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After informing the PC of the current event, Massie asked, "Is anyone getting them too?"

Everyone said no except Kristen, who remained silent. "Kristen," Massie barked, "Have you been getting them, too?"

"Yeah, I have. He or she has been telling me that they're my best friend. I don't know who it is though," Kristen whispered quietly.

"Yeah, but Alicia does," Massie said slyly. "It's Layne, Kristen! LAYNE!" Massie said laughing.

"One of the biggest dorks of all times! We're totally going to confront her during lunch," she said and ended her laughing with a satisfied sigh.

"…Yeah, about that…" Kristen said slowly.

The smile disappeared from Massie's face. "What are you talking about?"

"What I mean is-"Kristen was interrupted by Claire's vibrating new Blackberry.

"Umm… you guys might want to read this…" Claire said nervously.

Everyone gathered around. It said:

Were gonna b best friends FOREVER! Unless I say so.

"What the heck?" Massie said. "Kristen, you're the brains here. Figure it out, please,"

" You know, you don't always have to be so mea-" "NOW!"

"Okay, okay…"

Looking at the phone, Kristen examined it carefully. "Well, according to Layne, she expects Claire to be her closest friend, unless Claire doesn't do what she tells her to."

"Oh, that's it. I am sick of this! Girls, don't come with me when I confront her. She thinks she's all-powerful, when she can't even get a dumb skater dude to look at her." Massie exclaimed, slamming her fist on her thigh. " This is a girl- girl situation," she said as she applied her 8th coat of Green Apple Glossip Girl. When Issac pulled up at the school, she was already cracking her knuckles.

**Another note: I know somebody suggested I should make them longer, but I like to write a lot of chapters because my imagination flows easier that way. I think this method works too because I want suspense, not showing everything at once. I'll try that next time, though. Promise.-dodo955