BAND NAME: Twilight

Lead Singer - Edward Cullen - 17

Keyboard - Jasper Cullen - 18

Guitar/Backing singer - Alice Cullen - 17

Drums - Emmett Cullen - 19

Edward POV.

I walked into my dressing room, ignoring the tone of screaming girls and the camera's flashing in every direction. I loved being the lead singer in my band, but it gets boring sometimes, the only time i have fun is when i preform. I don't like the talk shows our agent gets us to go on, or the tone's of screaming girls dieing to talk to me. Its just bores me to be honest. "EDWARD! ARGHHHH!" was all i could hear. I HATE it. So does Jasper, but Emmett can't get enough of it. Even though Emmett has a WIFE. Yeh, suprises me to, Rosalie Cullen... I don't really like her that much, its easier to ignore her really.

Jasper is married too, to Alice she was the one that came up with starting a band, she also picks our oufits, its not that she has no sence of fashion, becasue she is the most fashionable person i know, it's just i like to dress myself. But our agent Carlisle says we have to look good on stage, we can choose our oufits for everything except when we are on stage, then thats Alice's job. What i really want is just to preform, no complications, no outfits to worry about, no screaming girls, nothing to worry about, just singing.

Anyway, i got into my dressing room, and sat infront of my mirrow, opened my laptop, after every concret all the band Carlisle and somethimes Rose go on IM, to chat about it and so Carlisle can tell us about up coming gigs;
[ .Singer - Edward
- Jasper
Pixie-On-Guitar- Alice
JustToHitSomething - Emmett
TheAgentGuy - Carlisle

MarriedToTheDrummer - Rose]

.Singer logged on.
Friends online- - TheAgentGuy - MarriedToTheDrummer

Pixie-On-Guitar logged on.

JustToHitSomething logged on.

TheAgentGuy- Great show tonight guys, weldone.

.Singer - Thanks Carlisle, but could you send someone down to get rid of the girls outside my dressing room please.

TheAgentGuy- Sure. You would of thought a singer loved being crowded by girls!
JustToHitSomething -Yeh, dude, your single... and been single for like ... ever!
Pixie-On-Guitar- C'mon Edward, ill help ya find a date.
.Singer- No, please don't
Pixie-On-Guitar- Unlucky, i am! =D
.Singer- Don't!
Pixie-On-Guitar- Tuff!
.Singer- Alice..!
Pixie-On-Guiter- Edward..!
- Stop it please.
.Singer- Alice NO!
Pixie-On-Guitar- TUFF EDWARD!
.Singer- -Sighs- I give up!
Pixie-On-Guitar- So thats a yes =D
.Singer- Head/Desk
TheAgentGuy- STOP IT. Edward, c'mon lad it might be good for the band if a picture of you, with a arm around a girl, is in the papers! Think of the publisity!
.Singer- I don't care about publisity Carlisle! And you know full well i dont! I just wonna sing in the band!
Pixie-On-Guitar- **Cough**With a girlfriend**Cough**
.Singer- Head/Desk
MarriedToTheDrummer- Look, if Edward doesn't want a girlfriend, he doesn't have to have one! The band is megga famous already!
.Singer- =D I acctaully like Rose now!
- Right, Leave it now okay! Whens the next gig and where?
TheAgent- In....Port Angels.... In two days.
JustToHitSomething- NO!
.Singer- No!
MarriedToTheDrummer- YES!
- Ohhh no!
TheAgentGuy- Okay!
.Singer-I think i speak for the guys when i say, we aint going with you!
- Exactly!
JustToHitSomething- I'm staying at home!

.Singer- I'm off to the tour bus, since the girls have gone now :) See you guys there!
.Singer logged off.

I walked out my dressing room and ran to the bus, dodging the odd girl roaming around. When i got on the bus Alice was sat there on the laptop, still on IM i guess. She looked up and was about to say something, i knew what she was gonna say. "No Alice" i said before she could get anything out! "But Edward, i know the perfect girl, and she is in love with you, i swear!" she said with an evil grin. "Alice, she only wants to date me becasue i am famous, not becasuse she 'love' me!" i took a swig of Alice's lemonade. She narrowed her eyes at me, then lightend up again, because Jasper walked into the bus, followed by Emmett, and Rose.

And we where off, to the hotel where we would stay the night, then head of to Port Angels...