First Time

By Jillian Leonhart

Epilogue: Best of Me

A/ N: The title was taken from the song that inspires me for this epilogue. Best of Me is by The Starting Line. Cool song XD

"First, why did you off to America, right after our graduation, and without planning to come back?" Mamori began her interrogation.

"Would you believe me if I said that I was recruited by CIA and they told me to hurl my ass off to the fucking HQ right after I finish with fucking school stuffs here?"

"…" Mamori was speechless. "You serious?" she asked after a few seconds of silence.

"Try guess…" he said playfully.

"Uhm… I don't know… You haven't changed that much as I see… Knowing you, you could be lying… But nothing's impossible for you…" she said. 'And if he really is getting himself involved with CIA, everything seems right…' she thought.

"It's up to you, believe me or not… Is there any other fucking questions?" he said followed by a sound of a gum popping.

Mamori's eyes widened a bit, "You still craft for bubble gum?!"

"Is that one of the fucking question?"

"Uhm… No… Just curious…"

"Then that's not on the fucking deal… I'm not gonna fucking answer. Kekeke…"

"Ugh…" she got pissed off by how easy he could get on her nerve.

"So, where are the fucking questions?"

"Why did you never EVER contact, nor e-mail me?"

"No fucking phones, nor fucking internet back there. Still a fucking rookie…"

"What did you do there?"

"Can't tell you."

"Ugh…Okay… You seriously getting yourself recruited by CIA!?"

"It's fucking up to you to believe it or not…"

Mamori sighed to calm herself down. "Okay… I'll assume you really ARE an CIA agent now… then… What makes an elite agent like you can come back here?"

"Field training. I'm on a fucking mission."

Mamori's mind quickly thought, 'he's not staying forever.' She said "Then… You're gonna go back there once your mission is over…" she stated.

She heard Hiruma snorted in the other end, "Still wildly making fucking assumption, aren't you?"

"That's true, right? You're gonna be pulled back once whatever it is you have to do here is over."

"If I said 'fucking no' would I finally got my fucking Creampuff Monster?"

"You didn't?! You'll stay in Japan?!"

"If I do this fucking mission right, I'll be on fucking stand by here."

Mamori gapped. "You REALLY joining CIA?!"

A moment of pause before Hiruma speak up, "It's fucking amazing how you still don't believe me…"

"A… Alright … You… You really are an CIA Agent… And you're back because you're in a mission?" Mamori couldn't help but think that it started to sounds like a novel book.


"And… You're gonna stay here in Japan?"

"Yeah… Actually I forced myself back here. A fucking high schooler just doesn't sound so fucking good for them so they agree to let me finish College here."

Mamori smiled to herself. Everything was too good to be true. "So you're really back…"

"Yeah… Is that all?"

Mamori tried to think up another question but nothing comes in mind All she could thought is that he's back, and he's still hers, and he's somehow and CIA agent now.

He chuckled, "Are you still fucking there?"

"Huh? Oh… Uh…"

"Well… Are you finished with your fucking interrogation?"

"Uhm… Well… Yeah… I guess." She mumbled.

"And where the fuck is my fucking Creampuff Monster?" he said almost whispered.

That sent Mamori's heart thumping hard, "U… Uh…" Mamori couldn't bring herself to say anything.

"Ya-ha… Found you…" he said.

A knock on her window made her jump. She quickly got up from her bed, then went to her window, with her phone still on her ear. Her knees wobbled when she opened up the curtain, and found a familiar blonde devil sat on a tree trunk across from her window, holding a black cell phone, grinning at her.

He said trough the phone. "Miss me, fucking girlfriend?"

Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone

The worst is over… You can have the best of me

We got older but we're still young

We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up…

Mamori smiled as a single tear rolled down her cheek, "I miss you so much…" she said on the phone.

"Said that again…" he told her.

"I miss you so fucking much."

"I fucking miss you too." He told her.

She smiled.

Here we lay again on two separate beds riding phone lines

To meet up familiar voice, the pictures come from memories

We reflect on miss communications and miss understandings

And missing each other too

Much had too much to let go

We'll turn our music down, and we'll whisper

Mamori opened up her, set aside her phone, and whispered his name, "Hiruma …kun"

He smirked. "Fucking girlfriend…" he whispered

Say what you thinking right now

She giggled, he chuckled.

Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone

The worst is over… You can have the best of me

We got older but we're still young

We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up…

"C'mere." He offered a hand to her.

"What?" she stared at him.

"Let's go somewhere." He said, grinning.

"Y… You want me to jump out of my own window?!"

"Well, you can do that if that's what you fucking want. But if you have one, you can use a fucking door." He joked.

Mamori half smiled, half frowned. An expression Hiruma didn't realize he'd missed. She said again, "So where are we going?"

"Somewhere… I'll wait at the fucking door." He said then jumped off the three.

That left her with no choice but go down her apartment. She opened the door, walked out, and found him standing next to a bicycle. He gave her his trade mark grin. Mamori walked closer slowly. Every step she made, the stronger she felt his smell, his aura, his presence. She just realized how deep she'd missed him.

Mamori wanted to just hug him real tight, but unsure if it was alright. Here comes Hiruma's mind reading. When Mamori was a step away from him, he grabbed her and pulled her in a hug. Mamori chocked. Couldn't believe what he just did.

"I know you want this… Kekeke." He teased, still holding her.

Mamori pinched his waist, "You jerk…" she said that while smiling.

"Aw! Kekeke… That hurts fucking girlfriend." He strokes her hair.


"Hiruma-kun, where are we going?" she screamed over to Hiruma who was steering the bike.

"Kekekeke… Just thought you want some fucking nostalgic time." He yelled back at her.

Hiruma rowed the bike fast. Mamori started to know the place. 'It's Deimon district.' She thought.

Once they stroll down beside a river, Hiruma slowed down.

"Kuromisa…" Mamori said.

Hiruma grinned and drive the bike to the river bed. They got off the bike. Mamori gazing to the calm river, glittering, reflected the full moon above. Mamori smiled. She then gazed at the road they used to run over back at the high school day.

"It's been so long." She murmured to herself.

"Not really." He said.

She stared at him, "Well yeah… It's just 6 months… But for me, feels like it's been so long…"

Hiruma snorted. Mamori sat herself on the grass. "Maybe, because I'm the only one who couldn't move on. I'm tired with all the boys I went with just so I could get my mind off things." She smiled bitterly.

Hiruma also sat himself next to Mamori, already chewing a bubble gum. Like Mamori, He stared at the river too.

"I've date lots of boys you know." Mamori laughed at herself.

"Kekekeke… Heard you even date the fucking red-eyed."

"Yeah…" she laughed, "How did you know that?"

"You know how."

She laughed a bit, "Are you jealous?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Ehm… Maybe not."

Jumping to conclusions made me fall away from you

I'm so glad that the truth, has brought back together me and you

Mamori felt awkward remembering the last time they had a real fight. She shook her head to remove the thought.

We're sitting on the ground, and we'll whisper

Say what you thinking out loud

"Don't do that again." He suddenly said.

"Huh?" Mamori confused and stared at him.

"I don't like jerks toying over my thing." He said that while staring straight to her eyes.

Mamori froze.

Tell me what you thought about when you were gone and so alone

The worst is over… You can have the best of me

We got older but we're still young

We never grew out of this feeling that we won't give up…

Hiruma leaned closer to Mamori slowly. Mamori couldn't react a bit.

We'll turn our music down

And we'll whisper

"Be mine..." He murmured

We're sitting on the ground and we'll whisper

Mamori nodded. "Sure…"

We'll turn our music down

We'll sitting on the ground

The next time I'm in town

We will kiss girl

Hiruma leaned closer and they lips met. Mamori closed her eyes. She let herself fall back to the grass as Hiruma kissed her down. They stayed that way before Hiruma broke the kiss and stared down at her with his sharp jade eyes.

"Tell you what… I'm entering you fucking university."

"I've guessed that."

"And you'll gonna be my fucking manager again."


"We're making another fucking team. Kekekeke…"

Mamori's and Hiruma's eyes narrowed when suddenly a flashlight shone down at them.

"HEY! WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GUYS DOING LAYING THERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT?!" a local police yelled at them and began ran to the river bank.

Hiruma got up grinning. He offered a hand to Mamori while saying, "Let's fucking run for it!"

Mamori grabbed his hand, "Hell yeah!"

And they speed away on their bike, leaving the poor police man chased them, panting.

The End

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