CHAPTER 2 - An Interlude


Just a small chapter to give the story some more depth. Hope you enjoy :)

Hermione thrashed around in the small bed. She was running a slight fever, and she was being haunted by strange dreams.

"Run Hermione! We have to save Sirius. We need to stop him from getting the prophecy" She was being chased down an endless corridor. Cackling voices echoed, reverbating till they were filling her skull.

The scene changed.

"Mia." Hermione was sitting on a four poster bed in her dormitory, a small girl sat opposite her. "I don't think there's anyone else I can tell. He's been talking to me. You've heard the rumors." Hermione nodded. "They say he's why she's dead." Hermione stared at her own hands clasped in her lap. "They say he can speak to snakes." Hermione's eyes snapped to the girls green eyes. "Harry." Hermione whispered. "You-know-who was a known parselmouth"

The scene changed.

Hermione was standing in the centre of the great hall. A charming young man approached her; he had brown eyes, and messy black hair. He gently grasped her hand, pulling her into dance with him. Hermione felt safe. He glided her around the large room. It was empty save for themselves and an empty orchestra which was playing the slow tune which they danced to. "I'll always protect you Mia." He whispered into her ear. "I'll always know where you are." He leaned down, and Hermione matched him, lifting her head to meet his. As their lips met his face changed. Gone was his handsome facade. In it's place was a noseless monster, a creature with snake eyes. "I'll always find you Hermione" He shouted, throwing her to the floor. As she lay there in a crumpled heap she saw him lift his wand to her, and then all there was, was a brilliant green light.

"ARHHH" Hermione screamed. Ripping the sheets from her bed. Tears filled her brown eyes as she remembered the beautiful boy she had danced with. "Tom" she whispered as she fitfully fell back to sleep.

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