Echo of the Ghost Kitsune:Resurrection

Progressively Stronger Naruto

''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, Musical Lyrics, or reading passages from books and scrolls.

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Possessions, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


''Here is your next destination. This world also deals with spirits or as they often referred to as ghost. These entities are ectoplasmic spirits that have unusual properties. So do what you do best and win over the inhabitants with that charismatic personality of yours.''

After a couple of weeks Naruto was settling within Amity Park within the state of...Illinois? For some strange reason it seemed like any identifying signs of where this place was located exactly was nigh impossible to find. Naruto knew he was at least in the central part of the United States. Amity Park, wherever it was seemed to be a large urban city. It had features of some of the cities he heard about in other universes such as Chicago or Philadelphia.

Having long been educating on many aspects of society and how to blend in he had a henged copy of finishing up the aspects of his fake identity. That way he didn't have to worry about anyone growing curious about his past because his history was/being currently forced in the databases. The apparent 'hang out' of the teens his age was that of a place called the 'Nasty Burger.' Seriously? Nasty burger? Who would eat from a place called Nasty anyway? The people in some of these realities were just weird. Well if it was still operating and was popular maybe the term nasty was some sort of slang.

After taking a tour of the city which included an Observatory, A Major Research Lab, Museum, and other such modern buildings such as Skyscraper Naruto decided to get something to eat. For a place described as ghost central it seemed relatively peaceful so far. A hell of a lot more docile then the blond's accidental trip into the Ghost Zone.

Entering the fast food establishment the food smelled not only edible but decent, at least compared with fast food standards. Naruto ordered a burger, some fries, and a shake and sat down at one of the boots. He proceeded to eat his meal in peace. It was ok more or less, he had better burgers before.

''Hey you!'' Someone, a girl suddenly called out to him. He looked up and noticed a young teenage girl. She had black hair done in the style of a ponytail. She was wearing a black tank top with another strange design on it, but the shirt only reached to about her belly button. She was also wearing a pleated green and black plaid skirt over long purple stockings that tucked into black leather boots. On her back was a purple backpack that looked like a cow's udders.

''Don't you know by eating that you're contributing to the slaughter of innocent animals?''

Naruto gave her a quizzical look. It took him a moment before he recognized the type of behavior for this girl. She was with the whole vegetarian deal. Make no mistake Naruto love animals; he just loved eating them even more. Well the ones that taste delicious like pig more or less. Oh yes and cows too.

''I'd be with you on that, but unfortunately meat tastes good.'' Naruto said as he took another bite of his burger despite the girl's annoyance.''

''That's horrid...Vegetables and Fruit are a far healthier alternative and you don't have to kill animals to make it.''

Naruto took a sip of his shake as he looked back up at the girl. She was a bit on the slender side, but pretty cute all the same. Naruto was curious on just how develop this girl would be given some time.

''Depends on the person…Meat has a lot of nutrients and such that some people need.''

''People can live without eating meat.'' The girl replied quite adamant that her opinion was right.
Naruto really hated dealing with people persistent in their beliefs to the point of trying to push it on others. That's what annoyed him about religious groups like Christians or the so called religion but really a cult Scientology. Any religion that requires you to pay money to be more religious was obviously a fake.

''The Neanderthals ate nothing but meat since agriculture took quite awhile to be discovered.'' Naruto pointed out but that didn't seem to discourage the girl. Why did she come over here anyway? He really wanted to eat his meal in peace. Unfortunately like many others in his shoes he was a beacon for Chaos and the unjust. Until he came to where his fellow beacon is at during which he seemed to absorb that chaos and his life became more hectic. Sometimes it didn't pay to travel to other dimensions.

''And when it was then they found a way to eat alternatively. '' She shot back crossing her arms.

''Look if you're trying to convert me it won't work…Meat is far too much of who I am for me to change.'' More like once who I become. I made a choice and I can't back out. The futher I walk this path the further I travel from who I once was.

''Gaaah!'' Was the gir's frustrated cry. ''Why can't people like you understand.'' She said in frustration.

''People like me? I'm just going to ignore that,'' The blond said as he finished up his food and went to through it away. He ignored her as her as he walked away. 'The nerve of that girl…'' He looked at the directions he printed out. For the time being he was renting an apartment until his papers cleared and he was able to buy a house. Now most people would find it immoral that he used his shinobi abilities to rob casino blind and such like that. Oh hell they might protest that, but in the truth said people would do the exact same thing if they were in his position. It wasn't like all the worlds ran on the exact same currency.

At least the mighty U.S dollar or Japanese Yen seemed to be common among the places he had been.

He walked to the school and chuckled at the name. Casper High? Ironic much? He led to the office of the Vice-Principal/English Teacher/Substitute teacher L. Lancer.

He was promptly given his schedule based on the test he took a few weeks prior to this semester. His first class was that of algebra class. This would actually be cake. He could have aced the tests within the categories of genius, but he didn't want to be too noticeable during the first day. Having been given a copy of books from the book room he went to his locker. Number 900. Putting most of his materials in the book he tried to sense if anything was amiss.

Naruto didn't seem to pay too much attention of the students heckling some girl. Something about her being emo or something. ''Well if it isn't the Emo!'' Naruto heard a male voice shout. He looked up from his locker to see a tall, blond, dumb blond type…From his red jacket with a sport's emblem on it he was obviously jock and his target of torment was the girl from Nasty Burger.

''Once again Dash you show how dumb you really are by not being able to distinguish between a Goth and an Emotional disturbed person.''

Naruto had to smirk at that one. The raven haired girl had quite the bite to her.

''You calling me dumb freak!''

''It's pretty self explanatory …But since your asking then yes, yes I am.'' He heard her say. He couldn't help but snicker at her comment.

''I'll show you to make fun of me Emo,'' The Jock said as he grabbed her shirt. That was taking things a little too far. It was pathetic on how school systems let jocks and other people with a bit of wealth get away for bully other kids as long as games for their schools were won or their parents giving the school generous bonuses which a vast amount seemed to mysterially advantage.

As if time had slowed down Naruto zipped over to where they at. His superior super human reflexes left the students in awe. A swift kick sent the blond into the lockers causing a semi-noticeable dent as he caught the girl in his arm bridal style when he crouched down to catch her. He then looked up and gauge the reaction of the now silent students.

''You think it makes you something to bully others? That it makes you bad beating up on those weaker then you. Well let me give you a tip. If I see you harass her again I'll break every bone in your body,'' He said and by making a point kicking a hole in the wall causing nearly everyone's eyes to pop out. ''Boo,'' He said as the students sped off leaving the hallway empty except for him and the girl. The girl eased out of his arms.

''I didn't need your help,'' The girl said as she smoothed her skirt.

''Maybe not…doesn't mean I wouldn't help anyway…In this situation people usually say thanks.''

''Whatever…just leave me alone.'' She replied curtly as she left.

''Hhm I'm sensing a form of…Amnesty maybe? That reminds me…what the hell is that word… Amnesty?'' It took him a moment before he remembered the dictionary or at least Wikipedia definition. As luck would have it the girl was in his class. He ignored the curious looks and sometime glares she sent at him. He decided to go to the Library to see if they had any books. He liked this series of books, by Agatha Christine chronicling the murder/mystery/detective series which starred Hercule Poirot. Going up to the second floor he noticed in a corner in a dimly lit section of the library sat the black haired girl. It break time so most of the students were outside so that gave the girl a moment of peace of solitude.

She was on a lap top and noticed she was looking up stuff that had to do with the super natural. ''Yeah I know I sensed it too,'' She said to the computer.

''The ghost have been becoming restless lately.'' The voice from the computer answered. Whoever it was on the other side was using some kind of device to mask their voice.

Dark, mysterious and has knowledge of supernatural world. Definitely the sidekick or future side kick. ''I'll look into it…''

''Has anything unusual happen that coincide with this restlessness?''

''No...nothing at all, well this new guy showed up but...''

''You know I don't believe in coincidences. Has he done anything unusual?''

''If you count kicking a whole through the wall unusual?''

''He kicked through a wall? There have been documented cases where possession has given people near super human level of durability and other attributes. Do you know this boy names?''

''I didn't think ask...'' The girl replied.

''That's sloppy Samantha.''

Samantha, as she was now identified scowled. ''I don't think he's being overshadowed. He's just some new kid, he's nothing important.''

'If you say so...''

''Look I have to go. I'll contact you more when I have more information.'' Sam said cutting off the computer.

Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves wondering about this new development. Exiting the janitor's closet he walked into the hall filled with the hustle and bustle of many teens. There were the preppies, the geeks, the pretty boys, the Africans, the Asians, and pretty much more general and typical cliques that made up high school.

''Alright Fentured cough up your money!'' It was the shame blond from before but bully some black haired boy. The boy was wearing a white t-shirt with some design on the front in red and a pair of rough blue pants. On his back was a blue backpack or from what Naruto could see from the side as the boy was being held against the lockers.

''Some people just don't learn!'' Naruto said as he placed a genjutsu on himself. Walking up behind the blond he tapped his shoulder. The blond snapped his head around, ''Wha...'' Only to his eyes instead of coming face to face with Naruto he saw a giant floating head of an evil ghost Nogitsune.


Said blond dropped the boy and went down the hallway screaming. Mixture of laughter or confusion was mixed. So much for trying to keep himself under the radar. ''You ok kid?'' Naruto asked extending his hand. The guy took it and Naruto pulled himself up.

''Thanks'd did you do that?'' He asked in confusion. He didn't see the evil mask of certain death and was dumb founded that the school bully and star jock was scared away by the new kid.

''Trade secret...caught him picking on another girl earlier, hair also black.''

''Oh, you must mean Sam Mason of the Mason family,'' The boy said as he opened his locker.

''Mason family?''

''Yeah the Masons are one of the richest family in Amity Park. They practically own a quarter of it along with various other places. Members of the family are involved in several aspects of society from Engineering, Real Estate, and Stocks.''

'' think with money like that they send their daughter to private school.''

''Yeah well...there was supposed to be some kind of incident that was real hush hush and as such the next thing anyone knew she was attending public school.''

''Hhm, and knowing the rich type they spun this around into good publicity. Showing they're quite respectable people and could grace us mere mortals with their presence.''

''Like I said those are just rumors.''

''Hey isn't that the new kid?''

''I heard he beat up Dash!''

''You know he's pretty cute!''

''He's hanging out with the ghost freak!"'

''Eew you don't think he's a ghost freak too do you?''

Naruto frowned in annoyance as he heard the students not so subtly whispered. Naruto looked to the boy for answers. ''I'm not exactly well liked around here. It's because of my parents. Amity is split down the middle between wanting to award them with the key to the city or to lock them away in the Insane asylum.''

''Something to do with Ghosts?''

''Yeah my parents...Amity's first and only professional ghost hunters.''

''You think they cut you some slack if your parents are dealing with specters and such.''

''Yeah well, must ghosts are pranksters and such. If they aren't scaring people they're most stealing things or other things considered juvenile. As such a lot of people viewed them as jokes. It doesn't help that their both scientists and build a lot of weaponry and stuff. Latest rumors say I was created. Name is Danny Fenton by the way.''

Naruto extended his hand. ''Naruto Uzumaki...'' They shook hands.

''That's a cool name? Where are you from?''

''From out east. I was born in one of the small islands, but raised in Japan for the majority of my life. I know english and other cultures so well because of my tutors. You can say my father was famous where he was from, but because of the enemies he made I have to go by my mother's name. I try to keep a low profile as there are rumors of this group that wants me dead.'' Not exactly a lie but close enough to troop.

''Wow that must be tough...'' Danny said, placing a sympathetic hand on Naruto's shoulder.

''You get used to it. Anyway what class you have next?''

''English with Mr. Lancer. He's an ok teacher but kind of strict.''

''Curious...I have that teacher as well. Might as well go,'' Naruto said as the two boys went to English. Yet once again the girl, Sam was in his class. Naruto had a feeling this was going to be a reoccurring experience. After sitting through the rest of his classes the last bell for the end of the day rang. Naruto was on his way to the exit when screams filled the hall. Students turned and came running in, barreling into eachother and knocking other students down. Like a heard of scared animals those upright were trampling over those caught on the ground. It was then with an eerie green glow Naruto caught sight of what had the students so terrified. It was a dark green ectoplasmic tiger. The creature gave a roar as it got ready to pounce. Flinging is backpack to his front Naruto channeled chakra into a seal on the inside and summoned a foot long Katana. Imprinted on it's white blade at the bottom was an array of seals. Grasping the handle Naruto charged forward as the ghost tiger made it's move. Moving into a baseball style slide for safe he slid under the creature with the top of his Katana slashing it's underbelly.

His momentum coming to a halt Naruto poised it's blade at the creature. The creature gave a roar before it went intangible and passed through the walls out of the school. Naruto hoisted his blade over his back and made way for the exit. He knew that shit just a lot more complicated. He exited the building and was making way to his apartment. He didn't feel like dealing with any questions and would save that for tomorrow. Even if he had to go as far as using some Ninjutsu to alter memories. Though the first thing of business he was going to take care of was the person following him.


Chapter End


To answer questions asked yes there will be original ghosts and monsters. Yes this is prior to the series canon. Yes in some ways this is AU. If anyone knows of any plot holes or episode inconsistencies they noticed fill free to tell me so I can work out the mistakes different from the actual canon.