Good day to you my would-be reader/s. Officially, this is my fourth work and first fanfic about ZnT. I just happened to watch the Anime on the net and I liked the story so I basically finished all three seasons in under a week (my eyes fucking hurt for like 3 days after that). I've also read a couple of the translated novels (Big Props to the staff of Baka-Tsuki). I wasn't planning to write anytime soon especially since my other fanfics are still not finished, but the plot bunny for this one was just too damn strong! Anyway, this particular chapter takes place after Saito died when he faced the 7 Million/ 700,000/ 70,000 troops of Albion and just before Tifa revives him.





He was… floating?

His body was suspended in nothing.

It was quiet, a silence so profound that you could probably hear the fall of a pin if there was one. But there was one thing that he could hear… a rhythmic thumping sound that resembled a drum that was being religiously struck calmly by its owner. It took him a while before he realized that it was the beating of his own heart that he was hearing…

This fact surprised him greatly. After having the audacity to face the great army of Albion that numbered in the thousands… he… Saito Hiraga… was supposed to be dead.

His eyelids open, his eyes of sapphire blue gazing at a vast world of white nothingness. He tries to feel his body; he moves his toes, his fingers, and his neck. He was very much alive.

He positions himself upward, his feet finding an invisible ground where in it could support his body. As he regains his footing, he suddenly hears it… the sweet and gentle voice of a young woman calling out to him.

'Hello there…'

He turns around and immediately he sees the figure of a youthful female with light auburn-brown hair that stretched down to her neck and eyes that shone like a pair of emerald gems. Her face was as beautiful as the morning calm and she had a smile that was as bright as the welcoming sunrise. Her slender body was clothed in white priestess-like robes that were long enough to be considered modest but was still able to emphasize her womanly curves.

She approaches him slowly, her graceful footsteps barely even making any noise.

"Who… are you?"

'Let's just say… that I'm someone who likes to watch over you…'

"Watch over… me?"

She gently nods her head, her sweet smile not fading from her lips.

"Wait!" His eyes widen as he remembers something of great importance. "The Army from Albion! Where are they?! I was surrounded by them… and then..!"

'It's alright..!' she speaks as she reaches for his left hand, her fingers caressing the mark of Gandalfr that symbolized his status as the familiar of a void mage. 'No one can hurt you here… so there's no need for you to worry.'


Her touch was gentle, her voice soothing like the sound of a violin. And just like that she was able to melt all his worries in an instant.

'Hey, can I ask you a favor?'

"Umm… yeah… I guess."

'Would you let me hold you?'

"Eh!?" he blurts out, his face quickly turning bright red.

For a girl that he had only just met to ask him such a thing, and without a single trace of hesitation or bashfulness, there was no way that he wouldn't feel embarrassed.

"I… err… shouldn't we-…"

'Won't you let me… even if it's only for a little while?'

"I… uhh… sure, why not." he nervously grins, still unable to hide his embarrassment.

She needed not to be told twice as her delicate arms immediately slip over his shoulders and behind his neck as she locks him in a warm embrace.


His heart starts to pound harder as if it were all but ready to jump right out of his chest. The way that she held him… it was different from how the other girls like Siesta, Jessica, or even Princess Henrietta would hold him… an embrace without craving or lust, something that didn't cause him to think of perverted thoughts… It reminded him of those times when his master would, from time to time, hold him tightly in her arms. Though those moments, unfortunately, were brief and very far in-between and would often times (even though he had no idea how and why the same result always came about) lead to him on the receiving end of his master's whip or one of her void spells.

Actually, now that he thought about it, this girl's embrace was warmer compared to that of his master's. The last time that he had ever felt something as warm as this was way back when he was a child, when his dear mother used to cradle him in her arms whenever he felt lonely or scared.

Such a warm embrace… he loved it.

'Your hair smells like honey and flowers… you must've been very close to your mother.'

His hands travel around the girl's waist, something within him was urging him to return her embrace. But before he could hold her in his arms, something unexpected happens…


His body starts to glow a bright golden hue, his whole being dispersing into a million sparks of light.

"What the heck's happening to me?!!'

'…The other world is calling you back now.'

"Calling me back?"

She releases her embrace and gently cups both his cheeks with her hands.

'Even though it was just for a little while… I'm glad that I was able to see you again… Gandalfr.'

She smiles at him for one last time before slowly backing away.

"Wait!" he manages to shout even though half of his body had already faded away. "At least tell me your name..!"

And just before he fully leaves that vast world of nothingness… he is able to hear the last word spoken by the girl's lips.


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