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It had been a peaceful day until Aion suddenly decided to let out a big, loud, disgusting burp. Rosette grimaced "You're so gross!" she snapped, making the white haired teen smirk "Thank you dear!" he replied proudly.

Rosette huffed "I can't believe that thing is actually your brother Chrno." She said to the teen with purple hair next to her.

Chrno was too absorbed in the TV, his arm draped around the girl's shoulders "I love you too hun." He simply replied, not removing his eyes one second from the screen. She rolled her eyes and bonked him on his head "I was talking about that thing next to you, which unfortunately has to be your brother." She grumbled

Chrno blinked, then turned his face towards her "Did you say something love?"

She let out a frustrated growl and crossed her arms "Men!" she grumbled, confusing the purple haired teen further. Aion started to laugh, though not for long. The telephone suddenly started ringing loudly and he tiredly got up.

"Yo!" he greeted whoever it was in the other end. Suddenly he paled "Oh no I-I-I meant "Good day!" Heheheheheheh..."

Rosette blinked, she had never heard Aion that nervous. It was silent for a while, then Aion spoke again "No we're absolutely fine... no we're not hanging around with that kind of girls... no not guys either... WHAT???? No I mean... of-of course you're welcome... when?" the blonde heard him curse lowly under his breath. Then he tried to prevent whoever was on the phone in coming. As far as she could hear that didn't work.

"Fine... yes see you tomorrow then... bye!" he hung up with a deep and depressed sigh. He trudged back to the couch where he let himself plop harshly down onto it "We're so dead bro!" he muttered dramatically "Start digging your grave..."

Chrno blinked "Huh? What's up?"

"Guess who just called..."


"Mother and Father are coming on a visit tomorrow... and you know what that means..."

Chrno blanched and cursed. He let his head fall backwards and onto the backrest "Why didn't you tell them off?" he grumbled annoyed "How are we supposed to clean up this mess in that short time?"

Rosette leaned on him and asked "What is with your parents?"

Chrno lift his head and looked at her seriously "First of all they are very snobby... They send us money for the living..." he explained "They expect us to be perfect gentlemen... with great notes and a perfect lifestyle... the total opposite of what we are now so to speak, and if they find that out, they'll refuse to send us the needed money... and maybe send us on a school for real gentlemen."

Aion nodded "And just look around-" he pointed at the clothing spread out over the floor, the many empty beer bottles and the thick layers of dust on every shelve and the TV and all the other chaos. The smell of manly sweat wasn't very nice either. Aion rubbed the bridge of his nose "-it looks as if a bomb has exploded here... it will take weeks to clean this dump up..."

Rosette got up "Then let's start as long as there is time for it," She said and held up a fist "Get your lazy butts out of that couch and get on with it."

Aion sighed "I guess your right Rose... let's get to it bro!" Aion agreed, getting up from the couch as well and then stretching widely. Chrno nodded with a sigh "Alright... where to start?"

Rosette took a look around "Aion, you take the kitchen... Chrno you make the bottles disappear and I'll take the living room... when we're done with that, we take the rest." Both boys agreed and started the big task. Aion grimaced as he saw the big pile of unwashed dishes. He noticed a piece of an old pizza; something green and fuzzy already appearing on the surface "Ew Yuck" He found some rubber gloves and put them on.

Chrno found a big plastic bag and started filling it with old and new empty bottles. It was harder said than done. Some of the bottles were broken and the little shards lay spread out over it. He too pulled on some gloves and started working "This will take forever..." he groaned, taking a look at the almost impossible mission he was on.

Rosette was cleaning off the couch table and the other furniture. After a while she came to a drawer, all drawers were pulled out. She started pushing them back in from the top, but suddenly something caught her eye in one of the last "What the hell..."

Chrno had heard her and stopped cleaning "What's wrong hon?" he asked "Is something wrong with Aion's drawer?"

Rosette stood and called "AION YOU AREN'T A TRANS ARE YOU?"

Chrno's eyes widened in shock "He isn't... is he???"

They heard something crash in the kitchen, before Aion appeared from it "What the heck are you saying??? How can you think of that?"

Rosette pulled out something from the drawer. It was a bra "The drawer is full of those." She replied "You aren't trans are you?"

Aion blinked, then started laughing loudly "Nope, this is my beautiful collection." he said with much proud

The blonde's eyes closed and she gritted her teeth "Your... c-collection?" she ground out anger audible in her voice. Chrno immediately started cleaning again; he knew what it meant when she was like that. A Atomic-Super- Noogie attack was never far away then.

"GOSH YOU'RE SUCH A PERV!!!" She yelled and filled all the bras into a big garbage bag. Aion was horrified "HEY, LEAVE MY STUFF ALONE!"

A smaller quarrel emitted (can you even say that? -.-) Aion trying to snatch the bag out of the blonde's hands, which she wouldn't let go off that easily. Chrno sighed and headed over to stop the fight. He took a hold on both Rosette's wrists and said "That's enough; we don't have time for this you two." He pecked her on her cheek and gave Aion the damn bag "At least hide it somewhere where mother and father won't find it." Soon after they were cleaning again.

After an hour they were only half done. They all collapsed on the couch. The bottles were gone at least, and the dirty dishes were now clean. There was no dust on the cupboards, drawers and other stuff anymore either. Aion smirked "You should stay with us as our cleaning lady Rose!" he teased. The next thing he knew was a big lump forming on his head "Dumbass!" she grumbled annoyed.

Chrno took a look at the watch "It's almost four..." he said, then placed an arm around the blonde's shoulders "Hungry?"

She relaxed "A little... I want lasagne." She replied, smiling pleadingly at the two boys. Aion rolled his eyes "You're always hungry girl," he mumbled "I bet you were a horse in an earlier life."

Chrno immediately tightened his grip around Rosette's shoulders "WHY YOU..." she snarled, her eyes burning with rage. The purple haired teen wasn't able to keep her back; she tackled Aion to the ground and started giving him one of her famous and feared Super Noogies. Chrno sighed and rubbed his forehead "This is going to be a disaster..."

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