Title: This Is How I Disappear

Summary: Zoey rejects the change.

So, um, this is my first house of night fic and its been awhile since i read them so i may get things wrong. Like i cant remember if they actually had cell phones in there.


The Time Of Rejecting

I coughed, alarmed at the violence of it. Fear hit me like a truck as images of Stevie Rae swam in front of my eyes. Another cough tore from my throat and I raised my hand just in time to watch it get tainted with blood. I staggered backwards. The blood, though it was my own, smelt amazing, yet I didn't feel hungry, or even peckish. The fear and pain was closing in as another violent fit took over my body, forcing me to the ground, curling up into a ball as if I could protect myself from this.

I knew she'd be angry with what I'd done. With the mess I made with Loren and Eric or with anything else, I knew Nyx would be angry but not this much. Not like this at all. There was no one around me, of course. My friends all hated me, and I'd run out of lunch as soon as I'd felt the coughs coming on.

Bu then footsteps echoed close to the closet where I was hiding.

"Zoey." Damian. Of course Damian-- he was the kindest of them all, the only one who'd had sympathy. But I couldn't tell him, couldn't let him witness this. Unfortunately, a particularly evil cough escaped my throat and, before I had a chance to do anything, Damian had flung the door open.

I could only imagine what I looked like. The front of my face covered in blood and fear and tears. Scared and tired; lonely, to top it all off.

Damian gasped, stepping into the closet and gathering me into his arms as he crouched. "Oh, Zoey, honey," he whispered, a single tear trailing his pale cheek.

I lay there in his arms, coughing every now and then, blood dribbling from my lips. On more then one occasion he had begged me to let him get someone and, finally, he didn't take no for an answer. He took out his phone and I was too weak to stop him. I wasn't sure who he called, all I know is that he just told them where we were and to hurry. He didn't mention my name once, which should have clued me in just a little bit.

My next clue was a voice. "Damian?" it called.

Erik. Oh, goddess.

A whimper pushed past my mouth before I had time to register and halt it, but Damian just hugged me tighter. "In here," he called, his voice rough from tears.

"D, I smell blood, are you okay?" Eric asked just as he pulled open the same door that Damian had come from.

I didn't look up, but I heard his sharp gasp and the torrent of swear words that flew from his beautiful lips. I almost felt the horror that was radiating.

"Zoey," he breathed, and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed him crouch and reach for my hand, his arm trembling.

"Hey," I whispered past the blood dripping from my lips. I tried to smile but my cheek muscles were stiff with pain and fear.

"No," he hissed suddenly, shaking his head sharply.

"Erik, hold me," I begged quietly. "Please?"

A sob burst from Damian's mouth as he gently passed me over to my ex-boyfriend.

"I'm so sorry, Erik, please, don't forget me?" I asked, softly. He nodded and held me to his warm chest.

I sighed and, as if I was watching from above, I saw myself die.