Chapter 5. Last chappie XD

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Time passed by slowly. Every minute one of the boys had to commit face-palm, or tell their parents to stop asking such questions or say such things. Their mother was now asking Rosette out. The questions were like this:

"You're not going to use my Chrno as a tool to get to money for drugs are you?", "You're not going to cheat on my Chrno are you?", "You're not some girl from the streets who earns her money from old men are you?", "You're not going to take all my Chrno's money and then disappear out of his life as soon as he runs out are you?" etc...

Rosette answered every question with an "Of course not Ma'm!"

Chrno held her hand in a warm grip. She was happy he was there, or else she would have made a run for it long ago.

Aion took a look at the watch. What wouldn't he give for a bottle of beer right now or a girl... that could also do it.

"It's time for dinner isn't it?" Joseph asked, also looking at the watch. Rosette sighed relieved. Millie smiled "Don't worry boys, Rosette and I will make dinner, you just stay here and relax." Then the woman dragged the blonde out into the kitchen.

Rosette gave Chrno a helpless look just before they disappeared into the kitchen and out of sight of the boys.

Rosette was ordered to make the salad, while Millie made the other things. After Rosette had told her that guests didn't have to make anything, which Millie said was nonsense, a strange silence fell over them, which made Rosette a little uneasy. She was sure the older woman was hatching a plot or something.

To her relief Chrno appeared a little later "Need help?" he asked. Millie spun around "You could prepare the table sweetie." She said with a great big smile. Chrno nodded and took the plates from the cupboard. He brushed his lips against Rosette's cheek as he walked by her, sure that his mother didn't see it.

The blonde smiled back at him as he exited the kitchen. He is worth fighting for, even if it means it's a fight against his mother.

"You are truly true then?" Millie asked, her back still facing Rosette. Rosette sighed "Yes, I love Chrno and would never do anything to hurt him." She replied firmly and a little tired.

Millie turned to look at her. She was about to say something more, when Chrno came in again to get the glasses and the other things. He smiled once more warmly at the young girl, this time so that Millie could see it. She smiled "You must understand Rosette that I only want the best for my sweet innocent son... not some hussy from the street or some venomous snake of a woman... what Mother would I be?"

Rosette nodded "I understand that." She replied "Though Chrno isn't that innocent like she thinks..." she added mentally, thinking about what he did on their last party "Nope... definitely not innocent."

Chrno came back into the kitchen to see if the women needed help with anything. Millie smiled "Dinner is ready soon my sweetie." She said and turned back to preparing the food. Rosette felt a warm hand on her shoulder and a voice near her ear whispering "You're doing well Hun."

"Thank you very much." She replied "How's the creep doing?"

"You mean Aion? He's under the table by now I think." Chrno grinned "Father can be quite a handful sometimes."

"That's his punishment for threatening me with that old thing." She grumbled "I am gonna win this war."

Chrno blinked "What thing by the way?"

"Nothing you should know." She told him firmly and smiled at him. Millie was watching them, thinking they were whispering sweet nothings to each other. She narrowed her eyes at the pair. She would still keep a close eye on that girl.

In the meantime Aion had escaped Joseph and had hurried into the kitchen where his brother was. He smiled at them as he entered; he threw a single smirk at the blonde as she looked at him. She glared back threateningly and with a swift movement turned her face back towards Chrno.

Millie grinned "Oh you both look so handsome my sweetie-poos'." She squealed and pulled both boys into a tight hug. Rosette sweat dropped. In moments like these she was very happy to be an Orphan.

Millie said that there was still some time before dinner was all ready, so she headed back into the living room. Chrno, Aion and Rosette told her they wanted to check something first, so they stayed in the kitchen.

Aion loosened his tie "This is so horrible... I wanted to go to a party tonight." He complained "I even hoped to get a girl for tonight and something for my collection."

Rosette kicked his shin "You're disgusting." She growled as he crumbled.

"Why you damn B****... how dare you kick me?"

"WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?" Chrno grabbed a hold around her waist, before she could do anything to Aion. He pulled her back against him "Aion, you should know better than to annoy her."

"I know, but it's so much fun to see her explode." He laughed. Rosette fumed.

Chrno sighed "Well... we'll better go back to Mother and Father." He said and started walking towards the door. When they entered the living room though, the only person they saw was Joseph asleep in the chair he was sitting in. Millie wasn't to be found.

Aion and Chrno paled. If she wasn't in here, then it only meant that she... "Oh no... Our rooms..." both boys cried and scrambled off to both rooms, in which she surely would be found. Chrno's room was empty, making Aion blanch even more. Chrno sighed relieved; it seemed she had taken Aion's room first.

Rosette smirked smugly at the white haired teen as she walked over to Chrno.

Aion almost tripped as he ran towards his room. He had hid his collection under his bed... She mustn't find it. He stopped in the doorway, and to his great dismay saw how Millie pulled out a big black bag from under the bed.

"MOTHER!!! NOOO!!!!" He cried and jumped. It all went like in slow-motion as he sailed through the air and landed right in front of Millie on top of the bag. Chrno and Rosette reached the door as Millie jumped away and the contents of the bag flew out of the bag.

All in and outside the room were staring wide eyed at the contents. Millie was obviously speechless. Chrno was pale as a ghost and Rosette fought a hard fight against the urge to laugh. Aion stood and wordlessly started to collect the small items, before his mother found her voice again.

Chrno whispered to Rosette "Come on hun, we better leave." But Rosette didn't want to miss this for anything in the world "Chrno no, I have to see this." She whispered back.

Aion was done and put the bag back under his bed.

"A-Aion..." Millie began with a very forced smile on her lips "W-What were these doing i-in your room?"

"What do you mean Mother?" he asked innocently, a big grin covering his face.

Millie stomped over and pulled the bag back out "I mean these." She told him "What are they doing in your room?"

Aion most of all wanted to sink into the ground. He cursed lowly under his breath and glared at the smug looking blonde at his brother's side.

"Aion-poo... please tell me why these are lying in a bag under your bed."

"They're not mine!" he exclaimed "I have never seen them before."

Rosette rolled her eyes.

Millie turned towards Chrno "Chrno-poo... do you know where these come from?" she asked calmly.

Chrno shook his head; he couldn't hand out his own brother. Millie sighed "Whose room is this?"

Chrno and Rosette both pointed at Aion and Aion pointed at himself. Millie nodded her eyes back on the white haired teen. Aion loosened his tie with his index finger "Alright Mother... I confess... these are mine."

Millie gasped "Why? Aion you... you know you can tell me anything if you feel bad." She said "If you feel it would be easier to be a woman then...-"

Aion slapped his forehead "No Mother, it's not what you think."

"Then explain everything to me."

Aion started to explain, and the more he told, the wider did Millie's eyes get. She had never believed that her oldest son was such a man.

Suddenly a tired, annoyed voice spoke from the door "Is dinner ready yet, I'm so hungry I could eat a horse."

Millie turned towards Joseph and explained everything that had happened while he was sleeping. A long moment of silence filled the room. The tension was increasing and Aion got more and more nervous.

Then after ten minutes, Joseph let out a loud laugh. Millie dropped her jaw at her husband's reaction and asked him what was so funny. Joseph grinned widely and placed a big hand on Aion's shoulder "The boy is just like his father." The man laughed and slapped the shoulder hardly, almost making Aion fall forwards onto the floor "Tell me boy, how many do you have?"

Millie gaped and was all speechless "J-Joseph... what..."

"Millie, go prepare dinner. Boys, come here."

Rosette had never believed this about Chrno's father. This caught her totally off guard, and by the look of it... Millie as well. The older woman stepped out of the room in a stunned state. She headed for the kitchen and started bringing food into the living room.

Rosette decided it was better to help her, before she dropped anything.

The rest of the evening passed by without any tension. Joseph was explaining and telling stories, while Millie only nodded once in a while. She lightened up, when Joseph whispered something in her ear, which made her giggle. Rosette only caught the word Pony.

After some dessert, Joseph got up and told them it was time to say goodbye. He wrapped a hand around his wife's waist and they both said bye to their sons.

Joseph turned to Chrno just before exiting the door "Make sure to make a collection of your own son... and start with her." He whispered, Chrno blushed "DAAAD!!! Stop saying such things!!!"

The older man laughed and soon they were gone.

All three teens let themselves fall onto the couch with a sigh "Finally..." Chrno said and closed his eyes.

Aion took off his tie "You can say that again bro... now..." he got back up and took the phone, dialling a number. Chrno and Rosette looked at him "Who're you calling?"

Aion didn't answer and instead waited. A young woman picked up the other end "Hello."

"Yo there beautiful..." He whispered seductively "Don't make any plans for tonight, 'cause the big A is coming on a little visit. Just make sure you're 'ready' for me when I arrive. I'm a little impatient."

Rosette face palmed as she heard the giggles from the woman Aion was talking with "Chrno, I can't believe that thing is actually your brother." She grumbled "He's such a perv."

Chrno smiled at her "And what are we going to do tonight?"

"Not what your brother is going to do, that's for sure." She grumbled.

Chrno laughed "I didn't have that in mind." He pulled her against him "I was thinking about something a little more romantic."

She smiled and kissed his lips "I heard there should run a great movie tonight on the telly, how about you make us some popcorn and we watch it."

"Ok." He agreed.

They said bye to Aion as he announced he was going out to make his collection bigger. Rosette told Chrno that she couldn't believe that his oh so strict father was as big a perv as Aion was. Chrno shrugged "I didn't know it either... it's kind of creepy to actually think about..." he sweat dropped "Now I understand why we weren't allowed to go down into that room in the back of our basement when we were kids..."

"Your mother seems to love him anyway though..."

"She must have been the last one........ I wonder what they're doing now..."

A couple scenarios ran through there heads.

"ACK GODS NO!!!" both cried out in unison. Chrno hurried into the kitchen to make popcorn and Rosette started to look for the right TV channel. That thought was too horrible to think of.

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