Story: Deheaded Chicken
By: BiShoujoMiharu

"Those are the seeds of love!" She had shouted out happily without noticing her voice had nearly turned back to normal. Ren stood there, quite shocked it seemed. 'I'm.. in love with Kyoko-..?' His eyes had widened, but then he smiled and laughed softly.
"Yeah right, me and Kyoko!" He blurted out towards the chicken and continued laughing.
"Huh?" Kyoko brought out. 'He thought about me..?'
"You can't be right.. You don't know about love either, do you?" Ren asked, still laughing slightly.
"I do! Whoever this Kyoko is, you're in love with her, apparently," Kyoko stated, feeling quite offended, but luckily the chicken-costume hid that. Ren breathed in and out slowly, looking at the chicken. He thought about it for a moment, but then simply turned around and walked away.
"Thanks for cheering me up!" He said, waving slightly, and then walked away from the scene. 'I don't like Kyoko, do I?' Kyoko watched him leave and sighed. 'He must've meant someone else.'
"Are you sure you're up to it now?" The director asked insecurely.
"Yes, I'm sure, sir." Ren was bowing deeply, hoping he'd be most believable.
"Ok, thank you, Tsuruga-san!" The director yelled out in delight. Kyoko watched from a little distance, smiling slightly. 'Good for you, Tsuruga-san.' She watched closely as he acted like she hadn't seen him act before, with such passion, such.. love? He was glad, but also quite surprised his tactic worked. 'So.. all I need to do is think it's Kyoko? That Kyoko is the one who was treated this way. That Kyoko was hurt? That I shouldn't be falling for her, but I did..?' 'Wait a minute..-.. I shouldn't be falling for her.'

"Cut, that's a wrap! Very good work Tsuruga-san!" The director cheered on, crying tears of happiness. Ren walked away from the set and towards his manager, who praised him for his good work.
"Good work, Tsuruga-san," Kyoko said as she approached the both of them. She smiled at him, but somehow this smile seemed different from all the others. Ren couldn't help but smile back genuinely. His manager's gaze went from Kyoko to Ren and back to Kyoko again.
"Let's go grab a bite, my treat!" He suggested happily.
"You really don't have to, Yashiro-san," Kyoko replied, but then when her stomach rumbled quite loudly she blushed and looked away.
"You both worked very hard, come on!" Yashiro said. 'Now I'm sure, those two are in love. Ren was eying her in between scenes.' He grinned slightly, causing Ren to raise his eyebrow in suspicion. Both Ren and Kyoko followed him to his car though.
"Oh, gosh, I forgot, I have to go somewhere, Ren you'll walk Kyoko home, won't you?" Yashiro asked and quickly left without waiting for a response. Ren was quite surprised. 'Oh, gosh?' He sighed and continued eating. Kyoko however was looking out of the window, seeming quite absent. The rest of dinner was quiet and calm. After dinner Ren walked Kyoko home, both of them still weren't speaking. When they reached Kyoko's house they simply said "Good night" to each other and both went their own way. 'He must've meant another Kyoko, not me.' 'She's probably in love with someone else.. She'd never fall for me, she used to hate me.. I'm not sure whether she doesn't anymore..'

"You here again?" Kyoko asked with a masculine voice as she walked towards Ren in her Bo costume.
"Yes.. You were right.. I am in love." Kyoko froze up for a moment.
"Of course I was right!" She replied, failing to fake the masculine voice. Ren's eyes widened for a moment and he got up.
"Who's in this suit anyway?" He asked, approaching her. Kyoko backed off, avoiding his hand. He reached out and started yanking at Bo's head, she tried to escape and as they struggled one of them lost balance. Bo's head fell off and Kyoko landed on her back on the ground, with Ren on top of her. 'This feels familiar..' She failed to notice her 'head' had come off. Ren leaned on his arms and looked at her face.
"Kyoko?!" He nearly yelled out.