A Wonderful Discovery

by Lady Comet

Notes – None of these characters are mine, obviously, they belong to Marvel and Starbucks. This also takes place in my Runaways AU, which I introduced in my fic "True Forms." While I would recommend reading that, it's not totally necessary for you to do so in order to get this story. There will just be a word or two that seems odd. In any case, please do enjoy!

"Xavin, honey, come on!" Karolina called from down the aisle.

The Skrull's face remained plastered to the freezer window, staring hypnotized at the wonder within. They were only supposed to stop there for a few groceries, with the limited amount of money they took from the safe. Gert have given them a list – a very simple, specific list – and they had told her they would be back soon.

But then they had wandered into the freezer section to avoid a crowd in the bread aisle, and passed by the ice cream, and by chance she had looked up just in time to see It.

Right above the Ben & Jerry's, arranged so neatly in a slightly freezer-burnt row, was a selection of Starbucks ice creams. And among them, her beloved Caramel Macchiato.

"Xavin, come on!!!"

Trying to be both fast and stealthy, Xavin grabbed three pints and stuffed them into the cart under the frozen peas, hoping that her girlfriend wouldn't notice.