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"The thousands of, twinkling stars swallowed by the night sky! I hope one day I will be able to give this to you! This song that would bring a smile to that certain someone! I hope one day you can make the flowers bloom!"

Ever since Yahiro Saiga heard that beautiful song for the first time, it had been recorded on his mind. He had played it mentally over and over again. Whenever he is tense, it calms him down, whenever he is angry, it helps him forget his anger, whenever he is depressed due to his thoughts about Akira, it helps him forget about the one sided love he is cursed to live with.

"…Yamamoto Megumi…" Many thoughts crossed his mind when mentioning that name. That girl managed to cause an deep impact on Yahiro. The first time it was when she sang for him with that beautiful voice of hers, then it was at a New Year festival where she wanted to grant Yahiro's wish, and lastly when she finally confessed her feelings for him, feelings he was unable to reciprocate, not then, and probably not now. "No matter how I feel right now, I just can't forget… Akira…" But as soon as he mentioned that name, the song was played once again inside of his head, and the name of his first love suddenly vanished. "What in the world am I thinking? A man like me will never be able to find true happiness. Taking advantage of that girl's pure heart would be low, even for me."

Yahiro then threw himself toward his sofa and stared out of the window. That song was still echoing against the corners of his mind and a smile was drawn on his face. For once, he was happy. Perhaps if his mind wasn't this distracted thinking about that song and about the girl singing it, he would have noticed Sakura Ushikubo by the door.

The girl smiled to herself and left the room in silence, an excitement-full blush was drawn on her face. "I made an amazing discovery! Yahiro-kun likes Megumi-chan for real! How convenient! Jun-kun will be glad to know the news!"

One Despicable Guy

Chapter One: The Wedding Interview.

Megumi took a deep breathe when arriving at the greenhouse where the members of the Special A always spend their time. A sort of depressive aura was surrounding her, and she couldn't be blamed about it. After all, things had been a little annoying for her lately since her companions were all immersed in the world of love.

The first ones to fall victim of love were Akira and Tadashi, and now were like an old married couple, with Akira cooking for him all the time and wondering about what Tadashi thought about her cooking. She would eventually end up hurting her boyfriend of course since Tadashi as usual would ask her to feed him at every freaking moment, but the hostility was seriously dying down.

On the other hand, Megumi's younger brother was always talking by phone with Sakura. She was happy for him, but couldn't help but feel depressed somehow. After all, she was being ignored by her own twin brother.

Then there were Kei and Hikari, both still being the competitive duo. But Hikari, being the soft hearted girl she always was, would usually fell victim of her own embarrassment when remembering her supposed rival was now her boyfriend, or worse, Kei would challenge her into a weird competition she would immediately lose because of her embarrassment, just last week they had a challenge about who would break a kiss last.

Megumi then turned her attention to Ryuu. While he did have someone he loved, they never formalized, mostly because Finn had some royal responsibilities toward her country which forced her to go back and officially declare she was actually a girl. This also forced her to stay there and attend some meetings with the neighborhood countries as apologize. She plans on returning to Japan soon, but until then, the only way she and Ryuu are able to communicate freely, is by common mail. This also means Ryuu writes to her daily, much to Megumi's dislike since she still saw Ryuu as someone awfully important for her.

Megumi was left alone, with everyone having fun with their couple, or writing love letters to one certain girl in Ryuu's case, while she had no one but a crush who she hadn't seen for some time already, just as if he recently tried to avoid her. Even her sketch book was almost new, which was even more depressing considering she communicates by writing on it. Love was surely in the air, but she couldn't breathe it, she was alone.

"Megumi? Is something the matter?" The honey haired girl smiled softly for Hikari, who as usual was the first one to notice when something was wrong. But Megumi just moved her head in negation and placed her sketchbook where Hikari could see it. "…Megumi… there is nothing written…"

The 'mute' girl then sweat dropped at that last and then began writing as fast as she could. It had been a while since someone had noticed her, so she hadn't prepared any reply yet. 'I'm ok' she wrote on her sketch book, and then stood up and walked away. Once again a dark aura was surrounding her.

"…Megumi-chan looks depressed…" And every member of the Special A nodded in agreement. Jun and Ryuu both exchanged worry-full looks. "What could be wrong with her? I know! What about asking her to sing for us!" And the faces of every member of the Special A went blue. Hikari just stared at them innocently and was about to run after Megumi and ask her to sing but was tackled down by her companions.

"Seriously, one would tell you would have learned already that Megumi-chan's voice is a dangerous massive destruction weapon, miss number two." And when hearing those words from her boyfriend, Hikari could feel the 'Number Two' Kanji falling on top of her head. "Besides, instead of rushing off, you could first ask for what may be troubling Megumi-chan." And with that last said, the stares of everyone in the room were directed toward Jun, who sweat dropped at the situation.

"Umm… well… you see… it is a long story… and it probably wouldn't be the complete version." Jun then stared at Megumi, who was sitting down a tree and staring at nowhere. "Megumi is down a lot of tension lately, she recently began losing control when singing, and once again she was left behind with no producer… all because she is worried about what could happen this evening… as you all know… she is the elder twin of the Yamamoto…"

"So, she is already having those problems? The younger the better they say." And everyone nodded at Kei's words, everyone but Hikari who was unable to understand the situation. "Oh? My bad, I forgot you are low class, miss number two." And once again Hikari was hit by a flying stone shaped kanji.

"Stop calling me miss number two!" She yelled, but then she blushed and began playing with her fingers nervously. "Seriously, Takishima… sometimes you are too cold with me despite being your girlfriend."

"Am I really that cold?" He teased while laughing silently as was usual on him, and Hikari blushed. "But let's go back to the point, when someone belongs to an accommodated family, he or she is usually asked to be part of a wedding interview, where the richest families look for a potential match for their heirs and try to increase the power of their names." Hikari scratched the back of her head not really getting what was said, Akira just yelled at Takishima in annoyance.

"Don't use such complicate words when talking to my sweet Hikari-chan!" Takishima just ignored her. "What your idiotic boyfriend is trying to say is: Megumi-chan is being forced to find someone to get married to. Since she is the elder member of the Yamamoto family, she owns a bigger part of her parent's business. Many are interested in that power and are willing to share their fortune with the Yamamoto."

"Oh! I get it now!" Hikari pointed out proudly, and everyone else sweat dropped at her. "But, Megumi-chan shouldn't worry about a wedding ceremony. Can't she just refuse to accept a proposal?" Akira was about to speak out but this time her boyfriend, Tadashi, spoke out first.

"It would be the case if it was a normal wedding interview. But when both members are officially at marriage age, it is the richest family the one taking the decision, and knowing Megumi's family, I don't think she has that much of a choice." And Akira slammed her fist hard at Tadashi's head.

"Tadashi! Don't say those things! Be more sensitive you asshole!" And so, Akira attacked her supposed boyfriend with a chair. Tadashi complained, but of course was happy to be punished by Akira.

"Unfortunately… Tadashi is right." Ryuu finally spoke out. "Megumi's and Jun's parents are a famous vocalist and a music producer. Despite being celebrities, they don't own any kind of business, they rely only on their performances to keep their status, not like the rest of the wealthy family members. Also, the family Megumi is going to be interviewed with… is the Ushikubo family."

"Ushikubo family? Where have I heard that name before?" Hikari questioned herself, and suddenly the image of a pink haired girl appeared on her mind. "Ah! Sakura's last name is Ushikubo!" Hikari yelled happily after remembering one of her best friends from the Kokusen Academy.

"Which means a member of her family, perhaps a cousin is aiming for Megumi's hand in marriage." Kei pointed out. "But it is still no reason to be depressed, perhaps there is something else that girl is hiding from us."

"…There is…" And everyone faced Jun. The boy just faced the floor for a while. "Megumi had never had a boyfriend ever before, and she is feeling lonely because of that. She had never enjoyed a relationship, and she will probably end up engaged after the wedding interview. Such tension is now resting on Megumi's shoulders, and she can do nothing but wait until the interview takes place." Once again everyone directed their eyes to Megumi, who was hugging her legs close to her chest and seemed to be about to break into tears. But she never did, she just waited in silence, for everything to be over.

"A wedding interview?" Yahiro finally directed his look toward Sakura, perhaps his only real friend. The girl just smiled sweetly and nodded in agreement, Yahiro just rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Why should I go to one of your cousin's wedding interviews? Those meetings are just for family members and close friends. I wouldn't fit there at all, not that I wanted to anyway." And Sakura could feel a vein popping at her forehead. Yahiro was as always a selfish and despicable person.

"But, Yahiro-kun!" She faked a sweet tone of voice, which of course wasn't fooling Yahiro in the less. "I would feel lonely if you didn't tag along! Also, such a cute girl like me would probably end being invited to another wedding interview. If you come as my companion then I would have nothing to worry about, just for this once, Yahiro-kun…" And she took a rose from out of nowhere, and placed it at her lips before continuing. "Be my prince for tonight!"

"With that awful actuation, no way!" He then laughed teasingly at her. Sakura fell in surprise due to the sudden reply, Yahiro just faced away in annoyance. "A wedding interview is only an excuse in order to make more money… I hate it… such greedy individuals forcing their heirs into marriage just to win more power. They make me sick… that's why… I'm not going…"

"How annoying can you be, Yahiro-kun?" But Yahiro just ignored Sakura. The girl just stood up and cleaned her skirt. "I wanted you to come along because that would probably make you happy. After all, the girl being interviewed is that Yamamoto twin, Jun's sister." Yahiro's eyes then widened, and Sakura just smiled evilly.

"…Yamamoto… Megumi…?" Sakura nodded, and Yahiro once again remained in silence. For a while, Sakura did nothing but stare at Yahiro with interest, until he finally spoke out. "…I will go…" The girl then smiled and prepared to leave the room, asking Yahiro to follow her.

"Then, I will be waiting at the limo. The wedding interview is probably already taking place as we speak. If we don't hurry it could probably be too late." Yahiro bit his lips in annoyance. He hated being controlled, especially by Sakura. "By the way, the Yamamoto's fortune represents nothing to the Ushikubo Empire, which means my cousin probably likes that girl because she is cute." And with that last said, Sakura left the room.

And just as Sakura suspected, the wedding interview was already taking place. Many members from both, the Yamamoto and the Ushikubo families, were already there at the green fields of a huge mansion part of the Ushikubo territory. Megumi, Jun, and their parents, were sharing a table in the middle of the huge garden with the family she was being promised to. The Ushikubo family seemed to be extremely interested in Megumi, although the girl hadn't spoken or used her notebook since the meeting began. But she still was a target.

The boy she was being promised to would stare at her endlessly. She would face away of course, but she sort of had a bad feeling about what could happen. The conversation between her parents and the ones of the boy was taking way longer than expected, and so, her body shivered with the anxiety of knowing the answer. She definitively didn't want to be promised, no matter how rich the Ushikubo family was.

"Then it is settled, the Ushikubo family will gladly accept Megumi Yamamoto as part of our happy family, congratulations young lady." Megumi froze there, she couldn't believe it, she was just promised to a complete stranger, and the boy seemed delighted with the idea, just as her own parents who were now dancing around with happiness.

"Me-Megumi-chan?" Jun showed a lot of concern for the girl. Megumi just stood up fast with her eyes hidden behind her hair and the party went into silence. They were all waiting for the Yamamoto girl to say something. Instead, she made a reverence, and walked away in an eternal silence.

A white limo arrived late to the celebration. From it came out Sakura and Yahiro. The girl was pretty much having a nice time and was looking all around the place for her prince, Jun Yamamoto, who was the only reason she came to this wedding interview.

Yahiro wasn't interested in the celebration. He could barely believe he had accepted the invitation. But despite his annoyed behavior, he sort of wanted to see Megumi again and was secretly looking for her around the huge garden.

"If you are looking for Megumi-chan, she is probably taking the interview at the center section of the garden." Sakura grinned evilly at Yahiro, and the pink haired one just faced away annoyed.

"Why should I look for that girl? What do you know, Sakura?" The girl just smiled beautifully, a smile Yahiro ignored. "You are such a bother sometimes. Just hurry, talk with some people, eat something, and let's leave this place. I don't want to be seen between such ordinary families."

"Ordinary? Yahiro! My family may not be as wealthy as yours but that doesn't mean you can…" Fortunately for Yahiro, who had no interest about hearing the rest of Sakura's words, she was interrupted when a young honey haired girl went running past her. Yahiro's eyes widened, that girl was Megumi. "…The Yamamoto girl? Ah! We arrived too late! My cousin already picked her as his bride!"

"What did you say?" Sakura played with her fingers nervously. Yahiro just closed his hand into a fist. "Hey… are you telling me you knew your cousin wanted to marry Megumi?" And Sakura nodded, barely.

"When I heard Megumi-chan was being promised to my cousin… I wanted you to stop the wedding interview… because… I knew you liked that girl…" Yahiro bit his lips in annoyance, Sakura just backed off in fear. "Yahiro, you are scary! I just wanted to help you because we are friends… right?"

"Friends don't overhear others conversations!" He gave her a scary glare. Sakura flinched and backed off once again. "…I don't like her…" And Sakura blinked twice. "…Still… I don't want her to get married to your cousin…"

"Yahiro-kun?" Yahiro faced away, hiding a small blush that appeared on his cheeks. "But… she was already promised, what can you do to stop it?" Yahiro then placed his hand inside of his pocket, and a clearer blush appeared on his face. Sakura blinked twice at that last and was about to ask what was wrong, but Yahiro was already walking away.

"Megumi-chan!" Sakura then blushed when hearing her boyfriend's voice, and she turned around and smiled for him, but the boy froze there upon seeing her, and turned around ready to run away.

"Ah? Jun you meany! Still running away from your beautiful girlfriend?" The boy sweat dropped, Sakura just crossed her arms in annoyance. "Everything will be alright!" And Jun blinked twice, Sakura just blushed. "Your sister, she will be fine, I promise…"

"…Sakura…? Did you meet Megumi-chan?" Sakura said nothing. Jun stared at her for a while but then managed to smile. "Is that so? I was worried for a moment. Megumi is a shy girl and would keep her problems to herself… but if Sakura-chan says she is going to be fine, then I believe in Sakura-chan." Jun smiled, Sakura blushed, and soon returned his smile.

Yahiro walked around the green fields in search of Megumi. He was as calm as ever, but deep inside he was anxious. He hadn't seen her in a while, not that he didn't want to, a lot was troubling him lately, and avoiding Megumi seemed to be the best he could do at the moment. Still, he knew he missed her somehow, although he was a proud individual and would never admit it.

His searching for the girl led him to the back of the Ushikubo's mansion, where a huge maze like garden was planted. It was such a bother, many were the rich family members who like to have a maze planted on their gardens, and apparently this one was no different. A soft crying was heard from inside of it, Yahiro sweat dropped, apparently, he was now supposed to walk inside.

"Tsk! That girl, forcing me inside of a maze like this… can't be helped then… why are you crying Megumi?" Megumi was then startled. She knew the owner of that voice. Her tears disappeared and her face won a beautiful pink color. But of course Yahiro was unable to see it since Megumi was deep inside of the maze.

"…Ya… Yahiro?" And Yahiro blushed upon hearing her voice. It had been a while since he had heard it. But at the same time, his heart was filled with rage upon hearing her voice, and he bit his lips in annoyance.

"Don't speak! How many times do I have to tell you to treasure your voice?" Megumi then felt a dark aura surrounding her once again. "Seriously, you are such a pain sometimes. Just stay there and don't move. I will find you."

"Why are you here?" Yahiro felt a vein popping at his forehead, Megumi was ignoring him by using her voice, but also, he sort of enjoyed hearing her once again. "This is, after all… a wedding interview between the Ushikubo and the Yamamoto… you as a Saiga shouldn't be here."

"What an annoying voice you have." And Megumi felt even worse when hearing that last. Yahiro just turned around a corner looking for her, and he would have found her if she hadn't moved away because of her annoyance. "By the way, I'm curious, how did the interview go?"

"Didn't you say you wanted me to shut up?" Yahiro smiled to himself and then took a cool pose, which was of no use since Megumi couldn't see it. "…I don't… want to talk about it…"

"Now there, I told you to stay where you were. I just heard your voice from a different place. Don't you want the person you love the most to find you?" Megumi blushed, but at the same time she cursed Yahiro between lips.

"You are such… a despicable guy…" Megumi finally arrived to the middle section of the maze, where a beautiful fountain rested. Yahiro arrived there as well, although he did from the other side of the maze. And so, both were now face to face, one blushing madly, and the other one smiling teasingly.

"What a horrible way to address your beloved one, you are terrible, Megumi-chan." He teased, Megumi just faced away with embarrassment, which surprised Yahiro a lot. "I see, the interview ended in an awful way, Miss Ushikubo."

"Don't call me that!" And so, Yahiro was forced to cover his ears. What just happened wasn't at all a yell, but a higher tone of voice full with annoyance and anger. Still, Yahiro could feel his ears trying to adjust to the strong voice of the girl.

"Hey! Keep your voice down! You want me to end up deaf?" And upon recovering from the strong reply from Megumi, he noticed the girl was now on her knees and crying. "You are… an idiot…" She bit her lips and ignored him. "You really don't want to marry that Ushikubo guy? He is a powerful person, and his family is richer than yours. Normally, any girl would accept the arranged marriage."

"You are truly… despicable…" Yahiro faced away. "I don't want money… all I want is… to have a normal relationship…" Yahiro then took a deep breathe, Megumi broke into tears and was about to run away from Yahiro, but he stopped her.

"You can't decline if the family you are having the interview with is richer than yours." Megumi nodded, Yahiro smiled. "Well then… I guess I have no choice but to take you." And Megumi blinked twice, not really understanding what was just said. "…I don't like you…" She faced away in annoyance. "…But… seeing you marrying to someone else would definitively hurt me… I can't explain it. I think maybe I just want to protect you… so… I have a request."

Yahiro then took an object from out of his pocket and placed it on Megumi's hand, the girl stared at it, then at Yahiro, then again at the object, then she opened her mouth for a yell but Yahiro shut her up before she could unleash a massive destruction yell. Finally, when he knew Megumi had calmed down, he released her.

"What… What is this for…? Are you really…?" She mentioned softly out of embarrassment, her heart was rising at an incredible speed while trying to figure out what Yahiro meant with such gesture. Placing her hopes too high, but also knowing Yahiro was cold and selfish.

"Eh? You think you are that lucky?" Yahiro teased in his usual way, and Megumi closed her hand into a fist in annoyance. "Not at all." A vein popped at her forehead. "It is just a game." Megumi sort of blushed at that last, remembering the first time she was involved in a game with Yahiro. "You don't want to get married, and I don't want you to get married, so I will pretend to be your groom. All you have to do is wear that ring. After all, I already pretended to be your boyfriend once."

"Why are you doing this?" Megumi stared at the silver made ring on her hand. It had a beautiful sapphire adorning it, surely a beautiful wedding artifact but maybe too much for a fake engagement. "…And also… why does it bother you to see me marrying someone else…?"

"Ah? Aren't you making such an act over a fake engagement? You just made it sound as if I loved you or something." And Megumi blushed. "I don't really know, it was something that just popped into my mind." Yahiro then placed his hand at Megumi's chin. She blushed in a beautiful way and began shaking with embarrassment at that gesture. "Apparently, this fake engagement makes you happy." She flinched. "Then, Megumi-chan, if you happen to convince me into saying that I love you, I will marry you for real."

"Eh?" Yahiro covered her mouth once again when knowing she was about to yell with embarrassment, and so she did, and despite being mouth covered, Yahiro could feel his ears complaining.

"What a pain you are… but, do your best, Megumi-chan, I will be cheering for you." She blushed even harder than ever, similar to Hikari's blushing. "I really want to know, if I'm able to love you back or not… please help me forget…" Megumi said nothing, she was too embarrassment as to think properly. "For now, let's make the announcement, shall we?" She nodded, and allowed Yahiro to walk her out of the maze.

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