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Alice P.O.V.

A tiny girl, about the age of 5 or 6 was running frantically in the forest just on the outskirts of Forks. She trips and falls headfirst into mud, gets up and wipes off the muck on her pale green top and jeans. She is wearing a mask that was shaped like a cat including coverings for feline ears. A close up on her eyes shows that she has yellow eyes that have slits for pupils. The mask is white with black lines that matches her straight half black half white hair. She starts running again.

I gasp as I'm pulled out of the vision. I don't know why but I felt compelled to help this poor helpless girl, she could be attacked by a grizzly or something. I knew that I would see if she was but still, the threat was still there.

Jasper noticed my sudden change in mood and tried to comfort me by rubbing soothing circles on my back; I went from happy to mortified and anxious.

"Edward. . ." my voice is frantic.

"Lets go, we can't leave her out there." Came his hurried reply

"Will someone let us in on this conversation?" Emmett was annoyed

"Alice saw a little girl wearing a mask in the woods, alone, and she wanted to help her." Edward answered. Rosalie brightened at the words 'little girl'

"What are we waiting for? She's probably freezing by now" Esme, our mother, chided "Is she close?"

"Very, probably a 3 mile trek from here" I said rushing out the door with Rosalie, Esme, Edward and Bella. Jasper and Emmett stayed home. Jacob and Renesmee (A/N spelt right?) were currently on their honeymoon much to Edwards anguish. I had gotten to decorate their wedding, it was gorgeous by the way, and I had used many flowers like the ones from Bella's wedding, very authentic. We found the girl exactly as she fell in the mud from my vision. She cleaned herself as best she could and started to run but was confronted by us. She screeched to a stop. Esme stepped forward.

"Hello dear, are you ok? Who are you?" her voice was laced with worry. I couldn't tell the girl's emotion due to the mask.

"Hello Esme, my name is Minty I think." Gasps came from my family. She knew Esme's name! The girl looked perfectly at ease as if this was a normal occurrence. Esme recovered first.

"How old are you sweetie?" she appeared concerned but I could tell the surprise that layered her voice slightly.

"I turned 6 yesterday I think" Her voice had a sly component yet still childish in a way.

"Would you like to come home with us? Get something to eat maybe?" Rosalie suggested.

"Yes please, if you don't mind." I could hear a yawn as she spoke.

"You're tired. You can sleep, Rosalie will carry you." I suggested knowing all too well Rosalie would be ecstatic to carry her. She nodded and nearly fell where she stood; Rosalie was there in a flash and carried her. Eager to get her warm we all ran full speed back to our house.

Next chapter will hopefully be in Minty's POV