Echo of the Ghost Kitsune:Resurrection




Author's Note


For those who are wondering, I'm making my unleashed stories their own stories and I've been rebooted them. For now I'm not sure what will be noncanon, but I am retconing some things and fixing them up. As such if I missed anything that opens up a plothole please let me know.


Story Start


Danny walked into the lab with his backpack to grab something only to freeze when he saw Jack with a fishing pole. "Hey Dad what are you doing?"

"Danny keep it down." Jack advised. "You'll scare away the ghosts."

At hearing that Danny just gave him a look that plainly said. 'Are you kidding me?'

Then Jack went to explain what the fishing pole was. "It's the Fenton Ghost Fisher." He proclaimed proudly. "I'm fishing for ghosts!"

With that he reeled the line in to show that it was glowing bright blue.

"Look at this line, coated with a world class ectoplasm that ghosts can't break." Jack explained actually making Danny interested as he made a mental note to learn how to make that stuff so he would have an easier time with his ghost hunting since the Thermos proved to be a helpful tool during the fight with the Lunch Lady.

Jack's voice broke Danny out of his thoughts. "Quiet now I don't want to spook them." With that he cast the line into the Ghost Zone and sucked on the straw coming out of his helmet before he stopped suddenly. "Whoa. Heh that soda goes through you like Sherman through Georgia." With that he put the Fenton Ghost Fisher in Danny's hand before running upstairs. "Here hold on to this, I'll be right back as soon as I use the Fenton Urinal."

Shuddering at that image that Jack put in his head Danny gasped as his Ghost Sense went off right as the line started to reel so Danny pulled back only for two huge blue scale like claws come out and following it was a huge blue ghost dragon with green horns and it had a yellow amulet on her neck.

"… Why me?" Danny muttered as he ran to get away only for it to grab her.

"I want to go." The Dragon roared. "I HAVE TO GO!"

Danny's face scrunched up at the smell of this ghost's breath before he replied. "You'll have to stand in line behind my Dad, in the meantime." Danny went ghost and phased out of the Dragon's grip.

That only seemed to anger the Dragon as it tried to claw at him before letting out a blast of green fire which Danny barely dodged before kicking the Dragon so hard in the face the amulet came off and it fell into his backpack without his noticing.

Getting ready for another throw down Danny found himelf surprised when it shrunk down to what looked like a teenage medieval princess with green skin and blonde hair and the surprising thing was that this princess was crying.

"All I wanted was to go to the Princess Costume Ball and my horrid brother won't let me." She cried out as she flew into the Ghost Zone.

"Well if that Dragon is her idea of a costume than I'm on the brother's side." Danny muttered as he changed back. "Phew that's a relief."

Jack came bounding down the stairs in time to hear that last part. "I'll tell you what a relief is-." Jack froze before putting two new sodas in Danny's hand. "Darn I almost forgot." He ran back up and a second later the toilet flushed.

It was later on that day when Danny was telling the others what happened that morning. "Sound like you had an interesting morning." Before anything else could be said Tucker just came back from trying to ask girls to the Dance, Danny asks him as Tucker sits back down, "Strike three, Tuck?"

Then Tucker says annoyed, "Try strike three hundred." Sam perks up from the right of Danny says, "I don't see what the big deal is about going to some stupid dance. I don't need to be asked to some Dance to know I'm special."

Sam's little declaration was mostly on heard of as Danny and Tucker were going gaga over her Queen Bee Paulina. "You like this girl right? Just ask her to the dance?" Naruto casually suggested. After all, even when he was a kid Naruto didn't have much trouble being casual with girls. Picking up signals, yes, but asking them how was as easy as picking a fight for the blond.

"I can't. I'll just get nervous and make a fool of myself. I'm that way with any cute girl."

Sam being offended says to Danny, "Oh, and you absolutely have no problems talking to me?" Danny stutters as he has no idea what to say to that. He didn't mean to inadvertently insult the girl.

"Only one way to solve that problem and its to tackle it head on." Naruto set as he grabbed Danny by the wrist and flung him forward. The teen nearly fell on his face when he bumped into Paulina. His attempts to ask her to dance when halted when his pants fell down!

"You know I can't help but feel somewhat responsible for what happened." Naruto remarked as he and Sam were walking down the hallway.

"Somewhat?" Sam remarked with an eye raise.

"I cannot be blamed for the quality of pants." Naruto remarked.

"Excuse me." Sam found herself suddenly pushed to the side, tumbling over a trash can.

"What the hell?" the raven haired girl cried out.

"Naruto was it?" Paulina completely ignored the girl as she focused on Naruto with a flirtatious smile. "I'm offering you a rather fantastic opportunity. How would you like the opportunity to go to the Dance with me?"

"Sorry I'm not interested." The blond kindly rebuffed as causing every boy in the school to look at him like he was crazy.

"Excuse me?" Paulina asked in shock.

"I said no." Naruto repeated as he helped Sam up. "Those who bully and suppress others aren't the kind of people I wish to associate with."

"B-But I'm popular." Paulina tried to say.

"So?" Naruto turned to walk away. "In an earlier time, when I was still a child I would have leached myself to a person like you, but once you grow up you tend to learn such childish things didn't matter." Everyone else was stupefied at the whole event. "Come on, let's go." He ushered to Sam who looked like she wanted to say something rather nasty to the popular girl but decided against it. She just wanted a shower and to simply let it go.

Though what happened the following day definitely surprised the group. The group found themselves at the mall as Danny elaborated on what happened. Leaving out how he overshadowed Dash and made him made a fool of himself and skipping to the part where Paulina agreed to go to the dance with him.

Tucker couldn't believe it and congratulated, Sam was more disbelieving while Naruto was just happy for the boy. "Like I told you, you just have to be confident." While Naruto didn't care for the Paulina girl, he knew it was more to her being immature then being a bad person.

"The only drag about the whole thing is my parents chaperoning."

Tucker winched. "Harsh."

"Honestly, guys, I'm glad I'm not going to the stupid dance. Saves me the embarrassment of wearing this lame dress my parents got for me," Sam says as we were still eating. Tucker speaks up and says, "No one's asked you to the dance, huh?" he asked only to get jabbed in rib by Danny.

"Maybe if I was pretty like Paulina!" she remarked with a sneer.

"Pretty and opinionated. Watch out that's a dangerous combination now." Naruto teased, hoping to get a reaction out of the girl but she seemed rather annoyed. "I've never been to a dance myself. Why don't you and I just go to the dance?"

Sam looked at him, rather surprised by the sudden interest and found herself unable to suppress her blush. "If you really want to go. I guess I shouldn't disappoint you."

A chuckled left Naruto's lips. "How gracious of you." At the end of his statement Sam let out a cry and clutched her head. "Sam!" he exclaimed.

A cold wisps escaped Danny's mouth. People's screams added to the mounting evidence of a ghost attack. "Danny, find a place to hide and change. I'll keep our guest busy." Naruto remarked as he shot forward to the origin of the terror.

The origin was that of a cyan scaled dragon with burning red eyes and greenish spikes running along the creature's back.

"That's the dragon I fought from before!" Danny remarked as he floated above the blond.

"Then this shouldn't take long!" the blond remarked as four copies of himself into existence. At the very least he could cross fighting a dragon off his list of things he always wanted to do.