Story: Deheaded Chicken
Chapter 40: Shout it out, confession day
By: BiShoujoMiharu

Ren briefly kissed Kyoko's cheek as he stood beside their bed. He smiled faintly as he watched her smiling happily in her sleep. He then stood p straight and walked out of the room. He closed the door behind him softly, so she wouldn't wake up. As this was her day off he didn't want her to have to wake up early.

"Today's January 31th, the day we shout out our confessions of love. Otherwise known as 'Beloved Wife's day'. So men, come to the festival, where we'll be broadcasting live and confess your love for everyone to hear and see!" A male newsreporter told enthusiastically. Ren sighed softly, a feeling of stage-fright coming up. 'I hope she'll watch..' He turned off the television and walked towards the door. He put on his shoes and opened the door. For a moment he stared at their bedroom. Then he walked out the door and locked it behind himself.

Kyoko woke up late that afternoon, to the alarm clock. She looked at the alarm clock, she didn't remember putting on an alarm. She turned it off and only then she noticed the note beside it.
"You should get up and turn on the television on the 2nd channel," She read out loud, it was clearly Ren's handwriting. Kyoko got dressed quickly and turned on the television.
"Takizawi Yuuki, reporting live from the festival. As you can see there's a stage behind me, where every man, one by one, will share his confessions of love with the crowd and the entire population of Japan. Let's hope they'll get good responses from their loves!" The news reporter turned and looked at the stage.
"Oh, it's starting! Let's listen to what those men have to say!" There was a long silence before the first participant got up the stage. He stood still before the microphone, stared up at the sky for a moment. His legs were shaking slightly, he wasn't that old yet. He was quite tall, but he looked like he was sixteen years old. Kyoko smiled faintly.
"Ai-chan.. I LOVE YOU!" He shouted and then nearly ran off the stage. A girl in the audience blushed heavily and hurried to get back stage. You could barely see it, due to the curtains, but they hugged each other. 'How cute!' A few other contestants went on stage, passionately confessing their love. Kyoko enjoyed these cute confessions as much as any other female, but she wondered whether there'd actually been any other reason Ren told her to watch this.

It was already half an hour later and the next contestant went on stage, once more. Suddenly Kyoko's phone rang. Her gaze averted from the television and went to her mobile.
"Kyoko here," She answered her phone.
"Kyoko, are you watching?" Ren's voice asked kindly.
"Uhu, why?" She replied, but he hang up. Kyoko raised an eyebrow and focused back on the television. The man standing there had a cap on his head and sunglasses on. Then he took them off and her eyes widened. 'REN?!' The audience gasped and stared in curiosity.
"Kyoko Mogami, I love you," He said, but remained standing there. He got on one knee and smiled warmly.
"Marry me?"

"And that's how I proposed to your mother," Ren told his six year old daughter, who was sitting on his lap.
"Mom said yes, right?"
"Yes, I did," Kyoko told her daughter and caressed her hair a bit.
"And it all started with a chicken losing it's head."


Author's note:

This was it, the last chapter.

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