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-Chapter Five: Important Person-

She turned her body to the side, trying to find a comfortable position. Sweat almost covered her body, making her feel irritated. She couldn't explain the feeling. It was like her mind was rambling. Her head was aching madly. It almost made her swear to care for herself from then on.

"Damn," she heard someone whisper with the screeching noise of the broken glass. She mumbled to get the person's attention.

"Hinata, is there something you want?" That was when she gained her consciousness. From that familiar voice, she knew she was at Sasuke's house. "Hinata?"

"SASUKE?!" She jumped into a sitting position with a shocked face. "I-I s-slept here?"

Sasuke went nearer to her. "Yes. You slept here."

"On y-your b-bed?" No, she was not imagining weird pictures.

"Yes, on my bed. Don't worry. I slept on the sofa." He put the back of his right hand on her forehead, trying to feel her temperature. "Your temperature is almost okay."

Sasuke sat on a chair beside his bed not minding the glass he broke. He looked at her with a concerned and slight happy expression. He saw Hinata covering her body with the blanket. "So, Hinata… what do you want to eat?"

She coughed, clearing her throat. "No. Y-You d-don't have to. I'm b-better now. I g-guess I'm going home. Thank you." She actually tried not to stutter but failed miserably.

"No. It's my fault that you had a fever and I'm not just going to let you leave like that." He sighed without his cool presence leaving.

"B-but having m-me s-sleep here—" Sasuke put his pointing finger to her lips making her stop.

He leaned closely to her ear and whispered. "Just tell me what you want to eat." He looked at her seeing a surprised and blushing Hinata.

She gulped. "P-Porridge?"

Embarrassed, he had to admit he didn't know how to make porridge. As his excuse, he told himself that prodigies don't make porridge. He was panicking at the kitchen.

Honestly, he only knew how to cook fried chicken and eggs and that was all. Sometimes he'd just cook instant noodles as his soup. Sasuke remembered his mother often made him some but he never went to the kitchen while she was making it. That was why he had no idea.

He looked at the sink. The glass he'd broken a while ago was still scattered there. He sighed. He needed to act like he knew what he was doing so that Hinata wouldn't worry.

Sasuke peeped into his bedroom. Hinata was lying on his bed calmly. He quickly ran into his bathroom and brought out his phone. He didn't care what other people would think of him after this. He dialed the number of the first person that came into his mind.

He could hear rings and after a few seconds, someone answered.

"Hey teme! What do y—"

"DOBE! TELL ME HOW TO MAKE PORRIDGE!" He was panting. He made sure Hinata didn't hear that. A little bit later, he could here laughs from the other line.

"TEME?! Are you even human? Making porridge is so simple, you know." Naruto chuckled which made Sasuke really annoyed.

"Tsk. Prodigies don't do porridge!" He calmed his self down.

Sasuke could sense Naruto wearing an evil smile. He could imagine it too. "Uh, Sasuke. I won't tell you until you say 'please'." He chuckled devilishly.


"Ne, ne Sasuke. Are you still there?"

Sasuke ran his hands through his hair and made a 'tch' sound twice. "Screw you."

Naruto cleared his throat. "Sasuke. You're getting deaf now. I said, say 'please', not 'screw you'."

Geez. Sasuke was thinking of what would happen to his reputation and dignity if he said that to a dumb person like his best friend, Naruto. It would be much worse than embarrassment. "Just tell me how, dobe!"

"HEY! You forgot to say 'please'!" Naruto was probably laughing inside.

Sasuke groaned. "P-"

"Hmm?" Naruto was getting excited.

Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed. "Please?" For the first time, Sasuke learned what the word 'defeat' meant. "Now , tell me!"

Naruto couldn't hold his laugh anymore." Okay. Okay. Very good, teme." He told Sasuke how to make the food Hinata wanted. "That's it. Now, say thank you."

"Die." Sasuke hung up the phone. If only he knew that he'd just boil rice, then Naruto wouldn't meet his pleasure.

Sasuke measured about one and a half cup of rice, enough for Hinata, into the saucepan and rinsed it twice with water. He needed to do this quick. He added roughly twelve cups of water and three drops of oil. He put the saucepan on stove top and brought it to boil. He stirred it occasionally.

After a few minutes, the rice turned into a porridge-like texture. Surprisingly, it made him feel that he did a great job—even though it was just porridge that he cooked.

He went to his bedroom and handed the food to Hinata. She couldn't help smiling at him.

"T-Thank you, Sasuke." She tasted the food as Sasuke sat down beside her. "It's good. T-Thanks again."

He smirked. "Hn. It was nothing." He coughed.


While Hinata was enjoying her specially-made-by-Sasuke breakfast, she remembered something important. How could she possibly forget about their project? "Ah. The p-project! I'm s-sorry we didn't f-finish it.

He looked at her. "You should at least think about yourself." He raised an eyebrow.

Hinata bowed her head. "S-sorry."

Sasuke stood up and opened his closet. Hinata just looked at him, confused. He was searching for any cloth that has a smaller size. When he finally got one, he gave it gently to her.

Hinata scrutinized the blue cloth with an Uchiha logo at the back.

"Change your clothes."

Hinata looked up. She wondered if she smells that bad. After all, she was covered with sweat… or maybe not.

Sasuke went out at his bedroom. He was actually blushing slightly. He needed to get out before it worsened.

Hinata changed her clothes. She got to admit, it was very comfortable. She searched for a mirror and lucky, there was one beside his closet. It looked great on her. It was like she was one of the Uchiha clan now.

Sasuke was on the sofa, listening to his iPod. He reflected for a while. The book came into his mind. Earlier, he was planning to cure Hinata by the book's powers but he chose not to. He wanted to make her feel better all by himself. It was his entire fault, anyway.

"S-Sasuke?" He snapped back to reality. He saw Hinata walking towards him. She was still kind of dizzy. She tried to maintain her balance while walking towards him.

He quickly stood up and helped her. "You should rest inside the room."

Hinata smiled at him. She was so bored. Sasuke sat beside her. "Love songs…" he whispered.

"Hm?" Hinata raised an eyebrow. She didn't catch what Sasuke said.

"Love songs. Girls love them, right?" He started the conversation.

Hinata noticed his iPod. "I g-guess? Y-You have th-those kinds of s-songs?" She half smiled.

Sasuke smirked as he fixed his hair. "Well, my brother used to get my iPod and put all the songs he wanted. Some of them are love songs."

"Y-Your brother?" She couldn't believe he had one.

"Yes." He leaned closer to her. "He's a gay." Sasuke chuckled under his breath when he saw Hinata widen her eyes. "Kidding." He hid his grin but Hinata still saw that.

"Y-You're bad." She pushed him with a minimum force.

He gazed at the ceiling. "But only the gay part is untrue. Want to hear some?" He offered her the right earphone. She took it without saying a word and put it in her ear. Sasuke smiled, surprisingly.

They were listening to David Archuleta's 'To Be With You'.

The music was so relaxing. The melody was so good. Sasuke actually didn't like those kind of melodies but it was okay, as long as Hinata was happy. As they were listening to the song, they noticed that they drew closer and closer with each other. Hinata was comfortable with him and it was so warming.

Hinata closed her eyes and didn't notice that her head was already on Sasuke's shoulder, making Sasuke transform smiles into smirks. As a result, he smirked three times.

He took a glance at her. She was sound asleep. He searched for her hand and held it not too tight so that Hinata won't wake up. Pink lines formed on his cheeks. He just couldn't control blushing anymore.

At this moment, he wanted to get the book and wish that time would pass very…


"Argh." He opened his eyes. He couldn't believe he also fell asleep. Good thing, he woke up earlier than Hinata or else he'd wake up by her screaming 'PERVERT!' because he was holding her hand. But- Hinata was nothing like that.

He slowly let go of her hand as he looked at her. She was cute when she was sleeping. He also noticed that Hinata looked nice with his clothes. He declared that soon, she'll be a true part of the Uchiha clan.


He stood up and fixed his pants before going to the kitchen. He got a glass of water to prevent his throat from drying.

It was a long but happy day. He sighed as he went back to the living room. He was about to sit when suddenly, he heard knocks causing Hinata to wake up. She moaned.

"S-Sasuke? W-What's that?" She rubbed her eyes and looked up at him.

"I think I have a visitor." He directed his gaze at the brown, plain door. "I'm going to get it." Hinata nodded as her response.

He slowly twisted the door knob. He had no idea who it was. As he opened the door, he saw a pale man who as tall as he was. He had long brown hair and clear, white eyes.

A Hyuuga?

Now he was sure it would be really… a long day.

-Chapter Five: Ended-

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