John took the check holder, placing his credit card inside with out a second glance and tossing it back to the waiter. He took a sip from the remaining liquid left in his wine glass and smiled at his contemplative husband who he had always referred to as his "wife" in front of others.

"What is it?" he chuckled, "Yeah, I know I didn't look at the bill, – again."

"Well, I was just thinking," Phil smiled, mixing the ice around in his glass, "It's nothing."

John raised his eyebrow as his credit card came back, waving the waiter away and slipping the card back into his wallet exploding with wealth. His brown eyes met back to his lover, gazing at him seductively across the table, lined up perfectly with the rose decoration in the middle. He shrugged, brushing it off and finishing his wine before he stood up.

Phil rolled his eyes, deciding to try a little harder when John helped him from his seat and took his arm. He nestled against his shoulder, his fingers groping at his biceps as they exited, strolling down the side walk to their limousine. Once inside, Phil was straddling Layfield, his arms wrapped around his neck, licking his lips and teasing him with the barbell through his tongue.

"How about some dessert?" he whispered.

John blinked, his voice stalled for a second, his response met with the hardest backhand across the face he had ever received in his lifetime, "Darlin', you really don't need it."