A/N: This was written as a quick reply to "dreamofspike's" prompt "House/Cuddy - Discipline" on the LJ comm, 'comment_fic.' As IC as I could make it considering the situation lol. Enjoy.

"So, you just did it?" Cuddy asked, voice stern as she sat behind her desk

"Yes," was House's reply, a look of complacency across his face.

"Even though I explicitly told you not to?"


"So you disobeyed my orders?

"Why is this so strange to you?" House scoffed.

Ignoring House's remark, Cuddy continued, her voice now taking on a softer, silkier tone, "You know what this means, don't you?" Her lip curled into a smirk, anger dissipating almost immediately.

Noticing her sudden change of face, House mirrored Cuddy's expression, a mischievous glint in his eye. "I thought you wanted to do this in private? Save it for the sound-proof, non-transparent walls of our own home?"

"I thought, after last time, you wouldn't feel the need to break the rules again." She lifted the ruler from her desk, stroking it up and down. House watched as she rounded the desk until they were face to face and he could feel the heat of her breathe against his neck. House's hand tightened over his cane as she seductively licked her lips, her eyes never straying from his. "As I told you before, House," she leant into him, whispering in his ear, "naughty boys need to be punished."

Suddenly, her voice took that dominant tone that House loved. "Bend over the desk." House's eager smile didn't falter. "Now." House quickly complied, bracing his hands over polished surface. Cuddy trailed the edge of the ruler down House's back, not caring if people saw, and beamed when she heard a small growl of pleasure escape his lips.

As the ruler reached his coccyx, House knew what was coming next – he'd come to experience it many times, though never in such public view – he eagerly awaited his punishment and took in a cool, deep breath as he heard the whoosh of the ruler cutting through the air a split second before it snapped against the rear of his jeans. He jerked forward instinctively, but barely had a second to regain his composure before Cuddy's hand drew the ruler back down again, striking his ass a second time. And then a third. And then a forth.

House's body responded as it always did, though he tried his best to keep the dragon in its den – or so to speak – for this was where Cuddy excelled. Her strikes kept coming and House became less and less able to stay collected. On the tenth hit, the force and the snap of the ruler sent a cold, sensual chill up his spine – and his body responded accordingly.

Cuddy let out a small chuckle noticing House's arousal and stopped mid-swing. "All done," she said, cheerily, setting the ruler back on her desk.

"Don't stop there –" he whined.

"You know how this works, House." And he did know. His face contorted into a smirk-frown hybrid as he stood up straight, took hold of his cane and walked awkwardly – obviously uncomfortably – from her office.

Cuddy-induced sexual frustration – the only effective way to discipline Dr Gregory House.