. Of course I know Sara-chan. It was not about her friend. It was about her…" Ako said, also smiling.

"But, I wonder who the boy is…Could it be him?"

"Yeah, probably…He's the most suitable and the most possible."

"Well, whoever he is, don't worry Mamo-chan… We wouldn't tell any one…"

"That's what friends are for…" they said.

After school

Mamori panicked when Hiruma didn't show up in the class after lunch soon as the teacher was out, she quickly gathered her things, then run out the class. Sara and Ako smiled knowingly and wished her silent-good luck. She ran down the hall way, aimlessly. She stopped at the stair leads to the roof top. She panted hard in front of the door.

'Okay Mamori. There's no turning back now! Just like Sara and Ako said. If it didn't go well, all you have to do is just move on!' Mamori reassured herself. She gulped, pulled the doorknob, and no one was there. Mamori was shocked, then laughed.

"Hahaha… How silly I am. How could he be here if I didn't tell him anything… He can't read minds…" she laughed bitterly at her foolishness. Her eyes stung and a single tear rolled down her cheek.

"No… You can't cry Anezaki!" she fumbled her blazer's pocket for her handkerchief. Then she felt her cell phone inside. She pulled the small object out.

"I can call him…" her hand was shaking. But then she gripped her cell phone and flipped it open.

"My chances aren't coming if all I do is just wait." She dialed his number…




"What do you want Anezaki?" his voice replied from the other end. He had stopped calling her 'fucking manager' after they had officially quit the amefuto team and leave their respective position to the next generation at the Devil Bats re-organization last week.

"Uhm… Hiruma-kun… We need to talk."

"Then just talk."

"No… You have to come here."

"Can't you just say it on the phone?!"

"No I can't."

"What's this all about?"

"You'll see. I'm on the roof top."

Mamori hung up, panting hard and blushing furiously. It was really hard to keep her voice steady while talking to him. She was extremely glad she managed to told him where to meet her.

'Now, will he come?' she thought.

Mamori propped herself on the ground, hugged her feet and buried her head on her arms. Feeling hopeless, and foolish, and tired…

Few minutes latter, Mamori jumped at the sound of her cell phone ringing. She glanced at the screen then picked up.

"What, Hiruma-kun?"

"Where did you say you are?"

"I'm on the…" Mamori trailed off as she heard the sound of metal door being opened and closed roughly. She glanced at the direction of the sound.

"Where?" Youichi Hiruma said to his cell phone on his ear, walked towards her.

"The… roof top…" the words escape from her lips in low whispers.

"What do you want?" he approached the crouching ex-manager. Put his cell phone back on his pocket.

"Uhm…" she was nervous. She didn't expect it when seeing his face, hearing his voice, and recalled that she was going to confess to him, she would became very nervous like this. Her mind went blank, she forgot to close her phone, she even forgot to close her gaping mouth.

'Oh god. Oh god. Oh godohgodohgod!' she tried to regain her sense. 'Alright Mamori… Just do it. Say it and everything will be back to normal. Just like Ako-chan and Sara-chan said… Move on! Move on! Whatever the result, you just have to move on!' Mamori reassured herself.

"Are you sure you're still alive fucking Disciplinary?"

She closed her mouth and smiled. "Come here Hiruma-kun…" she patted the ground next to her, inviting him to sat beside her.

"Tch. Can't you just say whatever you wanna say and make it fucking quick?!"

"I said come here!" her hands shoot out, grabbed his arm and pulled him down, forcing him to sat next to her.

"Oi! What the hell is wrong with you…"

"Shut up! Listen. Right now, I'm gonna told you something, and you will just shut your mouth until I finish. If you don't agree with that, then just leave now!" she glared at him right in the eyes.

"Are you fucking drunk?"

"NO! I'm completely sober! Now, will you shut up or leave?!"

"Fine… Do whatever you want Anezaki…" he popped a fresh gum then opened his laptop that she didn't realize was there.

"What are you doing with the laptop?! You aren't the team's captain anymore!"

"So what? The fucking shrimp and the new fucking manager are still good-for-nothing. They can't take care of them fucking selves yet. I don't want them to ruin The Devil Bats."

"But Mizuno-chan's doing a good job at managing them!" Mamori tried to defend the new manager.

Hiruma arched an eyebrow, "I thought you're gonna say something… Is that about the team?"

"Oh, er… No. You distracted me."

"I am?"

"Yes! Now shut up and just listen!"

"Tch. Whatever…"

Mamori sighed then closed her eyes. She didn't plan to be so snappy! But she was so nervous she had to cover it by acting tough. 'Alright Mamori…'

"You're gonna say something or not?" he started to ponder her sanity.

"It's been a week, since we got back from America." Mamori stared at the setting sun in front of them. Hiruma listened while messing with his laptop. "Now, we're senior. No longer in Devil Bats. And you never call me 'fucking manager anymore." She smiled.

"Cuz you're not."

"I said shut up!" Mamori snapped at him. Then she glanced back at the setting sun, "You started to call me 'Anezaki' or 'fucking Disciplinary'… Some how, I missed that nick name…" Mamori sank on her arms, trying to hide the blush. She kept looking straight. She was too afraid to look at the ex-quarterback.

"So, Hiruma-kun. I'm gonna tell you something… And… I… You don't have to… To answer, or… even react by this. I just simply wanted to tell you, wanted to let you know that…"

Mamori felt like her heart going to explode, her ears burning, her brain stopped working. The words were stuck on her throat, choking her. She never knew that confessing was like a near dead experience.

"I… I…" Mamori stuttered. Then, she felt his palm over her cheek, and then he forced her to face him, then silencing her using his lips. Mamori lost her consciousness for a few seconds. She regained it back when he pulled back with a scowl on his face.

"Don't tell me something I already know." He said then got up.

Mamori, still on the ground, blushing hard, stared wide eyed at the retreating back of the blond devil.

"Oi! You're gonna go home or what?" he glanced back at Mamori.

"Huh?" she gained her sense back.

"Let's go home, fucking girl friend." He said with his back on her.

"Huh?" Mamori quickly got up and followed Hiruma.

Chapter 1: Confession

The End


The new couple was walking down the street to Mamori's house.

"Hiruma-kun! I told you to not interrupting me before I finished!"

"No. You told me to shut up. I shut up."

"But you cut me off before I finished…" Mamori blushed at the memory.

"I told you. Don't tell me something I already know. And since you told me to shut up, I used the other way to stop you…"

"Uhm, so… We're… We're… da… da… dating?"

He smirked and looked at her flushed face, "Whatever you want to call it fucking girlfriend."

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