Echo of the Ghost Kitsune


Danny Valerie

''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, Musical Lyrics, or reading passages from books and scrolls.

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes.)

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Possessions, Demonic/Angry characters speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


Naruto and Danny were sent reeling through the wall as the ghost wolf continued to attack. A series of ectoplasmic bullets soar through the air as the creature chased after them. Heavy ectoplasmic steps left huge paw prints in the grounds as the creature continued chasing after them. People shrieked and scream, cars crashing into buildings and panic filled the streets. ''Split up!'' Naruto ordered as he took a hard right down one of the streets and passed a bakery. The blond pulled out the strange weapon gifted to him as he tried to will its power to life. He took another hard right into an alleyway away from the populous. He covered his nose with his right hand, the rank stench making him nauseous. The creature lunged at him and Naruto jumped back, its long sharp claws nearly ripping his shirt. Naruto did a spin kick and surely enough he phased right through the creature and jumped back to gain some more room. Gathering his power in his left hand he let loose a low powered Reiki blast, lest he missed and caused damage or injure someone. The blast merely stunned the creature and sent him flying back. ''Why won't this stupid thing work.'' Naruto shouted as he shook the energy-less blade.

The creature quickly recovered and began charging again. Naruto raised his hand again, preparing to fire another blast when Danny phased through the wall. Grabbing the blond he pulled him through the wall as the Ghost wolf phased through another wall and out onto the other side of the building scaring people witless. They all ran and fled in terror as the creature placed its snout against the ground to began tracking his prey. Unable to pick up a scent the creature let out a howl and began quickly running down the sidewalk and into the road, sending several cars veering off the road and into accidents.

''Between the fact my glow stick doesn't work and you barely having a handle on your powers the situation isn't looking good.'' Naruto remarked as he Danny began making way to Naruto's apartment. They had already called Sam and Tucker and told them to make it there.

''But that's not our only problem; like where did that ghost chef go and why did that wolf attack us?'' Danny brought up. It was hard enough concentrating on keeping his powers under control as is, he didn't need a bunch of random ghost attacks to muck it all up. ''And what about all the people who'll get hurt in the mean time?''

''I just hope the Ghost hunters in this world can handle it. Right now the last thing that's needed is two ill-equipped power users thrown into the fray when a vicious animal without someone pulling the strings in the fray. I don't know about you, but our canine friend sure as hell didn't fix himself up with that weaponry.'' Naruto said as they arrived at his doorstep just as Sam and Tucker were dropped off by her chauffeur.

''Oh man this is freaky! Its like all of a sudden were beacon for homicidal ghosts. I'm Allergic to homicidal ghosts Danny.'' Tucker began as Danny groaned and rolled his eyes.

''You're allergic to anything that isn't women, meat, and technology Tucker.'' the brunette pointed out, trying to interject a bit of humor into the situation.

''If you're all done shooting the breeze we have a vicious cybernetic canine running around.'' Sam reminded them. ''Lets check the news for any sightings.'' she suggested as Naruto went to his door and unlocked it. They were invited inside as Naruto turned on TV and began flipping through the TV channels.

''This is Tiffany Sanchez of Channel Five news. Earlier reports today have reported a rather large wild animal causing havoc in the city. Many accidents occurred as the beast began chasing after and terrifying several of our own citizens. Reports of 26 counts of confirmed injuries and several hundred thousand dollars in property damage have occurred. The large beast was reported of having some sort of strange mechanical machinery grafted to its body. Whether or not this factual has yet to be confirmed. The police are investigating the incident and all citizens are encouraged not to go out alone during the night.''

During the report Naruto brought his fingers together and created some kagebunshin. Sending them out in every direction he was hoping to find out where the ghost wolf was and soon. ''If anything else happens my Kagebunshin will pick up on it.'' Naruto stated as another report came in.

''Another report has come in. Reports of a floating woman of advance age attacking people with meat are coming from Casper High.''

The four of them bolted for the door when Naruto paused. ''Where do you two think you're going?'' Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

''Where do you think? We're coming to help.'' Sam stared down the blond. She was stubborn, all things considering.

''You two don't have the excuse of ghost powers and...fuck it...'' he didn't even feel like arguing. He merely grabbed Danny by the scruff of his shirt and using the teleporter jutsu before anything could be said and done. Naruto dropped down to his feet, emerging from the swirl of leaves as Danny nearly fell flat on his face, groaning. ''You'll get used to it.'' Naruto stated as he leaped over the side and made his way into the school. Sure enough dishes of meat floated through the air as they made way for the kitchen. ''You're the Lunch lady right? Graceton's mother? Any reason why you're so pissed off.''

''Someone changed the menu. The lunch I slaved and toil to prefect. Lunch is sacred Lunch has RULES!'' The slightly overweight ghost raged before she calmed down and materialized a piece of cake. ''Want some cake?''

''Sure why not. What we would have had was ass anyway.'' he said as he took the cake and the Lunch lady patted his head.

''Good boy.'' she cooed affectionately.

''I'm here. What'd I miss?'' Danny asked. ''Are you eating cake?''

''Why yes, yes I am. Make a note of this. Lunchlady can come and go whenever she pleases as long as she brings more of this delicious cake.'' Naruto remarked. Suddenly a PDA phased through the ceiling and dropped on the ground with a clack. 'What the hell?' Naruto thought as the thing flickered to life and a series of images played. It was him firing an attack, then an inter-cut to Danny firing a blast of ecto-energy, then an explosion, an image of Graceton throwing up her hands and screams. ''We...that's bullshit.'' Naruto tried to argue. The video was obviously a fake but he was too stupefied to put the pieces together immediately.

''My little girl...WHAT DID YOU SCOUNDRELS DO TO MY LITTLE GIRL?'' The Lunch lady raged as as she took on the form of monstrosity of meat. ''Prepare to learn why *meat* is the most powerful of the five food groups! Now prepare to perish!''

''Forget it! The only thing that has an expiration date here is you!''Danny moves his hand down a bit and his hand begins glowing blue. Looking at his hand he realizes he has accidentally caused himself to revert back to his usual self. The blue glow travels from his hand down his body and his clothes, hair, and eyes revert to their usual selves. ''Whoops!''

''Move!'' Naruto shouted as he used a Rasengan to shred through one of the limbs that regenerated almost instantly. Sausage links shot out of the meat monster to which Naruto avoided with ease. Her hand glows green as she summons shish kebobs from a box, their pointed ends heading straight for Naruto. Naruto quickly created kagebunshin for multiple targets and quickly charged again, his punches shredding the meat but the ghostly form of the Lunch lady unharmed. 'Shit, there's a possibility I might be able to attack but I doubt old meaty is going to give me the chance to gather nature chakra not to mention I don't want to pull out the other cloak this early, especially considering the fact it looks like someone is watching us.' Quickly forming hand seals Naruto performed the Great Breakthrough sending the Lunch lady flying across the hallway and splattering against one of the walls. Meat soared everywhere as its stench was absorbed in the air. Sausage links and steaks were scattered about everywhere. 'Ghost wolves. Crazy lunch ladies; this is not my idea of an interesting situation. How the hell am I suppose to fight beings I can't even touch?'

''The cavalry has arrived.'' Tucker said, equipped with a bib, knife, and fork as he and Sam walked through the double doors behind them.

''What are you two even doing here?'' Danny asked, stepping out from behind the lockers. ''You two know its dangerous. I don't even know if I'm any good if my powers are going to keep crapping out like this.''

''You just need practice.'' Naruto replied. 'And we really don't have that kind of time.'

Bits of meat slowly moved in the background. ''We're in this together. The four of us are have you forgotten that you and I have an agreement buddy.'' Sam said as her eyes met with Naruto. The blond chuckled and shook her head, ''Someone's become a bit bold.'' though what the hell is going on? Why was that other ghost kidnapped and who the hell is trying to frame Danny and I? No one trying to frame me would give two shits about the kid, especially since he can hardly keep his transformation up.

The Lunch lady's shriek caught them off guard as a series of knives were hurled at them. ''Get down!'' Danny shouted, rays of ectoplasm firing out of his hands as he disintegrated the knives.

''Dude! My hat!'' Tucker cried out, taking off his trademark red hat, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it as the top of its was singed. Though Tucker's hat would have to wait as the bones within the meat products were removed and hurled at them with deadly accuracy. The three teens were sent reeling back, the force of the blows nearly cracking their bones and would leave nasty bruises in the morning while Naruto stayed up right, impassive and a bit annoyed. ''Oh man! How can things get any worse.''

''Damnit Tucker!'' the other three all cried at once. It didn't take a rocket science to figure out something horrible was going to happen and sure enough that damn ghost wolf decided now was the time he would phase through the wall. The four of them were now trapped between two very angry and vicious ghosts. Suffice to say things were not looking up at all.

Lunchlady gave a ferocious yell before attempting to punch Danny. Danny flies out of the fist's way. The ghost then tries slapping Danny with the other hand, but Danny dodges again. She then tries an uppercut which Danny also dodges. He kicks the ghost hard and knocks her over, resulting in her landing hard on the ground. He then turned and blasted the ghost wolf that had Naruto pinned. ''Thanks...but this is far from over.'' Naruto remarked.

The ghost wold began firing at them causing them to move in separate directions. Danny began firing blast after blast to which the canine speedily avoided. The Lunch lady took advantage of this opening and punched Danny sending him flying. ''We aren't your enemy! We're being set up!'' Naruto shouted as the canine's claw nicked his cheek. Three thin trails of blood seeped from his feet.

''LIES! PREPARE TO CHOKE ON YOUR LAST MEAL!'' She said as a bone nearly bludgeoned Naruto's skull. ''STAND STILL!''

Naruto decided to give up on attacking and going completely on the defensive. Something he should have done much earlier as neither ghost could come close to touching him. The Lunch-lady let out a snarl and sent and several small piles of meat. The piles suddenly form into little meat monsters. The meat monsters began chasing after Tucker and Sam. ''Damnit!'' Naruto shouted as he sliced right through them only for them to quickly reform. Suddenly a bright blue beam of light erupted as it sucked up the little monsters.

''Right, next time I vote for using the stuff we nicked from your parents lab first.'' Naruto remarked. ''Time to fry some beef.''

''NO!'' The Lunch lady said angrily. ''Soup's not on today's menu!''

''I'm changing the menu!'' Danny determinedly remarked. ''Permanently!'' He grabs the top of the Thermos. Danny aims the Thermos towards the Lunch lady Ghost.

The energy forms a net that surrounds the surprised Lunch-lady Ghost and traps her.

''NOOOO!'' she wailed, struggling. The energy swirls and sucks the Lunch-lady Ghost into the Thermos and Danny closes the lid back onto the Thermos. The ghost wolf let out a snarl before scampering away.

''Even though we didn't have much of a choice I can't help but feel for her. Graceton's still missing and someone seems to be screwing with us.'' Naruto pointed out. ''I don't know who or what's behind it but I intend to find out.''

In another part of the country Vlad Master sat down in his favorite chair as he watched the video feed recorded. In a cage not too far from there the ghost wolf laid on its back, sleeping peacefully. He watched as and studied what was going on. ''Young Daniel seems to have improved. He might just survive a battle against Skulker.'' he contemplated. Though the mystery blond youth intrigued him as well. He had abilities that neither human nor any ghost possessed and he couldn't help but ponder all the possibilities. His mind filled with many different experiments and possibilities. He would have to inform Skulker to retrieve DNA samples from the body.'' he then pressed a few keys on his keyboard and minimize the screen as another scene with an unconscious Graceton appeared on the screen. He was going to dispose of her, but he realized that would be a waste. Why throw away such valuable leverage he could hold over the Lunchlady?

A group of pictures appeared on the screen as he decided one more test was in mind before sending Skulker in. "Now to pick my next Guinea Pig." His eyes moved along the pictures. He smiled. "Perfect!"

Once more Naruto found Sam waiting at the front door of his house. ''Don't you have a home?'' Naruto asked.

''Can we go inside and talk?'' she asked as the blond nodded, deciding not to argue. Wasn't Sam suppose to be an unfriendly goth? The door was closed for all of five seconds when she said. ''I want you to train me!''

''What?'' Naruto remarked, blinking dimly.

''I want you to train me!'' she repeated. ''I don't want to be one of those useless girls that stand by and be protected. I hate to admit it. but Tucker and I had no business trying to help. We were mostly in the way. At least if you trained me I'd be something else but a load to bare. So will you do it?'' she asked as Naruto paused and thought about it.

''Very well, having you trained in something useful is better than nothing.'' Naruto agreed. ''I'm going to call Danny and he's going to join us. Until I find out how to manifest that ethereal thing we're going to have to rely on Daniel to fight while using his parents weapons and acting as support.'' Naruto just hoped that it wouldn't take too long for him to figure out how to use the weapon.