AN: [5/21/01] Here you go, guys, an early Michiru word dump. As it really wouldn't fit anywhere else, I figured 'what the heck' and put it here. I do remember what I was feeling when I wrote this (I wrote it sitting in my closet - I swear this is true! In fact, I used to sleep in my closet. XD) and the emotions fit well enough with the guidelines I 'set' for this collection. Anyway, enjoy some more purrpickle classicness. :D

Not long before Michiru left Usagi, she found that she had become too attached to the younger girl.

Not surprisingly, Usagi found that her own feelings rivaled those of Michiru.

So, one night, when Michiru could not take it anymore, she left and took all of her belongings with her, vowing only to come back when she knew for certain that Usagi was taken.


"Mama, the girls and I are going to the mall."

"Okay honey, have fun." Silently, Ikuko watched her older child put on her shoes and exit the house. Only after years of practice could Ikuko see the wistful look Usagi gave the picture on the side table before she opened the door and stepped out.

Walking over to the table, she picked up the photograph and brought it closer to her.

A young Usagi had her arm around another young girl who had shoulder length aqua-sea-green hair tied up in a ponytail. The girl had her face close to Usagi's, her deep cerulean eyes gazing at Usagi in un-faked happiness. Usagi, in turn, had her face turned mostly towards the camera, her tongue stuck impudently out of the corner of her mouth. Her right hand was over the other girl's head in the universal sign of 'bunny ears' and her long blonde hair fell gently down over her shoulder, slightly obscuring her friend who was indignantly pushing it back.

But Usagi's eyes were only for the older girl's. Ikuko, even by just looking at the picture, could tell the bond the two girls shared.

"Michiru, Usagi misses you so much; why did you leave?"

With one more glance at the photograph, she reset it back onto the table and tilted it so Usagi could easily see it on her way out the door.

As if addressing the lone picture of Michiru, and not Usagi, Ikuko frowned sadly and shook her head, "I see her writing you letters every day, Michiru. Of course, she can't send them, and always crumples them up. She misses you greatly, and I can't stand how she holds herself now. So uncertain… So afraid that one small mistake will make the whole world collapse all around her.

"Michiru, it was like you were my daughter's reliability; you held her up.

"She loved you… And I believe you returned those feelings…

"Michiru, if you can hear me, please come back. Usagi needs you.

"I'm afraid she's getting clumsier and seems so much more uncertain of herself lately."

Blinking back tears she was surprised to have, Ikuko once more fixed the photograph and then trailed her fingers down the cheek of her daughter's smiling face.

"So happy…"

Depressed by her thoughts, Ikuko walked to the kitchen and started making dinner.

The image of her smiling daughter flashed before her eyes, and she murmured, just low enough to get lost behind the grinding of the blender, "She was so happy then…"


Smiling at the joke one of the other girl's said, she sighed and idly tapped her ear. It was ringing again.

Shifting her bag to her other hand, she blinked, then blinked again. Slowing down, she accidentally jostled into one of the others.

"Jeez, Usagi-chan, watch where you're going!" a black haired teen said, humphing when she ran into Usagi's elbow.

Closing her eyes tightly till they watered, Usagi shook her head and opened her eyes warily, only to shut them again. Fully stopping, she raised a hand to her forehead as a pounding headache played tag with her heartbeat.

Lifting her eyelids manually, a trembling frown forced its way across her face and she dropped to her knees. Clenching her hands into fists, she dug her nails into her palms and took deep shuddering breaths.

"Usagi! What's wrong? What's happening??"


"But Michiru, what's wrong with my cologne?"

"It's too overpowering. Here, I think this one is better."

Grabbing a bottle off of the shelf, she handed it to the seemingly male next to her. Suddenly the bottle dropped from her hand with a gasp, and the young teen snapped her head violently towards the center of the store.

"Usagi! Usagi-chan! What's wrong? What's happening??"

Forcing herself to walk over there, her face white an body trembling, Michiru could not help but gasp at the scene in front of her.

Her heart beating in her chest a thousand times faster than normal, it suddenly stopped as soon as Michiru's eyes alit on the sole person she was avoiding. Gulping in air at an alarming rate, she reached a hand out, trembling violently as tears crawled down the sides of her face, harsh sobs erupting from her mouth. She collapsed to the ground, her heart beat thundering in her ears, effectively drowning out her companion's frenzied question.

She started forward.


Usagi knew the second she heard the startled gasp that resonated through her whole body over the frantic question of her friends that she was there.

Slowly turning her face towards the area she was in, Usagi trembled violently and shrugged off the curious hands of her friends.

Blindly reaching out a hand, she crawled forwards, barely breathing, her heart beating in her chest so loud, she was surprised it wasn't bursting out.

Her hand brushed lightly against something warm, calming; Usagi gasped as a delightful shiver sparked through her body and she surged forward, tears flowing down her face as she clutched fabric desperately in her fists, burying her head in silky hair.

Feeling trembling against her body, Usagi clutched tighter, almost gasping as she felt hesitant arms wrap around her back.

Whispering raggedly, blocking everything else out, Usagi sobbed.

"You're back… Oh god, you're back… You're back… You're here… You're here…"

Opening her eyes, she watched as the black film rolled away and cerulean eyes pierced into her, tears piling up and falling from those eyes.

"Yes… I'm here," Michiru slowly nodded and craned her head forward, lightly kissing some tears away from Usagi's face with lips that trembled.

She bolted.