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Harry Potter was miserable.

He had spent the first few weeks of his summer without any mail; he had no one to talk to. That's not to say that he was bored. No, his relatives kept him completely occupied. After they had found out that Harry's "mass murderer" godfather had passed on, things had gone back to the way they were before, only much worse… They had locked away his wand and other personal belongings, including his photo album, in the cupboard. They had re-barred his windows and added a new set of locks to his door. They made him do all the house and yard work. His uncle had even begun to beat him again, when he did something wrong and simply for his amusement, as he had done when he was a young boy; only now his whale of a cousin joined in on the fun. His uncle often screamed, "Where are your freakfriends now, boy?!" while he beat him. He would repeat the line again and again and then laugh cruelly in his face when he finally fell to the floor. Harry never cried in front of his relatives, no matter how often his uncle and cousin physically abused him, no matter how many times his aunt screamed at him and slapped him and ordered him to redo something he had already done correctly but "not perfect enough" and no matter how many times he felt he would burst if he didn't release those pent up emotions. He held out hope, knowing that he wouldn't have to stay in this Hellhole for much longer. Someone would come; they always did.

The day he let the tears fall was when he finally received letters. The first two were from Ron and Hermione. Both spoke of what a fun time they were having with their families. Ron and the rest of the Weasleys had gone to visit Charlie in Romania. Hermione and her parents had gone to France where they were visiting the many historical sites and museums. Both ended their letters the same basic way. "Hope your summer is going well. See you soon." He glared at the parchment, feeling resentment rise in his chest. His friends always got to have normal, exciting holidays with their families; their families who loved them. He told himself to calm down and reminded himself that he would join them soon at the Burrow or at Headquarters. Then the third letter came. It was a response to the message he had sent Dumbledore secretly while the Dursleys were out to dinner one night. Luckily Hedwig was thin enough, due to lack of nourishment, to squeeze through the bars. She returned to him well fed and healthy and could barely fit back through the tiny space. When she finally got into the room, feathers ruffled and out of place, she held out her leg for her Master to take the letter. The envelope had Dumbledore's swirled scrawl on it, forming his name. Quickly, Harry ripped open the envelope and read through the letter.

Dear Harry,

How are you? I hope you are doing well. In response to your question of when you shall be taken from the Dursleys this summer, I am afraid you will not be leaving. Voldemort is assembling forces across Europe and his Death Eaters are searching for you. Because of the blood wards surrounding Number Four Privet Drive, I feel it is the safest place for you to stay at this current time. On September the first an Order member shall arrive to escort you to King's Cross Station. Your books and other supplies will be purchased for you and sent to your dorm room at Hogwarts. Enjoy the rest of your summer and do try and stay out of trouble.


Albus Dumbledore

When he was finished, it fell out of his hands, fluttering slowly to the floor. Harry had his hands up as though he was still holding the parchment; his gaze was blank, still fixed on the point where the words had just been. Suddenly, tears burst forth from his emerald eyes. They flowed nonstop as he rethought what had been written in the letter. 'He wants me to stay… '

Harry's knees began to shake and gave way. He quickly fell to the floor. And he cried. He sobbed uncontrollably, unable to stop the torrent of emotions flowing through him. The tears came out in streams and his breaths were short and ragged. Everything he'd been holding in since Sirius' death, since his return to Privet Drive, was bursting forth. He tried to stop himself, but could not. So he let himself break down. 'They… Th-they're not..' He sobbed harder. He had been holding out hope for nothing… No one was coming.


Harry awoke the next morning feeling worse than he had in a long while. He looked up from the floor at his electric clock; the red neon numbers stating it was 6:52 AM. The Dursleys would wake soon. He pushed himself up off the floor shakily and made his way out of his room, not even bothering to change. 'It's not as if they care about my choice of clothing anyway,' he thought. He walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. Hearing movement from upstairs, he quickly set the table and got out the bacon and eggs to make breakfast. He worked fast and efficiently, cooking the bacon without burning it and preparing the eggs just the way his uncle liked it. His aunt was the first to walk into the kitchen. They caught eyes for a moment. She sneered nastily at him and sat down, demanding orange juice. He brought her a glass and went back to put the coffee on and to retrieve the serving plates stacked with the finished bacon and eggs. He walked slowly, careful not to drop anything. Unfortunately, Dudley chose that precise moment to burst into the kitchen, causing the door to slam into the plates and then, painfully, into Harry's face. The startled boy fell back onto his bum, the plates and food crashing to the kitchen floor. Dudley smirked down at the injured boy then continued on his way into the dining room, sat down, and waited for the inevitable. Harry, realizing exactly what his cousin was expecting to happen, scrambled to pick up the mess. A rumbling could be heard upstairs and he panicked, cleaning faster. The rumbling got closer and closer until the door slammed open again, this time revealing Vernon Dursley; large, fat and purple-faced, glaring down at his nephew. Harry froze, staring up at his uncle with wide eyes. The huge man surveyed the mess on the floor and growled. "BOY!!!"

Harry tried to get away, tried to crawl out of the way of the enraged man, but the whale was surprisingly fast. He grabbed Harry's shirt and brought him up to his eye level, glaring hatefully at him. He raised his fist and prepared to hit him, but paused when he noticed something new in his nephew's green orbs; fear. He smirked viciously before punching the boy in the face. "U-uh!" Harry fell back onto the counter, holding onto it to steady himself. Before he could react further, his uncle kicked his feet from under him, causing him to fall to the tiled floor. Soon he felt the familiar pain begin hit him all over. Petunia promptly excused herself from the room, as she usually did when her husband beat on the Freak, choosing to ignore the abuse rather than acknowledge and do something about it. Harry watched his aunt leave the room and his cousin cheer on his father. A sharp blow to the ribs and he cried out in pain, surprising Vernon and encouraging him beat the poor boy harder. Harry no longer held back his groans of pain and this pleased the fat man to no end.

When he was finished punishing Harry, he made the boy clean up the mess, remake breakfast and then do double chores. It was after eleven o'clock by the time he was finished with them. He slowly ascended the stairs and made his way to the bathroom. He was lucky he was allowed to bathe. His aunt couldn't stand to have filth in her "nice, clean home." He showered quickly, careful not to scrub his bruised skin too hard, and crept into his room. He dried himself off and dressed in his forest green boxers. He was so exhausted he didn't even notice his bedroom door open. He was towel drying his raven hair when he finally noticed the shadow on the floor, much too large to be his own. He heard the door close and turned to face his doorway. Large, meaty hands grasped his arms and pushed him against his desk. He let out a short noise of surprise and soon found his mouth covered. A large body pressed against him and fear took over.


It wasn't until a few weeks later that the Dursleys finally when out to dinner to celebrate Dudley's birthday. Harry knew this was his chance. He had been locked in his room with no means of escape, but that would not stop him. Unbeknownst to Dumbledore, Harry had been practicing wandless magic during his days as the D.A. leader. He wasn't proficient at it yet, but he did know a few simple spells, one of them being alohomora. Uncaring of the repercussions of his actions, he quickly used the spell to free himself and Hedwig, calling her to his shoulder before rushing down the stares and out the front door. He ran. He ran and he ran until he finally reached the neighborhood park. He sat down on the curb, panting. Hedwig resituated herself on his shoulder, hooting questioningly at him. He reached up and scratched her head lightly. "It's alright, girl. We're free. You can fly around now." Hedwig hooted and took off into the nearby woods, most likely to hunt. Harry lay back on the grass, relaxing for the first time in a long, long while. He was nearly asleep when he heard a twig snap. He shot up, looking behind him wearily. "Hedwig..?" He stared into the darkness. It wasn't long before his vision adjusted enough for him to make out glowing grey eyes and a large silver-white body. He recognized the beast immediately. As quickly as he could, he got up and instinctually reached for his wand. He soon remembered that he had forgotten to take his wand from the cupboard. 'Shit!' There was no other choice; he ran for it.

He ran into the woods, the beast chasing after him. He stole a glance back at his pursuer and noticed two others chasing along side it. A huge brown boar and the largest bear he had ever seen; not that he had ever seen a real bear up close. His adrenalin pushed him faster. He was running as fast as the wind and was barely able to breathe. He knew that he wouldn't be able to keep up this speed. Soon after realizing this, he began to slow down. 'No! Go faster, legs!' But it was no use. After only a few more seconds of running he felt sharp fangs clasp onto his right leg. "Aaah!" The great white beast had his entire leg in its mouth, but its hold was surprisingly gentle. He felt himself fall to the ground and then being dragged off in an unknown direction. He was so tired from running. Soon all he saw was darkness.


There you have it, chapter one. I hope you like it as much as I do. I'm not quite satisfied with it, but then again, it is 2:45 in the morning and I've been typing and revising this for hours. Ugh…

On a side note, for those of you who have ever seen Princess Mononoke, the beasts are about the same size as the ones in the movie. And if you haven't seen it, get off your ass and buy it. (If you're lazy and, or cheap, just watch it on YouTube.) Ten points if you can guess who all three creatures are.