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-Chapter One: Book of Wishes-


A word that means lacking of interest, tedious, dull, dreary, mind-numbing, tiresome, lackluster, unexciting, monotonous, repetitive, wearisome, humdrum, uninspiring…

Unfortunately, 'boring' was Uchiha Sasuke's chosen word to describe this day.

Well, he won't consider the day boring if 99.99% of his fan girls would commit suicide right before his eyes. All they did was to scream, scream, and super scream... also include the ultra mega scream. How he wished to put a sack of tomatoes in each of their mouths just to stop them from screaming one of their common lines: 'Sasuke-kun, I love you!' but he couldn't. Why? Because tomatoes were damn precious!


That's Uchiha Sasuke's chosen word to describe his fan girls.

He sighed. He walked towards a vending machine and bought his all-time favorite, tomato juice. He sat down on a bench and drank a little amount of the liquid, trying to invigorate his throat.


The word best described his favorite drink. At least, it made him forget the troubles and the annoying things he commonly experienced once he was at school. He finished his drink in no time and tried to shoot it into the trash can. Unluckily, he put too much force into it so his 'three-point shot' was a failure.

"U-Uchiha-san… I t-think you s-shouldn't be just relaxing there or e-else y-you'll be late for c-class…"

A soft, angelic voice surprised him. He turned to where the voice came from and found an indigo-haired girl with beautiful lavender eyes. She had pale skin that made her tiny pink blush obvious.

Hyuuga Hinata.

She was his classmate. She was a top student, she knew how to play the piano very well and she seemed to be the only girl who was uninterested in him. Meaning, she was not a fan girl. And, to tell you the truth, that made Sasuke disappointed. He couldn't believe he couldn't make Hinata, the woman he liked,fall for him.

"S-Sasuke? Are y-you okay?" He snapped back to reality.

"Hn." He tried to keep his cold character.

She started to poke her index fingers together, her usual way. "I-I t-think we should hurry. It's already 7:33 and c-classes start at 8 on the d-dot."

"Fine." He quickly stood up from his seat and walked to the direction where the school was. He stopped when he noticed she was still standing there. "Let's walk together, ne?"

"Hmm!" She nodded with a smile.


Her smile was perfect. How her hair moved was perfect. Her eyes were perfect. Everything about her was perfect. She was nice, gentle humble, kind…

Good thing, the school gates were still open. It clearly meant that they were not late. Now that he was at school, he needed to be ready for getting tired because for sure, there would be lots of fan girls coming after him during breaks.

He put his hands in his pocket to warm them up. "Hinata, what's our first subject?"

"A-Ancient Hist-tory…" she stammered nervously.

He smirked. "Good." He took a glance at her. "Come on." He led the way then stopped and looked at the indigo-haired girl. "One more thing, 'Sasuke' is fine."

Hinata caught that quickly. She had better get used to calling him 'Sasuke'.

Sasuke slowly twisted the doorknob for them to go inside, but then… a loud voice interrupted.


Uzumaki Naruto.

Unbelievably, he was Sasuke Uchiha's best friend. He was always full of energy and he also had an optimistic mind. As a matter of fact, he didn't mind if there were people who saw him as an idiot. Naruto had a crush on Haruno Sakura, Sasuke's number one fan girl. She had pink hair and always tried to attract the infamous Uchiha.

He quickly jumped on Sasuke, making the latter lose his balance. "How've you been doing? It's a 'long time, no see', eh?"

"Naruto… the last time I saw you was when you came to my house, yesterday." He raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, right. Okay, then it's a 'short time, no see'!" Sasuke sighed for the idiotism of his friend. Naruto, then, noticed the indigo-haired girl beside his best friend. "Hinata! Nice to see you too!" He smiled his usual smile… that made Hinata blush more.

Hinata arbored secret feelings for Naruto.


The scenario was really disappointing for Sasuke.

"N-nice to see y-you again, N-Naruto…"

He grinned. "Well, I think we should better get inside now. Anko-sensei will surely get angry once she sees us still here standing outside."


Hinata nodded to show that she agreed.

All of their friends were there… Hinata could see Shino and Kiba talking about dogs and insects; Sakura with Ino talking about, as usual, Sasuke; Gaara looked bored; same as Shikamaru and Chouji.

"Morning everyone!" Naruto quickly headed towards his seat beside Sakura. Sasuke sat beside Naruto while Hinata sat behind Sasuke, sitting in between her two best friends: Kiba and Shino.

"Sasuke-kun! I've been waiting for you." She looked at him from head to toe. "As expected, you're cool as ever!" she said, smiling happily.


After a few seconds, someone interrupted. It was their teacher, Asuma-sensei. He walked into the classroom seemingly bored. They were all quiet to show some respect.

"Good morning class, I'm Sarutobi Asuma but you can call me Asuma-sensei if you want. Starting today, I'm going to be your Ancient History teacher."

All of them sighed. History was more boring than interesting.

Sasuke knew that this class was a good time to rest his mind and sleep. Gosh, all he heard was legends, theories, etcetera. He also heard about a hundred-year-old book that granted everything you'd write in it. Asuma-sensei said that it was called the 'Book of Wishes'. Well, that was really impossible.

"Asuma-sensei, what does the book look like?" Naruto seemed to be interested.

Asuma cleared his throat. "Well, the professionals said that it has a yin and yang symbol and different unknown characters on its cover, but where it is now is what I don't know. One day, the book was nowhere to be found inside the Konoha museum. Rumors said that it suddenly vanished or its ghost owner got it. Others said that some people stole it."

"Geez, I want to have a book like that!" Naruto pouted his lips.

"Well, good luck Naruto. Hope you can find one," Sakura said as she tried to fix her hair.

"I surely will! Just wait and see!" All of them sighed.

-bell rings-

Several hours later, school time was finally finished. The students hurriedly got out of the room except for 'the' Sasuke Uchiha. He liked looking at the view outside the window, reflecting… thinking.

"TEME! Are you going home or not?" Naruto raised his eyebrow, not leaving a big smile on his face. The pressure of silence was killing him.

Sasuke just stood up, not answering Naruto. He partly waved his hand to say goodbye and walked through the doorway.

'I knew this day would be nothing else but dreary.'

He looked at the sky as he walked on the sidewalk not minding those fan girls he encountered. He stopped by at a small store to buy juice. It was already 5:18 to be exact and he was now on his way back home. An empty place was waiting for him.

He started living alone when his father and mother died and his brother worked abroad. His brother was busy improving the Uchiha Corp. He became independent when he was still at the age of twelve. Unbelievable but true.

He threw the empty can in the trash can located at a small dark path.


He got to admit that the sound shocked him a bit. He took a glance at the trash can and saw a black cat with green

"Hn." Sasuke probably hit the cat.


He slowly went near the cat with his hands inside his pockets. He stared at it. Well, it looked like a deathly stare fight had started. The cat stepped back, making a small thing fall from the trash can. Sasuke curiously picked it up. God, he didn't even know why he was picking up a piece of trash.

He scrutinized the thing he was holding and what he saw made his eyes widen. The thing in the trash can, the thing he picked up, the thing he was holding right now was a book. It was a book with a yin and yang symbol and different unknown characters on the front.

If he was right, this book was the 'Book of Wishes'.


Hmm, I guess this day isn't that boring after all.

-Chapter One: Ended-

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