So this is just a really quick thing to let you know.

Once again I'm doing a fire-sale clearance of my fics and this time it will be a big one. Mostly it's just stuff I don't have the inspiration to write for anymore or things I just plain don't like for one reason or another. I've improved quite a lot as a writer during my time here and I want my gallery to reflect that. Also, there's just too much bad shit on here.

However, unlike the previous couple of times I've cleared things out (and I thought I'd done it really discreetly too until people started coming around asking where such and such story went) I'm actually letting you guys know this time. Not so you can go 'nooo, why would you do that' or whatever, but so you can save yourself a copy of the stories as they are at this point and time. One of the other reasons a couple things are going down is so I can rewrite them and make them better and everything will be cool and stuff. However, this notice is a privilege and not a right. Distribution of stories elsewhere is an outright no-no. This notice is for individuals who want to reread these stories at their own leisure, not a 'save the endangered stories' endeavor.

So without further ado, here's the chopping block:

After Party

Kitsune no Kyuubi, Naruto no Kitsune

White Magus, Black Devout

Lick the Red, Suck the White

Dogsitting Blues

Love is…

Flowers for the Bear

Orange Lilies


Disturbed Daisies

Tickle Me Purple

Kiss Me, Santa

Boughs of Holly

Black Flags, Blue Skies

Vanquishing the Dragon

Stealing the Charm

Nibai Akuma Kokoro

Mein Monster

Ruger Luminist (You're kinda SOL on this one, though.)

Broke Straight Guys

So yes. All of the previously mentioned fics will be completely gone by the start of February, which I think is a pretty generous time window. Originally I was aiming for the 15th, but that was when I was planning on posting it a week or two ago. This way it's less like a shitty Christmas present and more like a 'this is happening now okay'.

All hope is not lost, the love is not over, and the sun will come out tomorrow. Better, newer, stronger fics will be posted. I've been slowly but steadily working on my commission/gift fics, so that's something to look forward to. Plus I've got newer stories/anthologies (30 Fruits, Samaritan, B&I, Lessons) that I intend to complete. You know how really awful it feels to have been writing here for six years and only ever completing ONE MULTICHAPTER STORY (well, only one I can remember). IT'S REALLY TERRIBLE. So I intend to sharpen my focus and work on my discipline a little and get back to biweekly updates (at the least) and possibly weekly updates (!) and make cool stuff and stuff.