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It was sometime after the defeat of Lucemon, about two years to be exact, and things had somewhat gone back to normal. The six were back at home, going on about their lives again, but saying it was all the same wouldn't be true. For starters, the experiences they had in the Digital World had in fact made them all stronger. Everyone who knew them before found it a little strange, but soon got used to and accepted the improvements. They had kept in touch with each other, keeping the bond they had formed there alive and well.

Takuya had become a little more mature, although it wasn't hard to start up a fight with his little brother from time to time. Izumi had come out of her shell and began to make bonds with others, while Junpei began making more meaningful friendships than his old. Tomoki didn't cry…as often. He began sticking up for himself more. After all, what were the monsters he imagined were in his closet and the average bully compared with the digital fiends he had faced and conquered?

But with Kouji and Kouichi, the change was the greatest. After all, it's not every day that you discover the mother you thought was dead and the twin brother you never knew you had. They still remained living apart, but made sure to visit each other often, at least once a week, and it was time for one of their meetings now.

Kouji was standing in the park waiting for Kouichi, who was running a bit late, to arrive. They had met here often. The spot was one where not many people came to, giving them some privacy. There was no reason to expect anything to go wrong, standing here with few to no witnesses. Nothing bad had happened since then, after all…but that was about to change.

Kouji continued to just stand and wait when he felt a presence appear behind him; he hadn't lost his sharpness even after all this time. He turned around and his eyes widened in horror at what he saw.

"You!" Was all he managed to get out in his surprise.

"You act surprised. Did you honestly think I could be defeated so easily? Foolish human! Now hold still…"


Meanwhile, Kouichi was walking swiftly to the park, hoping Kouji wouldn't be upset at his being late. He had just arrived and was nearing the meeting place when he heard a familiar cry of pain.

"Kouji!" He gasped, breaking into a run. The spot came into sight, and he momentarily froze when he saw Kouji's unmoving, bleeding form on the ground. "Kouji!" He yelled, rushing to his side and desperately feeling for a pulse.

Please don't let him be dead, please! He pleaded, and was relieved to feel the rhythmical beat, although it was not very strong. Now that he looked, he could see the faint rise and fall of Kouji's chest as he took slow, shallow breaths. Kouichi hastily took out his cell phone and dialed 911.

"911, what's the emergency?" A female voice asked.

"I need an ambulance out here right away! My brother is unconscious and losing a lot of blood!"

"What is your location?"

"Shinjuku Gyoen, southeast sector."

"I'll send someone over immediately."

"Thank you." He ended the call and returned his focus to Kouji. He noticed his brother was losing too much blood and began to try and slow the flow by taking off his shirt and using it to cover the worst of the wounds. Kouichi stayed by his side, constantly monitoring his brother's vitality to make sure he was still alive while he anxiously waited for help. A few minutes passed. There was still no sign of help, and he grew increasingly worried about Kouji, if that was even possible.

"Dammit, what's taking so long?!" Kouichi growled in frustration. "Kouji, please, hang in there…" Just as he began wondering if help was going to arrive in time, he heard the sirens. "About time," He breathed, getting up to watch the ambulance approach. It came to a stop and some men got out, ran over, and loaded Kouji up. Kouichi, not wanting to leave his brother, went up to one of them. "I can come too, right?" The man glanced at him briefly before nodding.

"Sure kid, just hop in, and stay out of the way." Kouichi nodded and jumped in, watching helplessly as they checked Kouji and took care of him best they could here. They finally reached the hospital, and the crew took Kouji away while a nurse questioned him.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"Kouichi Kimura."

"And him?"

"Kouji Minamoto, my brother. Our parents divorced and we were split up at a young age." He added, explaining the different last names. The nurse nodded, accepting it.

"What happened to him?"

"I don't know. We were going to meet in the park. As I made my way over there, I heard a scream, and found him lying there."

"You have no idea at all?"

"No. I didn't see anyone near him." She nodded.

"Thank you, Kouichi. You can sit over there and wait if you wish while he's in intensive care." Kouichi nodded and went to sit down in one of the chairs she had motioned to. He waited anxiously for a few minutes, hoping that Kouji was okay. His cell phone suddenly rang, causing him to jump. He took it out and answered.


"Hey Kouichi, did you hear?" Takuya asked excitedly from the other end.

"Hear what, Takuya?" Kouichi asked dully.

"Hear about the carnival, of course! It's in now!"

"Oh, yeah, I heard. Why?"

"We're all going to meet up there, okay? I already called the others."


"By the way, do you know anything about Kouji? I tried calling him, but there was no answer." Kouichi bit his lip, hesitating. Should he tell Takuya about this and get him worried for, what he hoped, no reason? "Kouichi?" Apparently, he had paused for too long, for there was alarm in Takuya's voice. No getting out of it now…

"Kouji…is in the hospital."

"What happened?!"

"I was going to meet up with him at the park, but when I got there, he was unconscious. His body was covered in gashes, and he was losing a lot of blood. Takuya, I'm worried about him. He's being taken care of, but when I saw him, he was hardly breathing!" There was momentary silence before Takuya spoke again, trying to comfort him and perhaps himself.

"Don't worry, he'll make it. Kouji's tough, remember?"


"Alright then, I'll tell the others. We'll come right over."

"Okay. Be careful."

"Like I said, don't worry." With that, they hung up.


Kouji found himself floating in darkness, numbly wondering where he was. He looked around, but could see nothing, feel nothing.

"Am I dead?" He wondered aloud, surprisingly calm.

"No, young warrior of light, you are not." A voice said, and he turned to see a familiar face. "Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Lobomon!" He said, smiling at the Spirit of Light, who returned it. The smile faded after a moment, however, as he answered. "Well, it's really dark, and… Oh, never mind that. Why are you here? Did something happen to the Digital World?" Lobomon sighed.

"As much as I wish this were only a pleasantry, there is in fact something up. The Legendary Warriors are needed once again."

"What's wrong now?"

"Our time together here is coming to an end; you will have to see for yourself when you get here. There's a carnival in your town; find the way back in through that. I will see you again on the other side." With that, Kouji's world faded back out into nothings, not even thought…


"So you have no idea at all what happened to him?" Junpei asked.

"None." Kouichi confirmed. A nurse walked in just then and looked to Kouichi.

"Are you Kouichi Kimura?" She asked. He nodded.

"Is Kouji okay?"

"He should be just fine. You may see him now if you wish."

"Thank you." He took a couple steps after the nurse then glanced at the others. "These are our friends. I think they'd like to see him too." They nodded. The nurse looked at them and pursed her lips for a moment before nodding.

"Alright, just don't crowd him. It may be a bit startling if he happens to wake up. And if you need anything, call one of us right away." He thanked her again and the group followed her into the elevator, up a couple floors, and down the hall. "He's right in here."

Kouichi opened the door and walked in, the rest of the group behind him. Their eyes fell upon Kouji, who still lay unconscious. His deep blue hair was tousled a bit, his bandanna off, and his body was covered in bandages. The room was filled with the steady beeping of the heart monitor and Kouji's breathing, which Kouichi noticed with great relief was much stronger than the shallow breaths he had been taking before.

"Oh," Izumi gasped. The group moved in around him, but remembered the nurse's advice to keep some distance.

"Who would've done this?" Tomoki asked. "It looks painful."

"Well, the nurse said he'd be all right…" Takuya said, sticking to the bright side of things. There was a light moan and they look to see Kouji stirring. Kouichi immediately got closer to his brother as he opened his eyes.

"Ngh…" Kouji moaned, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the bright hospital lights.

"Kouji?" Kouichi asked. "How do you feel?"

"Kou…ichi?" Kouji mumbled as he started to sit up, but stopped with a wince of pain. Kouichi gently pushed him back down.

"Easy there, you have some pretty bad cuts." Kouji let himself be put back down and looked around, his eyes and mind coming a little more into focus.

"Kouichi, Takuya, Izumi, Tomoki, Junpei... You're all here."

"It's been a while, huh?" Izumi stated.

"Yeah." He looked at himself and frowned at the bandages. "Man, what hit me?"

"You mean you don't know?!" Takuya said, disappointed. Everyone had wanted to know what did this to him. They all knew Kouji was strong, with or without his spirit evolution.

"No… I can't remember… What was I doing?"

"You were waiting for me at the park." Kouichi said.

"Right…." Kouji said thoughtfully, trying to remember what happened next.

"Ohh, this is all my fault!" Kouichi groaned.


"If I just hadn't been late, this wouldn't have happened! I could've been there too to help you, or do something!"

"Don't go blaming yourself now, Kouichi! Whatever happened was not your fault! And I'm glad you weren't there. You could've ended up just like me."

"Maybe, but-"

"And then who would've saved us? That part of the park is secluded."

"But…" Kouichi sighed. "Alright. So, how do you feel?"

"I'll be fine." Kouji said, then softened up a bit at Kouichi's expression. "Don't worry, it'll be okay." The nurse walked up to the door just then and looked in.

"You're all still here?" Then her eyes fell on Kouji. "Oh, you're awake! That's great! Well, I think you all should be going now. Kouji needs to rest. We'll be keeping him tonight just in case."

"W-wait!" Kouji said.

"What is it?" Takuya asked.

"There's something important I need to tell you," he said, growling in frustration, "but I just can't remember!"

"It's okay, Kouji, we'll come see you tomorrow, okay? You can sleep on it, and maybe then you'll remember."

"Well, it's starting to get late. See you."

"Bye." The group started out, but Kouichi paused by the door and turned to look back at Kouji.

"See you, brother. Hope you get better quick." Kouji smiled and nodded at him.

"Thanks, Kouichi." His friends all left, but Kouji first had to endure the questioning of the nurse before he could rest. He spent a bit of time struggling to figure out what had happened, and what he forgot that was important, but all to no avail and he eventually drifted off to sleep.


The next day, Kouichi and the gang had all kept to their promise and were making their way to the hospital. The nurse looked up as they all came in.

"Ah, you must be here to see Kouji."

"Yeah, we are." Junpei said.

"You may as well just wait down here. Kouji will be coming to check out at any moment."

"So he's fine then?" Izumi asked.

"Yes. He still should take it easy until the wounds have time to completely heal, but nothing serious is wrong with him."

"That's good to know." Kouichi said. They turned to look at the elevator just in time for it to open and reveal Kouji, who was looking more like himself than the pathetic boy lying on the hospital bed yesterday. They exchanged smiles and Kouji walked over to the group.

"Hey guys, you came just in time. I was just leaving."

"Well, it's good to see you looking better! How do you feel?" Takuya asked.

"Much better." He checked out and the group went outside.

"So, did you ever remember what you wanted to tell us?" Tomoki asked.

"No, I couldn't remember anything at all." Kouji sighed.

"That's alright." Takuya said. "Think you can handle the carnival, or should we wait for you to get better? We were going to go yesterday, but…"

"That's it!" Kouji exclaimed suddenly. Takuya jumped back a little and stared at him.

"What's it? Was it something I said?"

"Yeah, I remember now! The carnival! We have to go to the carnival!"

"Umm…so you're saying that the big important thing you had to tell us was to go to the carnival?" Junpei asked, staring at Kouji like he was nuts.

"It's not like you guys think. When I was unconscious, Lobomon came to me. He said the Digital World needed our help again and that the portal lays somewhere within the carnival." This turned everyone on the alert.

"What's wrong? Don't tell us Lucemon came back!" Takuya exclaimed.

"I don't know what's wrong. There wasn't enough time for Lobomon to tell me. Either way, I think we'd better go there fast." They all agreed and ran off to the carnival. Once inside, they began to wonder around the place.

"This place is huge! Where do we even start looking?" Tomoki asked.

"Good question." Takuya said. "Guess we just have to search the place top to bottom."

"That's real helpful." Junpei stated.

"But it's also the only thing we really can do right now."

"Kouji, are you sure Lobomon did say anything about the exact location of it?"

"He didn't." Kouji said. "Just be glad that he could tell us this much." With that, he started to move on along with the rest of the group. Junpei sighed.

"You're all just loads of help," He sighed, following.

"I can't wait to find the portal!" Takuya said. "The Digital World was starting to kinda feel like a second home to me. And to be able to use the power of the Spirits again…"

"I wonder if we'll see Bokomon and Neemon again." Tomoki wondered.

"I hope so. I really miss the little guys." Izumi said. They all began to search, but Kouji stopped, feeling something strange. An image of the House of Mirrors appeared in his mind. His eyes widened a bit. That was odd. He regained his composure when he heard a voice though.

"Hey Kouji, why are you just standing there?" Kouichi asked. "Something wrong?"

"I know where the portal is," He declared suddenly. They all stared at him.

"But I thought you just said that Lobomon didn't tell you where it was!"

"He didn't. I don't know how, but I just know. Follow me." They all did as he said and went into the House of Mirrors.

"Here?" Takuya asked, frowning. Kouji nodded.

"One of these mirrors is actually the portal."

"Huh. Well then," He started looking around and took one mirror into his sights. "I think it's this one!" He ran straight at it and collided only with glass.

"You know, Takuya, you didn't have to run.…" Izumi said.

"But…I thought for sure it was this one…." Kouji received an image of someone walking through the mirror right next to the one Takuya ran into and walked over to it.

"It's this one." He said.

"Y-yeah, I meant to hit that one!" Takuya said, trying, and failing, to cover up his mistake. Kouji walked towards the mirror and went straight through it in a flash of light.

"Wow," Tomoki said. "I wonder how he knew that all of a sudden."

"Maybe it's Lobomon?" Izumi suggested.

"Hey guys, you coming or not?" Takuya asked, standing ready to jump into the mirror.

"Of course we are!"

"Well then get moving! Last one in is the rotten digi egg!" He said, diving in.

"That's no fair!"

"Well, I'm not gonna be the rotten digi egg!" Tomoki said, running through.

"Neither am I!" Junpei said, starting for it too. However, he tripped just short of the mirror, over what, who knows.

"That's what you think!" Izumi said, walking past him.

"Aw man!" Junpei groaned, getting up and hurrying through. He came to join the group, and was greeted with Izumi's smirk.

"Looks like you're not only a rotten digi egg, but a clumsy one too!"

"Oh, shut up, Izumi!" She giggled, but didn't taunt him further, instead looking at their surroundings with the rest of the group. They were standing in a peaceful looking field, a blue sky, and calm breeze. Ahead was a small, familiar town.

"Hey, isn't that where Bokomon and Neemon live?" Tomoki asked. Takuya nodded.

"Flame Terminal! We're back!" They all walked into the town and looked around.

"Umm…so does anyone know where exactly to find them at?"

"Let's ask one of those guys." Izumi suggested, motioning towards a group of digimon.

"Alright, but just steer clear of the Pagumon." Junpei said. He hadn't forgotten being attacked by a horde of them for chocolate. He and Tomoki may have been goners then if it hadn't been for Kouji. Izumi nodded. That was something all of them but Kouichi, who hadn't shown up until much later due to an accident in the real world, remembered.

Just when Izumi was going over to ask for directions, something hit Takuya from behind and sent him tumbling to the ground.

"OOF!" He groaned.

"Sorry!" A familiar voice said. The pressure left Takuya's back and he looked up to see two familiar digimon.

"Bokomon, Neemon!" He said. They stopped and turned, recognizing him now that they looked.

"Takuya?!" Bokomon gasped, staring with wide eyes.

"You're all back!" Neemon cheered. They ran over to the group.

"Yeah, in the flesh!" Takuya said. "Looks like we're meeting just like old times, too."

"What on earth are you all doing back here? I thought for sure that we'd never see you again!" Bokomon said.

"That's what we thought too. But anyway, we're back to help!"

"Help? With what?"

"You know, the old drill. The Digital World's in trouble, so we came back to save it again."

"But we're not in any trouble." Neemon said, then hesitated and looked to Bokomon. "Right?"

"For once you're right. As far as we know, there's no problems in the Digital World." The group glanced at each other then stared at Kouji.

"Hey! What're you all looking at me for?!" He demanded. "Lobomon said there was trouble!"

"Maybe that assault made you delusional." Takuya suggested. "Maybe you only imagined Lobomon…."

"I am NOT delusional! Besides, how else would I know that portal was there if Lobomon's message wasn't real?!"

"Lucky guess?"

"And just what are the odds of that?" Takuya sighed.

"Okay, you have a point…."

"I get the feeling that we're missing out on something here…." Bokomon said.

"Right. Kouji got attacked by something yesterday, and when he woke up, he said Lobomon told him the Digital World needed us all again."

"Yeah, then after saying Lobomon said nothing about the portal's location, he goes off and takes us directly to it saying he knew!" Junpei said. "So, Kouji, just what's going on here?"

"How should I know?! I'm just doing what I was told!"

"Alright boys, that's enough! This isn't helping!" Izumi said. Kouji sighed.

"I don't understand…Lobomon said that things would become clear once we arrived. He said he'd be here…."

"And so I am." They all turned to see all the spirits standing there. They each shouted the names of their spirits with glee.







"Nice to see you all too!" Agunimon said.

"It's about time you showed up." Kouji said. "They were starting to believe I was crazy."

"Well, no worries now." Lobomon said. "For that, at least."

"Yeah, about that. What's going on?" Takuya asked.

"We fear that we have not seen the last of the corruption." The Spirit of Light said.

"There are stirrings of ancient evil yet again." Loewemon said.

"Could you stop being so cryptic, please?" Takuya asked. "Just spit it out. What ancient evil? Can't be Lucemon again…can it?"

"Yeah, it's Lucemon alright." Agunimon said.

"Man, that guy just doesn't learn to stay down, does he? Well, whatever. We'll just become Susanoomon again and kick his butt!"

"You could, but it's not going to be so easy as that. You're going to have to get used to fusing with us again after all this time."

"Oh, great…we're not going to have as much trouble as we did last time though, are we?" None of them were really looking forward to having to learn to control their Beast Spirits again. The only ones who didn't have a problem controlling them at first was Izumi for unknown reasons, and Kouichi because he had his mind set on protecting the group from Cherubimon.

"You'll most likely have trouble, but I can't say how much." Takuya groaned at this. "But hey, at least we're together again, right? Or did you not miss me?"

"No, don't get me wrong!" Takuya said. "I love being a digimon!" Agunimon nodded and grinned.

"That's what I thought. So, you ready to feel the heat again?"

"You bet!" The Spirit of Fire dashed straight into Takuya's body, taking him by surprise.

"Whoa! Man that feels weird! But also so right!" He grinned. "I'm on fire again!"

"Hey Izumi, ready to soar the skies again?" Kazemon asked.

"You know it!" Izumi answered. The Spirit of Wind flew into her. "Wow! It feels like a part of me that I hadn't even realized was missing returned!"

"Ready to give our enemies an electrifying punch they'll never forget, Junpei?" Beetlemon asked.

"Oh yeah!" Junpei cheered, and Beetlemon joined with him. "I feel more energetic, like I could run around the world! Erm, but not really…." He quickly corrected himself before he was challenged to by Izumi, who was giving him that look.

"Tomoki, you ready to scare those bullies frozen?" Kumamon asked.

"Of course!" Tomoki said. The Spirit of Ice became one with him. "Haha, I feel like no monster will be able to frighten me!"

"Kouichi, ready to bring out the best in the shadows?" Loewemon asked.

"Absolutely." Kouichi said. Loewemon fused with him, and Kouichi, quiet one of the group, simply smiled.

"Okay, Kouji, ready to purify evil in the name of the light?" Lobomon asked.

"Yeah." Kouji said. Lobomon melded with him, and immediately they both felt strange, and not in a good way like the others. It was a wrenching haze filling their bodies and minds, not exactly painful, but it sent chills through them both. It held them there, making them unable to do anything but stand there staring with wide eyes.

"Kouji? What's wrong?" Kouichi asked worriedly when his brother did nothing but stand there. The sound of his voice broke the trance though, and Kouji blinked, composing himself before the others saw his expression.

"No, sorry, nothing's wrong. It just felt so good to be reunited with Lobomon." Kouji lied. No reason to get the others worried when it was probably nothing. The others seemed to buy it, all except Kouichi. While the others began to speak with Bokomon and Neemon, Kouichi came closer and began to speak with Kouji.

"Now don't you go trying to give me that crap, Kouji."

"What do you mean 'crap'? Don't you believe me?"

"No. Remember when you said that when I suffer, you do too? Well, the same goes for me. I know something is wrong with you."

"Okay, okay, geez. It was probably just leftover pain from my wounds. You happy?"

"I guess. But remember, it's okay to be 'weak' sometimes. If anything at all is wrong, then you can tell me, okay? I mean, what are brothers for?" Kouji nodded.

"Okay, Kouichi. Thanks."

"Hey, Kouji, Kouichi, you guys gonna come practice with your spirits? We're gonna need as much warming up as possible to take out Lucemon again!" Takuya called. The two brothers looked at each other and nodded.

"Be right there!" Kouji called back. They ran over to where the others were already practicing. BurningGreymon was having a bit of a coordination problem, but he wasn't completely flipping out like last time. In fact, all them were having a few problems, even Zephyrmon, who didn't have a problem before. Kouji couldn't help smirking.

"What's the matter, O Graceful Warrior of the Wind?" He teased. She scowled.

"Just wait until you evolve! You're probably going to end up running into rocks again!"

"The great Kouji ran into a bunch of rocks?" Kouichi said, smirking at him. "This I have to see!"

"Knock it off, Kouichi! Let's see how well you fair this time!"

"Alright, let's see who tops who!" They both took out their D-Tectors. "Execute, Beast Spirit Evolution!" Kouichi called, and went through the transformation. "JagerLoewemon!" He then tried to show off, but ended up falling down. "Ugh! It's not so easy without the immediate motivation I had last time…." He groaned. Kouji smirked.

"Well, I guess it's my turn. Execute, Beast Spirit Evolution!" He went through the transformation then and howled upon completion. "KendoGarurumon!" He put on the super speed and was off, circling the others without a problem. "Heh, well what about that! No trouble at all this time!"

"Aw, Kouji, no fair! How'd you do that?" BurningGreymon demanded.

"I guess I'm just a natural!"

"Just wait until I get a hold of you!"

"First I think you need to get a hold of yourself!"

"Alright, boys, knock it off." Bokomon said. "So, I guess this means we'll all be going on another adventure, and of course I'll be accompanying you."

"Me too!" Neemon chimed in.

"Of course, we wouldn't have it any other way!" Korikakumon said.

"Before we leave, though, you guys should probably get in control of your spirits again." KendoGarurumon said.

"Yeah, I guess he's right." Zephyrmon sighed.

"I'll be over here taking it easy for a bit since I already seem to have it under control." He said walking away from the group. He was about to go back to human form when a voice that sounded like it belonged to a little girl spoke.

"Sorry, sweety, but you can't rest just yet. I didn't come all this way to see the Legendary Warrior of Light laying around."

"Huh?" KendoGarurumon turned to see a small pink and purple bunny with crescent moon designs.

"You heard me. I wanna fight. Let's go!" Sure, the bunny didn't look strong, but Kouji had already come to learn that things aren't always as they appear to be in the Digital World.

"Are you sided with Lucemon?"

"Of course! Now stop stalling, or are you afraid, puppy?"

"You're one to talk, little bunny! If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get!"

"Hmph, little, huh? We'll just have to do something about that, won't we? Lunamon digivolve to Lekismon!" The small bunny that was standing before him turned into a bigger one that was slightly insane looking, but then most things were here. "Alright, let's get this party started! Moon Night Kick!" She jumped up into the air and started down, aiming right at KendoGarurumon. He was too fast however, and managed to dodge.

"Too slow!" He said. "Now it's my turn! Howling Star!" He started dashing around at super speeds and sliced out at Lekismon with his Howling Blades. She was pretty quick too and managed to dodge most of it, but he did hit her once. She jumped back and smirked at him.

"Hmm, not too bad. But let's see how you stand up against this. Tear Arrow!" She began firing arrows made of ice at him. He managed to dodge most, but did get hit by a couple. After he was hit, he stopped dashing around and faced her.

"Lupine Laser!" He called, firing powerful beams of energy from his mouth. He matched her arrow for arrow, and almost even hit her once.

"Gah!" She cried, pulling back as it almost got her. "You're quick. Guess it's only to be expected since you managed to hold out against the great Lucemon for so long. Time to slow you down, wolf boy! Moon Night Bomb!" She created a ball of water and threw it at KendoGarurumon. It hit him, but seemed to do nothing.

"Was that supposed to be an attack! Path…e…tic…." He trailed off into a yawn. What's going on? I'm so sleepy all of a sudden…

"Ha! Well, now, wolfy, nighty-night! Moon Night Kick!" She leapt forth and delivered a powerful kick into KendoGarurumon's side, sending him flying back as he turned back into his human self. "You must still be a bit rusty after all that time, huh?" She spoke as she casually walked over to Kouji's side, who was struggling to keep awake.

"St-stay away…."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you now. Just checking out the goods. See you later!" She said, then turned and ran. Kouji watched after her, but his vision blurred and he ended up getting overwhelmed by the sleepiness.


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