Chapter 3

Minty's POV (Again)

"Well. . ." I didn't get far in my explaining before I was stopped with an outburst

"Ugh! Damn dog! Always interrupts!" Alice yelled having a tantrum. I remembered the Erasers as soon as she said dog, so I was on alert. Looking for escapes before the things could get here. I saw many windows in the white room that was good for getting out into the open and then flying away; I turned to the window but didn't get far.

"We're back! Momma, Daddy, Aunties, miss us?" A voice that was distinctly female. Last time I heard there were no female erasers. I turned to see a large male, Jacob, next to the female whom I recognized as Reneesmee (A/N spelt right?) who stopped midstride to stare at me. Seriously what was with the staring? Was it my mask? I knew they weren't bad by their aura but still that freaked me out a bit then. I calmed immediately.

"We have a guest? Does she know? How old is she?" Nessie asked, I could tell that was her nickname just as I had Bella.

"Calm down love, she was only just explaining that" Edward said squashing her blabber which was because she obviously nervous. She quieted down at once.

"Well. . ." I continued "As far as I know, I wasn't born normally. I was created." This got a few gasps through the room "The whitecoats has put kitty and bird DNA in me. There were others there. Some more constantly talked about, most died. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge and Angel all escaped early on and were the most talked about.

"Apparently Max and her flock were created with just bird DNA and they wanted to upstage her so they made omega. He was like a robot. Max defeated him and lived." I stopped to take a breather and look at the reactions. Nearly everyone looked at me in pity, in fact everyone did. I continued knowing I could trust them. "Then they made me, I was poked and probed until I was 5. Then I snapped." Tears filled my eyes as I remembered what happened. "There was so much blood. I sobbed in a corner and didn't notice them approaching me. They put this mask on me and chained my hands to a wall. The mask was to hide my face so they didn't let me down. I cried silently as they starved me as a way to kill me, they couldn't get close you see.

"My hands still hurt" I rubbed my wrists showing the faint marks of restraint. "I escaped" I said keeping it vague, I didn't want to tell them that I had cut my own hands to get free. "And ran into the woods where I found you people. Now it's your turn."

They were stunned, but they knew I didn't want to linger on my life. "Well it's only fair that we tell you about ourselves after that isn't it." Carlisle resigned "You see, Minty, we're vampires." He was looking for some reaction but I had no clue what he was talking about.

"What are vampires?" I had to ask.

"Oh, right, you don't know what vampires are. Well we drink blood" I gasped "but not human blood, me and my family drink animal blood" I gasped again "we are incredibly fast and strong and impenetrable, we sparkle in the sun and are really beautiful and cold. That's about it, oh and some have special powers such as Edwards's mind reading."

I gasped again; I may have a gasping problem. That means that some have powers like me! "Really, some of you have superpowers? Can you show me?"

Alice laughed a little "Only if you show yours first"

"Okay. Number 1" I walked closer and held out my hands, I gave them a slight flick and out shot out my claws. Oh how I loved my claws, they could cut through anything, and this was how I had escaped. They had tried to stop that, but I had cut into my hand getting the chains on the other side. It hurt immensely but it was worth it.

"These can cut through anything" I said proudly which earned me some challenging glances.

"Do you mind if we test that out?" asked Jasper. He walked over and didn't stop even when Alice gave him a glance that said 'Stop!' I put my claws in all but one and put it on his outstretched arm.

"Are you sure, I could hurt you" I said worried that I would cut his arm cleanly off.

"I've had worse. Do it" he commanded, and so I did. Off came his arm. I was horrified, I did this to him! I screamed as loud as I could! How could I do such a thing? He winced at the pain of his arm coming off and quickly rejoined the 2 bits.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry" I practically yelled at him "I'll fix it! I promise!" I leant over his arm and breathed on him through the gap in my mask. His arm healed instantly. "Number 2" I breathed silently

Jasper sat down and stared at me, they all did. "My 3rd power I'm guessing is understanding peoples names and if their good, white, or bad, black. That's all I know. Oh and I have wings" I took my light jacket off and revealed my black and white wings. They were large "I've never used them before. And my tail" I ripped a hole in the back of my pants just below the belt and pulled my tail through it; my tail was black but had a white tip. Just about everything was black and white on me.

"Your turn" I sat down and waited for them to tell me their powers.